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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1296)Collectibles, Gold Jewelry, Lumber, Metal Roofing, Coins, Furniture, Primitives, Sports Cards, Advertising, Household, Box Lots and more - Tuesday April 16th 8:00p.m

Item Description
1.Cast Iron Mantle Piece VERY HEAVY!!! With Enamel Coat

2.Large Set Of Currier & Ives " The Old Grist Mill" Dish Set IN Large Box

3.Vintage 1960's Reds Bobble head 5" T

4.Green Mesh Lighted 3' Tree

5.Alan Kulwicki Clock And Framed Glossy

6.1999 US Mint Silver Proof Set

7.Gold Rope Bracelet 6" L Marked 14K

8.Lori Greiner Dresser Top Jewelry Box

9.Chesnutt Boards Approx. 3' L x 3/4" Thick Varying Width

10.Cast Metal National Ideal Sales CO. Stove Piece Marked 22 26" T

11.Original Starsky & Hutch Official Target Range Playset In Box

12.DLE Cream Separator Machine

13.Antique Turkish Camel Bar 68" L x 44" T x 22" D

14.1969 Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby Glass

15.Kids Harley Davidson Road master Bike 14"

16.Wagnerware -O- Cast Iron Griddle ON Stand

17.Eight Pieces Of Used 21 1/2' x 36" Metal Green Roofing/Siding One Piece Has Slight Damage TO End Piece

18.Locker Piece 4' W x 5' T x 12" D

19.Antique Industrial Saw Blade 52" A

20.C & O Railyard 19" L Mountable Lantern With Globe And

21.Pair Of Cast Iron Boot Bookends 4 1/2" W x 5 1/2" T

22.Happy Face Ohio Thermometer Company Thermometer12" A

23.Clear Glass Storage Jar 13" T With Lid Has Small Chips in Lid

24.Two Crackle Glass Amberina Globes On Mason Candlelight CO. Bases 10" E

25.Galvanized Fuel Can 5 Gallon

26.Galvanized Coal Bucket 10"T x 17" W

27.Handmade Primitive Scoop And Stainless Scoop IN Flat

28.Four Table Legs 28" L

29.Furnished Apt. For Rent Enamel Sign 24" x 18"

30.Enamel Private Parking 18" x 24"

31.Large Industrial Fan Blade 32"

32.Large Wood Nail Keg 24" T x 14" A

33.Two Antique Wood Drawers Marked Velmont Gaskets 13" x 10" x 7"

34.Crosscut Saw 24" Blade

35.Galvanized Tool Caddy 20" L x 8" A

36.Antique Cast Iron Shoe Last 23" T

37.All Sport Igloo Drink Cooler 10 Gallon

38.Antique Rolling Empire Style Tire 24" x 15" x 30" T

39.Primitive Tractor Seat With Damage

40.Primitive Tractor Seat With Damage

41.Corn Jobber 26"

42.Industrial Vintage Lamp Post 80" T

43.Wood Bench 6' L x 34" T

44.Antique Bull Dog Toe Calks Crate 7" W x 10" x 4 1/2" T

45.Pick Tool, Large Tool Heads, Wrench, ETC

46.Wood Bench 6' L x 34" T .

47.Blue Ball Jar Half Gallon With Primitive Box 9" Square x 4" T

48.Galvanized Funnel 10" T x 10" A

49.Large Table Metal Base 83" L x 45" x 33" T

50.Life Ladder IN Box

51.Three Large Castor Wheels In Flat

52.Long Dresser 56" x 18" D x 33" T

53.Antique Table 34" A x 30" T Has Been Repaired

54.Striped Wingback Chair 34" T

55.Empire Style Dresser No Mirror 44" T x 22" D Needs Some repairs

56.Antique Refinished Table 51" L

57.Pair Of Cornhole Boards Standard Size

58.Hammers, Hooks, Sparkers, ETC.

