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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1329)Collectibles, Tools, Household, Large Coin Collection, Box Lots and more - Sunday July 7th 8:00pm EST

Item Description
1.Cincinnati Reds National League Champions Western Division Pennant

2.2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set

3.1900-O Morgan Dollar

4.2004 UC American Silver Eagle

5.1937-D Mercury Dime

6.American Eagle Coin Collection 1971-S Ike Dollar 1964 Kennedy And 1937 Walking Liberty

7.American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin 2017

8.2000 Silver American Eagle

9.1935 Coin Set IN Case

10.1879 Morgan Dollar

11.Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro Hybrid Juicer In box Owner States Used Twice And Works Well

12.Radio Shack 50 Channel Portable Scanner In Box

13.Pentagon 6 Person Tent IN Bag Appears To be New

14.Dietz 2500 Jupiter Barn Lantern 15" tall

15.Metal Light Up Nativity Set 3' T Three Pieces

16.Antique Mirror Needs Some repairs 54" x 27"

17.Pull Behind Spreader

18.Antique Westinghouse Type TX-D-C Analyzer Untested

19.Pawley's Island Rope Hammock 15' L

20.The Wear-ever Chairs Set Of Two Blue IN Good Shape

21.Craftsman Electronic Edger

22.Ohio State Wind chime 18" L

23.Universal Food Grinder Tool IN Box

24.Orange Cord ON Reel

25.Wire Snowman 52" T

26.Crafting Paper Cutter

27.Cassette Recorders And 8 Track Tapes In Box

28.Clothes Rack With Shoe Rack

29.Loppers And Hand Saw

30.White Full/Queen Bed

31.Various Pocket Knives In Flat

32.Various Pocket Knives In Flat

33.Various Pocket Knives In Flat

34.Various Pocket Knives In Flat

35.Various Pocket Knives In Flat

36.Various Pocket Knives In Flat

37.Various Pocket Knives In Flat

38.Various Pocket Knives In Flat

39.Various Pocket Knives In Flat

40.Various Pocket Knives In Flat

41.Box Of Pocket Knives

42.Pink Big Wheel And Step 2 Riding Toy

43.Duffle Bags And Trench Shovel

44.Eclipse Elliptical Machine

45.Rubber Bucket Wire Rack And Burner Cover

46.Four Black And White Venice Wall Art Pieces 18 1/2" x 22 1/2"

47.Stanley 18"-30" Closet Rods In Flat

48.Small Drawer Tub Of Hardware

49.George Foreman Untested Un Assembled Rotisserie Machine

50.Hinges IN Flat

51.Box Of Glassware And Figures

52.Flat of Hardware

53.Orange Cord And Plug Reel

54.Bolts And hardware In Wood Box 9" W x 14" L

55.Climbing Pegs In Flat

56.Tupperware Hamburger Press

57.Crayola Dry erase Boards In Flat

58.Globe And Barometer Etc. IN Box

59.Lantern With Damage, Cookware And Assorted Kitchen Items IN Blue Tub

60.Craftsman Filter Wrench

61.Hardware In Flat

62.Hardware In Flat

63.Hardware In Flat

64.Hardware In Flat

65.Stanley Loop Latches In Flat CD 1272 @ IN Flat

66.Hardware In Flat

67.Ride Control Shock Springs Complete Set Part NO. 09003

68.Ride Control Shock Springs Complete Set Part NO. 09003

69.Hardware In Flat

70.Hardware In Flat

71.Steel Mailbox 15" x 12"