59.Double Axe Head 10"

60.Door Lock, And Large Hinges In Flat

61.Antique Hinges IN Flat

62.Coke Cola Wood Crate 18" x 12" x 4"

63.Double Axe Heads IN Flat Both 10"

64.Three Vintage 13" Hinges

65.Seven Hinges IN Flat

66.Miniature Stream Engine IN Flat

67.Wood Pegs With Lead Ends in Tub

68.Wood Embossing Pegs In Small Tub

69.Antique Five Gallon Wilsons Laurel Pure Lard Bucket

70.Metal File Box 15" x 17" x 5"

71.Vintage Train Track With

72.Rolling Office Stool

73.Wood Box With Pegs

74.Mowing Scythe

75.Antique Tapestry In Frame 73" L x 56" T

76.Black Metal Bolt Bin 34" L x 15" x 11 3/4"

77.Flat of Flint Pieces Some Fossils, ETC

78.Rolling Tool Stool 14" W z 10"

79.Antique Trunk 3' L x 21" W x 24"T

80.Four Large Hinges In Flat

81.Antique Trunk With Tray Insert Camel Back 32" L x 16" W x 21" T

82.Seed Sack And Wood Mallet

83.Metal 20" Tool Box

84.Wrenches In Flat Misc. Hand tools

85.Five Wood Drawers

86.Sunrise Creamery Huntington's Best One Quart Milk Bottle

87.Metal Bins 11" x 11"

88.Churn Top, Torch un, Misc. Tools IN Blue Crate

89.Small Vintage Catcher Mitt

90.Two Metal Floor Vent Grates 18" x 16" Small & Large 16 1/2" x 28 1/4"

91.Vintage Impala Emblem In Small Bag

92.Antique Metal And Wood Sled Piece For Repair

93.Concrete Planter 28" L x 13" A x 9" T

94.Concrete Planter 28" L x 13" A x 9" T

95.Large NEW IN Box 9 Light Chandelier

96.Horse Hames IN Five Gallon Bucket

97.Short Coal Shovel

98.Two Metal Pole Stands

99.Pro Angler 6'6" Rod

100.Pick Maddock

101.Quick Load Drywall Taper

102.Stanley 48" Aluminum Level

103.Orange Fiberglass 48" Level

104.Estwing Claw foot Hammer

105.Two Claw Hammers in Flat

106.Standing Board Roller By HDX

107.Four Sheets Of 15' x 36" Green Metal Roofing/Siding One 27" W And One 94 1/2' x 36"

108.Four Pieces Of Brown Metal Roofing Siding 5'-8' x 36"

109.Two Pieces Black & White Metal Roofing/Siding 36" W x 7 1/2'

110.Gray Metal Roofing Siding 14' x 36"

111.Metal Green Ridge Cap 50' Foot Length

112.Green Valley Piece 10' 8"

113.Two Piece Of Ridge Cap 10 1/2'

114.Green Corner Caps 8 Pieces 4 Are 14' 3" Two Are 11 1/2' And Two Are 10'

115.Two Partial Pieces Red 13 1/2' And Green 14 1/2'

116.Nine Sheets Of Green Metal Roofing/Siding 14 1/2' x 36"

117.Cast Iron Corn Bread Pan 9"

118.DeWalt Sling Hammer

119.Kobalt Framing Hammer

120.Skill saw 7 1/4" Circular Saw

121.Mr. Buddy Portable Heater With Fuel Works

122.Clamp Tools IN Flat

123.Plano Tackle Box

124.Hanging Work Light In Flat

125.Rivel Meat Slicer

126.Tackle Box With Slight Content

127.Oil Lamp 14" T

128.Metal Tool Box With Slight Content

129.Oil Lamp 19" T

130.Leather Tools Belt

131.Hammer, Plyer, Drivers in Flat

132.Pair Of Jack Stands

133.Lopper Set

134.Frabill Flow Troll

135.Camping Heater

136.Three Cans Of Camping Gas

137.Wood Seven Up Crate 18" x 12" x 6" T

138.Rigid 5-22mm Pipe Cutter

139.Craftsman Box With Misc. Drivers

140.Milwaukee Tool Bag

141.Two Fire Extinguishers

142.BUSCH Lighted 18" x 18"

143.Paint Stirrers in Box

144.Craftsman KOZ 44808 Ratchet

145.Craftsman VT-44811 Ratchet

146.Craftsman Box With Misc. Drivers

147.DeWalt Circular Saw, And Sawzall With Drill All Untested In Flat

148.Husky Tool Bag

149.DeWalt Impact Driver

150.Orange Extension Cord With Black Stripe

151.Orange Extension Cord

152.Plano Double Tackle Box With Slight Content IN Top

153.Electrical Boxes, And Vent Pipe, ETC.