72.Ice Maker In Box

73.Stainless Steel Quilted Cups 12oz. 2 In Flat

74.Hardware In Flat

75.Hardware In Flat

76.Hardware In Flat

77.Hardware In Flat

78.Trimo 16" Pipe Wrench

79.Two Pipe Wrenches And Hammer

80.Long Door Hinges

81.Two Stainless Coffee Mugs in Flat

82.Box Of Hardware And Tools

83.Starbucks And Misc. Stainless Mug In Flat

84.Bottle Jack 24" T

85.Bottle Jack 12" T

86.Scotts Seeder

87.Box Of Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps

88.Large Box Of Hardware And Electrical Boxes

89.Mailbox And Curtin Rod, Screen Door Braces, ETC

90.Two Foam Boogie Boards 17" L

91.Hinges IN Flat

92.Hinges IN Flat

93.Hardware In Flat

94.Hardware In Flat

95.Grinding Wheel Tool And Compressor Tool IN Flat

96.Two Circular Saw Blades in Flat 8 1/4"

97.Rope, Tools And Misc. Hardware In Box

98.AMT Woodworking Tool

99.Hand tools in Flat

100.Prosource 10" Saw Blade New In Pack

101.Prosource 10" Saw Blade New In Pack

102.John Deere Air Filter Canister

103.Hardware In Flat

104.Hardware In Flat

105.Bucket Of Hardware

106.Hardware In Flat

107.Hardware In Flat

108.Two Wire Stands 17" x 18" x 19" T Other Nest Inside

109.Hardware In Flat

110.Pose And Scare New IN Box Pirate Skeleton 60" IN Box

111.Pose And Scare New IN Box Pirate Skeleton 60" IN Box

112.Small Red Cast Stand NO Top 18" W x 14" T

113.Scale, Coffee Makers, Five Star Case, ETC.

114.Pro-Lift Creeper

115.Glassware And Misc. Table Cover, Candles, ETC. IN Box

116.Sunbeam heater Untested

117.Yellow Tree Pruner

118.1800 Watt Sears Alternator

119.Pro-Tea, Pool Cleaner IN Box Untested

120.Pet Jet Sprayer In Box

121.Garage Storage Kit IN Box

122.Garage Storage Kit IN Box

123.Jack O Lanterns And Misc. Halloween Decorations In Large Box

124.Lap table And Metal Barn Star 16"

125.Metal Table For Parts And Twin Bed Headboard In Box

126.Floor Stripping Pads 16"

127.Adjustable Tent Poles In Bag

128.Vegetable Seeds In Flat

129.Vegetable Seeds In Flat

130.Vegetable Seeds In Flat

131.Vegetable Seeds In Flat

132.Vegetable Seeds In Flat

133.White Wood High Chair Front Tray Has No Hardware 38" T

134.Denim Days 1510 Figure 5 1/2" x 5"

135.Denim Days 8808 8" Figure

136.Denim Days 1504 & 1518 Figures In Flat 4"

137.Denim Days 1504 & 1518 Figures In Flat 4"

138.Denim Days 8813 Figure 6"

139.Denim Days 1512 Figure 6"

140.Denim Days 8896 Figure 8"

141.Denim Days 1508 Figure 6"

142.Glass Swan Planter 8" T Possibly McCoy

143.Miniature Red Radio Flyer Wagon 12" x 8" x 6"

144.Miniature Wood Red Radio Flyer Wagon 12" x 8" x 6"

145.Miniature Red Radio Flyer Wheel Barrow 14" L x 6" T

146.Retro Little Tykes Weeble Wobble Toys In Flat

147.Retro Fisher Price Toys In Box

148.Lange White Ice Skates

149.Some Figures And Misc. Household Decorations

150.Primitive Pencil Tree 30"

151.Vintage Food Grinder IN Small Box

152.Three Pieces Of Wall Art

153.Flocked Garland Pieces And Wreath

154.Three 6' Garland Piece

155.Snowman Door Stop And Snowmen Decorations In Box

156.Two Picnic Baskets

157.Fruit Flower Basket Arrangement

158.3 Sprouts Elephant Toy Chest 24" x 15" x 15"

159.Two Wood Shelves 41" & 4'