154.Masonry Tools In Crate

155.Orange Extension Cord

156.Three Ladies Wrist Watches One Is Bulova With Stones That Test Positive

157.Bag Of Ladies Wrist Watches For Repairs

158.Case XX Two Blade Knife In Ba

159.Winchester Wildcat 22 50 Rim Fire Rounds In Box 2 Boxes in bag

160.Baking Dishes In Box

161.Two Artifacts In Bag Owner States Native American

162.Tool Bag With Drill And Saw

163.Drawer Pulls IN Flat

164.Hamm's Beer Opener, Milwaukee Badge With Busch Button

165.Old Timer Two Blade Pocket Knife IN Bag

166.Old Timer Single Blade Pocket Knife In Bag

167.Old Timer Three Blade Pocket Knife In Bag

168.Old Timer Three Blade Pocket Knife In Bag

169.Three Gas Cans And Sprayer Needs Hose

170.Carpet Seaming Iron

171.Case, Calimus And Clinton-Gore Marbles In Bag

172.Bag Of Marbles

173.Kinfolks Leather Handled Knife

174.Fittings And Heat Tape, ETC.

175.Plastic Bowl And Oil Lamp

176.Winston Lighter In Bag

177.Chauffer Badge In Bag

178.Zippo Lighter In Bag

179.The Forge Bottle Opener

180.Two Pocket Knives In Bag One Has Broken Blade

181.Three Case Knives IN Bag All With Damage

182.Benzo Torch Map Gas Two Cans And Hoses

183.Heat Gun And Ryobi Tool Bag

184.Plano Tackle Box With Slight Content

185.Tool Bag With Weed Eater Head And Paint Supplies

186.Wood Gray Box 28" x 13" x 10"

187.Ice Scraper Tool

188.Tru Pro Short Flat Scraper Shovel

189.Ground Tamper Tool

190.Craftsman Shop Vac 6.5 HP

191.Craftsman 10" Table Saw

192.Lightweight Appliance Dolly Wheels Need Work 24" Squeegee

193.Scraper Tool 24" Blade

194.Mesh Green Snowman Wreath 20"

195.Mesh Red And Burlap Cardinal Wreath 24"

196.Gold Mesh Cherub 16" Wreath And Green 12" Cardinal Wreath

197.Orange Halloween 20" Mesh Wreath

198.Mesh Red And Burlap Valentines Wreath 20"

199.Beach Themed 24" Mesh Wreath

200.Fall Mesh Pumpkin Wreath 20"

201.Large Spring Owl Mesh Wreath 24"

202.Red And Cream Mesh Valentines Wreath 20"

203.Aqua Mesh Spring Is All You Need 24" Wreath

204.Elgin Hanging Clock Needs Slight Repairs 28" L

205.Juicy Couture Sequin Duffle Bag

206.Quilted Vera Bradley Handbags

207.Four Glass Ornament Packs In Flat Some Have Damage

208.Four Glass Ornament Packs In Flat Some Have Damage

209.Four Glass Ornament Packs In Flat Some Have Damage

210.Glass Bells IN Flat

211.Pair Of Duck Wall Art Piece Framed And Matted 22" x 18"

212.Bunny Dish, Glass Dish, And Misc. Glass Frames

213.Buffalo Nickel .55 Cent Face Value Inside

214.Lincoln Head Cent Book .60 Cent Face Value

215.Indian Head Cent Book With Two Inside

216.Three NASCAR Collector Plates

217.Bill Elliott Budweiser Belt Buckle

218.Richard Petty Belt Buckle

219.Belt Buckle Bill Elliott And NASCAR Medal

220.Davey Allison Wall Clock

221.Four Misc. Smaller Wall Art Pieces

222.Box Of Collectible Small NASCARS

223.1993 US UC Coin Set

224.Jefferson Nickels Book Missing 18 TO Fill

225.1993 US Mint Proof Set

226.1995 US Mint Proof Set

227.1997 US Mint Silver Proof Set

228.1993 US Mint Proof Set

229.1994 US Mint Proof Set

230.1996 US Mint Proof Set

231.1998 US Mint Proof Set

232.Coin Collector Books In Flat Quarter Books Empty .55 Cents In Nickels $5.40 In Dimes

233.Lincoln Head Cent Book .47 Cents Face Value

234.Lincoln Head Cent Book Missing Five To Fill

235.Stock Car Magazines In Small Box

236.Winston Cup Coffee Table Book

237.Box Of Retro Davey Allison

238.Cincinnati Red Pennant 30"

239.UK Pennant 30" L

240.Ohio State 30" Pennant

241.Coke Cola NASCAR Bottles

242.Box Of Misc. Crafting Supplies

243.Legends Of American Music Elvis Stamps

244.Legends Of American Music Elvis Stamps

245.Legends Of American Music Elvis Stamps

246.Glazed Stoneware Canister Set

247.Double Wedding Ring Quilt Top Piece 7' x 5'

248.Four John Deere Bandanas Two Different Patterns

249.Quilt Squares in Flat

250.Green Tub Of Misc. Glassware, Honey Pot, ETC

251.Retro Wedding Dress IN Box Has Been Sealed

252.Corningware Electric Crockpot

253.Wire Tripod Style Wreath Stand

254.Basket, Picnic Blanket, Sconces, Stationary Box

255.Mugs And Misc. Glassware In Small Box

256.Homer Laughlin Cup With Chain Spoon

257.Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixer in Box

258.Cast Iron 8" Skillet With wood Handle

259.Box Of Misc. Cookware

260.Misc. Wall Art Piece

261.Toys, Books, Glassware, ETC.

262.Metal Owl, Rooster And Home Signs In Flat

263.Style House China Dish Set IN Green Tub

264.Davey Allison Aviator Glasses NIP

265.Collectors Edition Rusty Wallace Case Pocket Knife

266.Harry Grant Collectors Edition Case Pocket Knife

267.Ken Schrader Case Pocket Knife

268.Dale Earnhardt Case Pocket Knife

269.Mark Martin Case Pocket Knife

270.Davey Allison Case Pocket Knife

271.Bill Elliott Case Pocket Knife

272.Case Jeff Gordon Pocket Knife

273.Toaster, Iron, Misc. Glassware, IN Blue Tote

274.Kyle Petty Case Pocket Knife

275.Alan Kulwicki Case Pocket Knife

276.Ernie Ervin Case Pocket Knife

277.Richard Petty Case Pocket Knife

278.Jimmy Hensley Case Pocket Knife

279.Darrell Waltrp Case Pocket Knife

280.Bunny Pitcher, Vases, Misc. Glassware IN Large Box

281.Floral Picks, Bunny, Swatches, Candle Lamp

282.Collection Of Misc. Dinner Plates

283.Collection Of Misc. Dinner Plates

284.Box Of Dishes Made IN China May Have Slight Damage

285.Box Of Carlton Dishes Made IN Japan

286.Corner Shelf 30" T x 15" D

287.Mugs And Misc. Kitchen Items

288.Wood Gun rack 30" x 34"

289.Side Table Both 24" x 24" x 15"

290.No 9 Melling Racing Hauler

291.Davey Allison Landline Phone

292.Six Collectible Racing Figures In Flat

293.Poodle Skirt Pattern With Material And Crinoline

294.Racing Earphones, Hats, Collectible NASCAR Items In Green Tote

295.Tub Of Christmas Decorations

296.Molding Pieces New 39"

297.Material, Curtains, Patterns, Rugs

298.Dickie XL D.A.R.E. Coat

299.Large Collection Of Crafting Supplies in Large Box

300.Wood Letters In Flat

301.Drapes, Rugs And Afghan IN Tub

302.VHS Tapes In Gray Tote

303.Two Small Table 30" x 3'

304.Laptop Bag And Misc. Handbags

305.Husk Angels, Garland Pieces, Lights, ETC. In Large Blue Tub

306.Table And Chairs

307.Box Of Easter And Christmas Decorations

308.Large Cabinet 19" D x 32" x 75 1/2"

309.Full Metal Bed Frame

310.Mid-Century Book Shelf 3' x 3' x 10"

311.Place Mats, Table Covers, IN Blue Tub

312.Baskets, Grapevine Piece, Candle Holder, ETC.

313.Oil Lamp With Milk Glass Globe

314.Two Tea Services One In Miniature

315.Lights Primitive Decorations, Quilt Top, ETC. IN Box

316.Coffee Maker, Sunflower Decorations, Household Items In Box

317.Sconces And Misc. Small Wall Art In Box

318.Throw Pillows, Comforter, And Quilt Piece, ETC.