160.Electric WOK IN Box

161.Pair Of Red Wood Folding Chairs

162.Two Wire Topsy Turvy Tomato Planters in Flat

163.Two Green Folding Chairs

164.Three Wood Shelves24" Or Smaller

165.The Super Kegel Workout Tool In Box

166.Wood Chair, Christmas Tree And Tree Star

167.Glass Carnival Glass Hat Button And Bow 2 1/2" x 3" T

168.Throw Pillows IN Large Box

169.Three Planter Vases In Flat All Ivory

170.Planters And Misc. Glassware In Small Box

171.Baby Bath, Door Jumper And it�s a Boy Mini 6" Wagon

172.Samsonite Luggage Two Pieces With Dish Drain And Wire Rack

173.Low Voltage Tester IN Metal Case And Electrical Timer

174.Cord Reel And Gas Can With Screen, ETC.

175.Saber Saw in Case

176.20 1/2" PVC TEE's IN Flat

177.10 1/2" Elbows PVC IN Flat

178.Large Drain 12" x 12"

179.Play Desk And Stool Crayola Brand

180.Kids Ride ON Toys

181.Two Huffy Bicycles 12" Kids One Has training Wheels

182.Wood Car Play table 23" x 35"

183.Red Tub Of Misc. Toys

184.Clear Tub of Misc. Toys

185.Ford Truck Bed Cover

186.Franklin Outdoor Playset And Electronic Dartboard NO Cord Untested

187.Wood Thomas The Train Track IN Flat

188.Toy Cars In Flat

189.John Deere Tractor And Mower

190.Progressive Lighting Track Light In Box

191.Blue Lowes Bucket With Springs

192.Composite Baby Doll In Small Box

193.Tub Of Misc. Vintage Christmas Ornaments

194.Walker, End table For Repair And Wood Chair

195.Box Of Glassware And Some China Dishes

196.William Sonoma White Milk Pitcher 11" T

197.Little Golden Books In Flat of 10

198.Little Golden Books In Flat of 10

199.Collection of Household Items And Some Crafting And Party Supplies IN Blue Tote

200.Little Golden Books In Flat of 10

201.Little Golden Books In Flat of 10

202.GANZ Bella Casa 6" Salad Plate (2)

203.GANZ Bella Casa 10" Dinner Plate (4)

204.Decorative Signe Bird Plates 8"

205.Cake Saver Lid, Pitcher, Misc. Planter And Glassware In Box

206.Clear Vase, Stemware And Misc. Punch Glasses IN Box

207.Whirlpool Window Unit Air Conditioner Untested

208.Weed Trimmer And Yard Tools

209.Little Golden Books In Flat of 10

210.Glassware And Misc. Shake Blender, ETC.

211.Desert Plates And Centerpiece Bowl

212.Books And Misc. Vases And Red Tea Kettle

213.Box Of Christmas Decorations

214.Trash Bin, Cut boards, Glassware, Plastic ware, Misc. Utensils IN Large Box

215.Pewter Plate And Bowl

216.Magazine Rack, Candle Holders, ETC. IN Box

217.Little Golden Books In Flat of 10

218.Little Golden Books In Flat of 10

219.Little Golden Books In Flat of 10

220.Blenko Shell 6"

221.Filtration System And Tubes Of Liquid Nail

222.Flat of Back Braces

223.Flat of Back Braces

224.Flat of Back Braces

225.Flat of Back Braces

226.Knit Black Hats In Flat

227.Knit Black Hats In Flat

228.Isotoner Boots Size 10

229.Two Sega Controllers

230.Holiday Cards And Apple Peeler

231.Brean Stainless Steel Range Hood 24"

232.Titanium Core Bracelets In Flat

233.Titanium Core Bracelets In Flat

234.Titanium Core Bracelets In Flat

235.Titanium Core Bracelets In Flat

236.Titanium Core Bracelets In Flat

237.Titanium Core Bracelets In Flat

238.Titanium Core Bracelets In Flat

239.Bags, Iron, Cooler, Cups, ETC.

240.Titanium Core Bracelets In Flat

241.Titanium Core Bracelets In Flat

242.Flat of Back Braces

243.Flat of Back Braces

244.Flat of Back Braces

245.Flat of Back Braces

246.Flat of Back Braces

247.Flat of Back Braces

248.New Chevy Wheel 15" Five LUG

249.New Chevy Wheel 15" Five LUG

250.Sealer, Misc. Electronic Items IN Small Box

251.Work Books And School Books

252.Cords, Misc. Electronics In Small box

253.Kotobuki Oriental Dishes IN Black Box

254.Cookware, Statehood Quarter Book, And Hardware IN Box

255.Cool Fan Untested 20"

256.Wood Quilt Rack 3' L x 3' T

257.Hatchet With Nail Puller

258.Two Blue Ball Qt. Jars An One Lid

259.Two Blue Ball Qt. Jars An One Lid

260.Two Blue Ball Qt. Jars An One Lid

261.Three Blue Ball Glass Jars In Flat

262.Black Leather Holster

263.Metal Angels 3' L And Snowman Hanger 3' L

264.Wood Desk 5' L x 2' D x 30" T

265.Heavy Duty Floor Jack Needs Fluid

266.Patio Umbrella New IN Bag

267.Haywood Power Flo Pump LX Pump

268.Pool Frog Pump

269.Three Golf Clubs

270.Sandbox Rails IN Large Box

271.Oak Frames 31" x 44" & 27" X 39"

272.Crystal Glassware IN Flat

273.Frames 31" x 31"

274.Eagle Wall Art Piece 24" x 20"

275.Ink Pen Collectibles And Office Supplies In Flat

276.Two Frames One Is 37" x 26" & 24" x 20"

277.Two Piece Small Wall Art

278.Hollywood Bed Frame

279.Bistro Table 25" A x 28" T With Two Chairs

280.Edger Tool Untested

281.Believed TO Be Antique Handmade Oriental Straw Hat

282.Railroad Splitter Tool 23" L

283.Tools And Hardware In Small Gray Tote

284.Fuses In Flat

285.Emergency Flat Tire Repair Kit

286.Action Figures In Flat

287.Action Figures In Flat

288.Action Figures In Flat

289.Sony Watchman Portable TV/Radio

290.Tester Meter and GE Handheld Stereo

291.Transistor Pieces Possibly Radio Or TV

292.Spool Of Yellow Cable

293.Military Issue Shin Guards

294.Electronic Items In Flat

295.Green Simonsen Tackle Box With Slight Content

296.Green Cooler With Thermos And Misc. Hardware

297.Military Sleeping Bag

298.Electric Coleman Cooler Untested

299.Homemade Axe Needs New Handle 23" L

300.Range Hood And Heater

301.Two Large Pieces Of Wall Art 24" x 20" And 30" x 34"

302.VC Andrews paperback Book Collection

303.Sanding Paper And Disk IN Flat

304.Kitchen Items, Glassware And Misc. Items IN Small Box

305.Thomas Kinkade 35" x 26" Signed And No 3457/3850 Print IN Frame

306.Motor Cycle Helmet

307.Polaroid Camera and Misc. Electronic Items IN Box

308.Dresser Box And Handbags IN Small Box

309.Tool Boxes. Drill, Hardware And Tools In Box

310.Glass Bottle, Helmet, Watering Can,

311.Carter Rotary Converter

312.1975 Mickey Mouse Pull Cord Toy Works Great

313.Wicker Style Chest 24" W x 15" T And Box

314.Antique Trunk 32" W x 20" D x 23" T

315.Tamper 10" x 10"

316.Pick w/ New Handle

317.Lonestar Belt Bucket

318.Two Hatchet Heads

319.Bucket if Roofing Nails

320.Lot of Rakes

321.Two Hatchets One Craftsman, One Damaged

322.MX 1000 Tripod

323.Car Parts in Box

324.Wear Ever Aluminum Waffle Iron

325.Skateboard, Mirror, Etc., in Tote

326.Dice, Ball Glove, Loose Change

327.Chalk Soldier Statue 14" Tall

328.Work Belt, Hitch, Etc. in Gray Tote

329.Vase, Auto Light, Spray Lube, Etc.