319.Harley-Davidson Fleece Blanket 3' x 5'

320.Mickey Mouse Landline Phone

321.Bolo Tie With Horse Pendant

322.Striped Pitcher Four

323.Bear, Glass baby food Jars, Paper Towel Holder, ETC.

324.Molding Pieces New 39"

325.Molding Pieces New 39"

326.Temco 24" Stainless Steel Bar

327.Large Cover IN Oversized Space Bag

328.Two Purple Chair

329.Basket Hose Pieces One Missing Ends, Curtin, ETC.

330.Wii Plus Fit Appears New In Box

331.Toaster Oven In Blue Tub

332.Collection of Misc. Tubs And Small Table

333.NASCAR, INDY CAR, And Misc. Posters In Roll

334.Retro Wall Clock 20" L x 10" A Some Damage

335.Golds Gym Metal Weight Stand

336.Antique Horn 18" L

337.Rear Mount Bicycle Basket

338.Hammond's Candy Display Rack 30" L

339.E. Edelman Co. Bolt Bin 12" x 12" x 12"

340.Wonderod By Shakespeare 7' Rod

341.Toy Vending Machine 24" T x 10" x 10"

342.1966 Churchill Down KY Derby Glass

343.1973 KY Derby Churchill Downs Glass

344.1967 Churchill Downs KY Derby Glass

345.1972 KY Derby Churchill Downs Glass

346.1965 KY Derby Churchill Downs Glass

347.Metal Single Drawer File Cabinet

348.Enamelware Urinal And Bedpan

349.Yankee Clipper Wood And Metal Sled 5'

350.Cessna Skyhawk 172 Model In Box

351.Penn-Rad Motor Oil Can 2 Gallon

352.Around The World Motor Oil Can 2 Gallon

353.Quick Works Display Rack 14" T x 16" W

354.Speed Limit Sign 24" x 36"

355.Reflective Stop Sign 36" x 36"

356.Flat of Oil Cans

357.Roll Of Shrink Wrap

358.Craftsman Arc Torch Tool

359.Sapphire 2 Gallon Oil Can

360.United Corn grinder Belt Driven Rusted But Not Froze

361.Wood Carved Camel Box 16" L x

362.Gulf Valve top Oil Can

363.Amalie Five Gallon Oil Can

364.Pressure Washer Untested No Hoses Or Wand

365.Flat of Vintage Fluid Cans

366.Metal Single Drawer File Cabinet

367.Metal Single Drawer File Cabinet

368.Primitive Crank Wheel 19"

369.Industrial Rolling Cart With Handle 24" x 26" x 41" T

370.TOM's Sticker Guillow's Plane Instructions

371.Platinum Fubu Shorts Appear New

372.Flat of Vintage Fluid Cans

373.Amalie Five Gallon Oil Can

374.OMC Metal Boat Gas Tank

375.Collectible Football Helmets

376.Texas State Appetizer Tray

377.Kwick Cuts Scrapbook Embossing Tools

378.Two Vintage Car Cases

379.Ward's Home Milk Pasteurizer

380.Dust Mop Handles And IV Pole

381.Junior Projector In Box

382.1978 2-XL 8 track Player No Adapter Just Bot

383.Stainless Tea Pot And Silver-plate Server

384.Mickey Mouse Landline Phone

385.Two Miniature Die Cast Cars In Cases in Flat

386.Two Miniature Die Cast Cars In Cases in Flat

387.Two Miniature Die Cast Cars In Cases in Flat

388.Two Miniature Die Cast Cars In Cases in Flat

389.Two Miniature Die Cast Cars In Cases in Flat

390.Three Miniature Die Cast Cars In Cases in Flat

391.Two Miniature Die Cast Cars In Cases in Flat

392.Kiss VHS Tapes IN Booklet IN Flat

393.Apache Rose VHS Tape New

394.VHS Tapes IN Small Box

395.Wrestling VHS Movies in Box

396.Occupied Japan Figures IN Flat

397.Occupied Japan Figures IN Flat

398.Occupied Japan Figures IN Flat

399.Occupied Japan Figures IN Flat

400.Occupied Japan Figures IN Flat

401.Occupied Japan Figures IN Flat

402.Occupied Japan Figures IN Flat

403.TCR Vintage Race Track Toy In Original Box

404.Sony Walkman Sports Untested

405.Model Plane Parts And Horse Shoe Puzzle In Flat

406.Box Of Assorted Tote Bags

407.Vintage Draw A Cartoon Activity Set in Box

408.Schwinn Exerciser Bike

409.Detecto Medic Standing Vintage Dr. Scale 5'

410.Turntable And Dish receiver Both Untested

411.Handmade Stoneware Crock With Double Handles Marked France

412.Alf Bank, Misc. Glassware Some Damaged, Fuel Can, ETC.