330.Wicker Basket Filled w/ Boots, Metal Trays, Etc.

331.AWP Work Belt

332.Indian Style Costume Necklace

333.Box of Nail Straps

334.The Olde Railroad Station by Danbury Mint

335.Jewelry, Watches, & Belt Buckles For Parts & Repair

336.Jacobs Field (Home of the Cleveland Indians) By Danbury Mint

337.CB Power Supply, Pig Tail, Wiring, Etc.

338.Bamboo Floor Mat 35" by 5 1/2'

339.Lot of Car Parts & Car & Truck Windows

340.Reproduction Civil War Era Belt

341.Well Foot Valve Strainer 42"

342.Drill Bits & Leather Straps

343.Prayer Rug 21" x 42"

344.Sportsman Park by Danbury Mint

345.Boogie Boards Fish Tank, Vintage Electronics, Etc.

346.Coats & Books

347.Pole Light on Limb & Floor Lamp

348.Frabill Flow Troll

349.Comiskey Park (Home of the Chicago White Sox) by Danbury Mint

350.Cross Bow Bolts & Binoculars

351.Wet Dry Vac(Untested) & Work Belts

352.Grade Measuring Stick

353.Next Girl's Bicycle 20"

354.Oak Dresser Mirror 46"wide x 45" tall

355.Light Bright

356.Metal 5 Gal. Gas Can

357.Two Rotary Phones & Flower Arrangement

358.Star Wars Droid Tri-Fighter Model Appears Complete

359.Reel Mower

360.Collection of Vinyl Siding Pieces

361.Oak Wall Cabinet 3' by 1'

362.Vintage Saw Horse 50" wide by 23" tall

363.Hardware Pieces in Metal Drawer

364.Base Lighted Display 38" x 20"

365.Light Shade, Vases, Etc.

366.Depression Style Head Board (Full Size), Oak Bed (Full or Queen), & Metal Bed Rails

367.Metal Bath Cabinet 31" tall x 36"wide

368.Two Chains w/ One Hook Each 92" long & 42" Long

369.Box of Wire Cable

370.Franke Exhaust Fan 36" x 22"

371.Five Foot Step Ladder Repaired Make a Great Craft Project

372.Vintage Wood Extension Ladder 7'

373.Collection of Pine Boards

374.Window, Boxes & Boards Painted White

375.Collection of Vinyl Shutters (78", 43", & 27")

376.Coat Hangers, Vac, Etc.

377.Stove Pipe, Singles, Light, Etc.

378.Curved Pry Bar

379.Sears The Communicator Typewriter

380.Panasonic Tape Player RX-FS400 Untested

381.Kodak M18 Movie Camera

382.CD Tower 36" tall x 22"

383.Display Case Full Of Sea Shells 12 1/2" x 16 1/2"

384.Bag Of Wheat Cents Some Are Steel

385.Assorted 8mm And Slide Viewers IN Box

386.Stamp Collector Book and Album With Stamps

387.Kodak Instamatic M65 Movie Projector

388.Coleman Propane Outdoor Camping Grill

389.Box of Vintage Electronics And Cameras Parts And Accessories

390.Miniature Red Dietz Lantern 8" T

391.Oversized Lens IN Box

392.Corningware Dishes IN Box

393.Keurig Missing Front Catch Plate With Tupperware And Misc. Cookware IN Box

394.Safety Harness And Backpack With Supplies

395.Waders Size 12 Appear To Be IN Good Shape But Used

396.Clay Slinger

397.Easter Eggs And Baskets In Small Box

398.1999 Portsmouth Floodwall Murals Calendar New In Plastic

399.Cleveland Brown Wilson Hutch Kids Collectible Helmet

400.Small Plastic Tub Of Clays

401.Box Of Picture Frames

402.MacGregor Personal Model Catchers Mitt 6446 Big Dipper

403.Four Chair Pads

404.Four Chair Pads

405.Hot Potato, Tote Bag, Misc. Items In Box

406.Panasonic Auto stop Stereo

407.Cast Iron Skillet 10"