413.Metal Three Leg Table For Repair 26" T x 30" x 24"

414.Mid-Century Hanging Lights Both Untested Have Slight Damage To Panel

415.Pieces Of White Marble Pieces 8" W x 40", 28" W x 42" T

416.Galvanized Pump Piece Marked Paragon 33" T

417.Box Of Misc. Books

418.1995 Dolores Rader Stoneware Pig Banks

419.Box Of Misc. Books

420.Micronauts Battle Cruiser

421.Marble Slabs 23" W x 46" T, Other 23" W x 45" T

422.Science Fair Kit Electronic Project In Box

423.Wexford Cut Glass Pitcher And Cups

424.Argus 300 Slide Projector, And Ampro Projector

425.Beer Keg Tap

426.Enamel Top Table 40" W x 30" T With Two 10" Pull Out Side Needs repaired

427.Bubble Glass Dish Possibly Blenko 10" T

428.Wire Plate Racks 4' L

429.Welding Helmet And Metal Fuel Can No Lid

430.Orange Dish, Glass Baby Bottles, Brown Bottle

431.Michael Jackson Puzzle Board

432.Box Of Assorted Board Games In Large Box

433.Wire Table Top Record Stands 15" L

434.Several Foam And Cardboard Egg Crates

435.Plastic Cups And Pirate Sandals With Plate IN Flat

436.Old Puzzles And Games in Box

437.Metal Tray 14" x 18"

438.Two Fuel Cans One Gas One 5 Gallon

439.Glass Cutter, Floating Globe, Mugs, ETC.

440.Four Glazed Stoneware Mugs Marked Maryland Renaissance Festival

441.Kimberly Clark Paper Towel Mounts And Dispenser

442.Tray, Misc. Figures And Housewares in Blue Tub

443.US Marked Vintage Lock With Key

444.Industrial Roller Set Vintage And Untested

445.Coin Collection Book And Wall Clock

446.Misc. Small Glassware And Shakers in Flat

447.IPod Docking Station

448.Tackle Box Full Of Assorted Hardware

449.Glassware, Books, Movies, Boxes, Large Bundle Of Items IN Cart But Cart Not Included

450.Seville Wall Art Piece 11 1/2" T x 24" L

451.Illinois Woolworth Shades Center Sign 58" L x 21" T

452.Large Mirror 26" x 32"

453.Alaron Mantle Clock With Key And Pendulum

454.Tambourine With Peanut Drawn ON Front

455.Peanuts Drink Pitcher

456.Glazed Stoneware Mugs And Gravy Boat In Flat

457.Everlast Punching Bag With Gloves

458.Log Chain With Hooks

459.Ornaments And Misc. Seasonal Decorations IN Large Box

460.Enamelware Pot With Lid

461.Wagner Cast Iron Skillet 8"

462.Avid Outdoor Cast Iron Skillet 10"

463.Beverly Hills 14K Gold Heart Earrings

464.Hollow Gold Hoop Earring Marked 1?K

465.Gold Chainmail Style Earring Unmarked

466.Hoop Earring With Heart Marked 10K

467.Italian Sterling Bracelet 7"

468.Sterling .925 Necklace And Snowflake Charm

469.Sterling Cuffs And Sterling Pieces IN Small Bag

470.Hawaii Charm Bracelet Unmarked Very Heavy

471.Two Women's Seiko Wrist Watches

472.Masonic Tie Clip

473.Two Women's Pulsar Wrist Watches

474.Pair Of Matching Men's And Women's Coke Cola Watches

475.Bag Of Wrist Watches

476.Costume Earrings In Bag

477.OSU Bracelet With Buckeyes Costume Pieces

478.Wood Dining Chair

479.Flat Herringbone Necklace In Bag 17"