408.Cobra Handheld CB Portable radio

409.Bolens 180 Gas Powered Blower

410.Collection Of Assorted Wall Art

411.Various Books Some Are Early Most Are Survival

412.Collection Of Assorted Wall Art

413.Box Of Christmas Decorations

414.Kirkland's Potters Garden Snowmen Tea Service

415.Arrow heads In Display Case 6"

416.Remington Arms CO Glass Tray 7" x 4"

417.Metal Bug Boot Puller

418.Vintage Postal Scale With Stamp Holder 6" A

419.Stoneware pottery Oil Lamp With Hurricane 14" T

420.Cast Iron Candle Holder, and Nutcracker In Flat

421.Large Lot Of Glassware IN Big Box

422.Clear Glass Globes In Box 11 1/2" T

423.Two bags Of Hog Grub IN Flat

424.Deer Antlers For Project

425.Mixed Lot Of Computer Parts

426.Propane Tank 17.5LB Please Preview

427.Bengals Bucket With Jumper Cables In Bucket

428.Small Pieces Of Collectible Glassware Possibly Blenko Candle Stick

429.Large Selection Of Glassware And Planters With Vases IN Box

430.Handmade Oriental Wall Art

431.Vintage Electronics And CB Parts With Cassettes, ETC.

432.Stack Of Misc. Buckets

433.Selection Of Christmas Items

434.Two White 18" A Cake Stands

435.Tool Cases, Hard Hat, Tool Belt, ETC.

436.Bowling Ball In Bag

437.Egg Crates And Wash Tubs In Box

438.Garden Trim, Clipping Bag, Umbrella Stand, Walker, Grill

439.Paint Set, Game, Books, Encyclopedias, Projection Screen, ETC. (2 Boxes And Screen)

440.Wood Baby Cradle For Repair Missing Some Pieces Please Preview

441.Hot Plate, Curtin Rods, Household Items ETC.

442.Flat of Kitchen Knives

443.Wood Tennis Racket And Wilson Tennis Rackets

444.Large Box Of Christmas Decorations

445.Tree Filament Bulb Light 4" T

446.Box of Easter Decorations And Household Items

447.Candle Sticks, Wall Art Misc. Household Items In Large Box

448.Glassware, Tins, Bedspread, ETC.

449.Glassware And Lazy Susan In Box

450.Cookware And Assorted Household Items In Large Box

451.Tins And Misc. Household Items In Large Box

452.Ohio State Ladies Fossil Watch

453.Basket, Bed Skirt, Coasters, ETC. In Box

454.Plate Holders, And Misc. Crafting Supplies

455.Plates, Curtin Pieces Crafting Supplies In Box

456.Glassware, Figures, Dishes, Misc. items In Box

457.Picture Frames, Gift Set, Baby Monitor, Glassware

458.Glassware And Misc. Household Figures In Box

459.Toys And Misc. In Box

460.Coffee Maker, Bread Makers, Etc.