480.Silverstone Necklaces In Bag

481.Bag Of Costume Jewelry

482.Assorted Pins In Bag

483.Selection of Costume Jewelry In Large Bog

484.Costume Rings IN Small Bag

485.Costume Jewelry In Flat

486.Amana Microwave Oven Untested

487.Sterling Ring Marked Size 7

488.Chesnutt Boards Approx. 3' L x 3/4" Thick Varying Width

489.Chesnutt Boards Approx. 3' L x 3/4" Thick Varying Width

490.Yellow Poplar Boards 2'-3' L x 3/4"- 1/2" Thick Please Preview

491.Hard Maple 8' x 2" x 4" Boards

492.Poplar Boards Approx. 9' L x 2"

493.Board Bundle Poplar Approx. 11' Each Please Preview

494.Three 8' Poplar Boards 2" Thick

495.Four Boards 9'L x 1" Assorted Width

496.Five Boards 9'L x 1" Assorted Width

497.Five Pine Shelving Boards 8' L x 1"

498.Bundle Of Scrap wood Pieces Assorted Sized

499.Assorted Lot Of Rough Cut Lumber Various Lengths And Widths

500.Assorted Lot Of Rough Cut Lumber Various Lengths And Widths

501.Walnut Beam 9 1/2" L x 6" x 6"

502.Two Walnut Beams 4' L x 6" x 6"

503.Board 54" L x 8" x 3 1/2"

504.Walnut Board 9'l X 7 1/2" x 2"

505.Lot Of Assorted Walnut Lumber Various Sizes

506.Cherry Boards 2 10' x 2" x 6" , 1 8' x 2" x 6", 1 8' 1" x 4"

507.Oak Board Bundle Assorted Sizes

508.Artificial Bait In Flat

509.Carved Pole Box

510.Tackle In Organizer

511.Tackle In Organizer

512.Tackle In Organizer

513.Dividers For Tackle Box

514.Tackle In Organizer

515.Tackle In Organizer

516.Tackle In Organizer

517.Organizer For Tackle

518.Organizer For Tackle

519.Organizer For Tackle

520.Organizer For Tackle

521.Artificial Bait In Flat

522.Artificial Bait In Flat

523.Artificial Bait In Flat

524.Draw Bow 61" L Leather Grip

525.Eagle Claw Pro Series 5' 6" Rod

526.Tackle Logic Bag With Organizers

527.Sterns Life Vest

528.Mustang Marine Life Vest

529.Pink Depression Style Glassware In Flat Miss America Pattern

530.Cordless Phone In Flat

531.Red Tackle Box

532.Red Tackle Box

533.Black Tackle Box

534.Roseville 8" Double Handle Vase

535.Glass Dome Cover 12" T

536.Big Foot Motor Guide in Flat

537.Cups, Jar Holder, Sconces, ETC.

538.Blender And Misc. Appliances in Box

539.Sledge Hammer

540.Hanging Miller Lite Beer Advertisement Piece 24" Square x 21" T

541.Green Bag Chair With Foot Rest

542.Poulan Pro Chainsaw 16" Bar Owner States Used Once Appears New

543.Expedition Jogging Double Stroller

544.Instep Pull Behind Bike Cart

545.Patio Umbrella ON Base

546.Easter Decorations In Large Box

547.Stainless Napkin Holder And Shaker With Platter

548.Floral Throw Pillows

549.20-Assorted Various Records

550.20-Assorted Various Records

551.20-Assorted Various Records

552.20-Assorted Various Records

553.20-Assorted Various Records

554.20-Assorted Various Records

555.20-Assorted Various Records

556.20-Assorted Various Records

557.20-Assorted Various Records

558.20-Assorted Various Records

559.20-Assorted Various Records

560.20-Assorted Various Records

561.John Elway and Terrell Davis Classic Doubles Starting Lineup NIP

562.John Elway and Dan Marino Classic Doubles Starting Lineup NIP

563.Barry Sanders Starting Lineup Hall of Famers NIP

564.Curtis Martin Starting Lineup 10th Year 1997 Edition NIP

565.Terry Bradshaw Starting Lineup 10th Year Edition NIP

566.Terrell Davis Starting Lineup NIP

567.Joe Montana Legendary Beginnings NIP

568.Joe Montana Legendary Beginnings NIP

569.Joe Montana Starting Lineup NIP

570.Barry Sanders Starting Lineup Hall of Famers NIP

571.Emmitt Smith Starting Lineup Hall of Famers NIP

572.Barry Sanders Starting Lineup Hall of Famers NIP

573.Troy Aikman Staring Lineup Hall of Famers NIP

574.Barry Sanders Starting Lineup Hall of Famers NIP

575.Terrell Davis Starting Lineup NIP

576.Troy Aikman Staring Lineup Hall of Famers NIP

577.Dan Marino Staring Lineup Hall of Famers NIP

578.Roger Staubach 1998 Heisman Collection Starting Lineup NIP

579.Jerome Bettis Starting Lineup Hall of Famers NIP

580.Dan Marino Staring Lineup Hall of Famers NIP

581.Various Starting Lineups NIP

582.Gaylord Perry Picture with Autograph with Certificate of Authenticity by Vintage Cards Inc.

583.5-NFL Headliners NIP

584.5-NFL Headliners NIP

585.5-NFL Headliners NIP

586.5-NFL Headliners NIP

587.NHL Starting Lineups NIP

588.Ken Griffey Jr. Highlight Reel NIP, Classic Major League Baseball Trivia Board Game Lot

589.MLB MVP Cards NIP

590.NFL Collector Pin Series MVP NIP

591.1991 Donruss Collector Set Baseball Puzzle and Cards Appears to be not complete

592.1991 Donruss Collector Set Baseball Puzzle and Cards Set

593.Large Flat of Assorted Baseball Cards

594.Pro Set Silver Anniversary Commemorative Card Set

595.1990 Fleer Football Cards

596.1990 Fleer Football Cards

597.1990 Fleer Football Cards

598.1990 Fleer Football Cards

599.Super Stars Musicards by Proset Unopened

600.1990 Bowman Set Cards, Not Sure if Complete

601.Topps Baseball Cards Not sure if Complete

602.1990 Donruss Baseball Cards Box is opened appears not complete

603.1991 Donruss Baseball Cards Box is opened appears not complete

604.1991 Donruss Baseball Cards

605.1991 Topps Football Cards

606.1991 Fleer Baseball Cards

607.1991 Upper Deck Baseball Cards NIP

608.2003 Topps NFL Football Cards Opened Box unsure if complete

609.1990 Upper Deck Baseball Cards Set NIP

610.1990 Upper Deck Baseball Cards Set NIP

611.1990 Upper Deck Baseball Cards Set NIP

612.1990 Upper Deck Baseball Cards Set NIP

613.Desert Storm Cards Set 1 Not sure if Complete

614.1990 Donruss Baseball Cards Box is opened appears not complete

615.1990 Fleer Baseball Cards Box has been Opened not sure if complete

616.1988 Donruss Baseball Cards and Puzzles not sure if complete

617.1991 Topps Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

618.1990 Topps Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

619.1992 Baseball Collectors Set Not Sure if Complete

620.1993 Donruss Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

621.1993 Fleer Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

622.1992 Fleer Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

623.Various Lot of Sporting Cards

624.Large Flat of Unsorted Football Cards

625.Large Flat of Unsorted Football Cards

626.Large Flat of Unsorted Football Cards

627.Large Flat of Unsorted Baseball Cards

628.Large Flat of Unsorted Baseball Cards

629.Large Flat of Unsorted Baseball Cards

630.1991 Fleer Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

631.1992 Donruss Unsorted Baseball Cards

632.1987 Topps Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

633.1987 Donruss Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

634.1989 Score Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

635.Large Box of Assorted Soccer Cards

636.1990 Bowman Set Cards, Not Sure if Complete

637.Large Box of Assorted Sports Cards

638.1988 Score Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

639.Large Box of Assorted Sports Cards

640.1990 Bowman Set Cards, Not Sure if Complete

641.1993 Topp Basketball Cards Not Sure if Complete

642.1989 Bowman Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

643.1986 Topps Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

644.1989 Topps Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

645.1988 Topps Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

646.1989 Bowman Baseball Cards Not Sure if Complete

647.1990 Fleer Baseball Cards Packages Unopened

648.Large Flat of Unsorted Baseball Cards

649.Large Flat of Unsorted Baseball Cards

650.Sports Greatest Champions Sports 23KT Gold Foil Sculptured Trading cards