461.Small Containers And Kitchen Items IN Small Box

462.Sweeper Bags, Steam Vac, Wall Paper, Throws, Misc. Household items on Pallet

463.Three Chairs One Is Folding Two Bag Chairs

464.1884 Morgan Dollar

465.2004 Silver American Eagles

466.2004 Silver American Eagles

467.2004 Silver American Eagles

468.2004 Silver American Eagles

469.1923-S Peace Dollar

470.1888 Morgan Dollar

471.1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

472.1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

473.1654 Franklin Half Dollar

474.1866 Two Cent Piece

475.1918 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

476.Whitetail Deer One Once Silver Round

477.1989 Silver American Eagle

478.1819 Large Cent

479.1837 Large Cent

480.1900 Barber Half Dollar

481.1917 Waling Liberty Half Dollar

482.1941-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar

483.1951 Franklin Half Dollar

484.1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

485.1938 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

486.1982-D UC Silver Commemorative George Washington Half Dollar

487.1988 Silver American Eagle

488.2002 Silver American Eagle

489.1867 3 Cent Piece

490.Sheet Of Lincoln Head Cents

491.2007 Silver American Eagle

492.1920 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

493.1907 Toned Barber Half Dollar

494.2006 Silver American Eagle

495.1964 UC Kennedy Half

496.1964 UC Kennedy Half

497.1964 UC Kennedy Half

498.1968 Shield Nickel

499.1968 US Proof Set

500.Winchester Model 12 Silver Bar one Ounce

501.1997 US Mint Proof Set

502.2008 US Mint Proof Set

503.2007 US Mint Presidential Dollar Coin Proof Set

504.2007 US Mint Proof Set

505.1969 US Mint Proof Set

506.1998 US Mint proof Set

507.1982 US Proof Set

508.President Trump Hand painted On A 1972 Ike Dollar

509.Colt Model #D1425 Silver Round

510.1996 US Mint Proof Set

511.1971 UC Mint Proof Set

512.1972 UC Mint Proof Set

513.2005 US Mint Proof Set

514.1969 UC Mint Proof Set

515.1972 UC Mint Proof Set

516.1977 Mint UC Proof Set

517.1979 US Mint Proof Set

518.1981 US Mint Proof Set

519.1977-A Jimmy Carter One Dollar Note

520.1984 UC Coin Set

521.1985 D & P Mint Set

522.1987 UC Coin Set

523.1988 US Mint UC Coin Set

524.2015 Silver American Eagle

525.1896 Morgan Dollar

526.1921 Morgan Dollar

527.2009 American Eagle Silver Dollar

528.1989 US Mint UC Coin Set

529.1938-S Mercury Dime

530.1937-S Mercury Dime

531.1935-S Mercury Dime

532.1936 Mercury Dime

533.1937-S Mercury Dime

534.1928 Mercury Dime

535.1939 Mercury Dime

536.1918 Mercury Dime

537.1927 Mercury Dime

538.1937-D Mercury Dime

539.1916 Mercury Dime

540.1926 Mercury Dime

541.1939-D Mercury Dime

542.1943-D Mercury Dime

543.1939 Mercury Dime

544.1935-S Mercury Dime

545.1916 Mercury Dime

546.1936 Mercury Dime

547.1912-P Barber Quarter

548.1937 Mercury Dime

549.1999-2008 State Quarter Set

550.1936-D Mercury Dime

551.1939-S Mercury Dime

552.1938 Mercury Dime

553.1942-S Mercury Dime

554.1937-D Mercury Dime

555.1912 Barber Dime

556.1935-S Mercury Dime

557.1893 Barber Dime

558.1919 Barber Dime

559.1913 Barber Dime

560.1918 Mercury Dime

561.1917 Mercury Dime

562.1943-D Mercury Dime

563.1923 Mercury Dime

564.1935 Mercury Dime

565.1942-P Mercury Dime

566.1935 Mercury Dime

567.1937-P Mercury Dime

568.1938 Mercury Dime

569.1938-D Mercury Dime

570.1929-D Mercury Dime

571.1930 Mercury Dime

572.1925 Mercury Dime

573.1934 Mercury Dime

574.Five Indian Head Cents In Bag

575.1991 Silver American Eagle

576.1964 Kennedy Half Dollar

577.1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

578.195-D Roosevelt Dime

579.1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

580.1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

581.1964-D Washington Quarter

582.1992 Half Dollar Proof Commemorative Clad Coin

583.1916-S Barber Dime

584.1900 Morgan Dollar

585.Silver 3 Cent Piece No Date

586.1909 Barber Dime

587.1939 Mercury Dime

588.1906 Barber Dime

589.1908 Barber Dime

590.1939-D Mercury Dime

591.1931 Mercury Dime

592.1920 Mercury Dime

593.1968 US Proof Set

594.Jewelers Loop In Bag

595.1917-S Mercury Dime

596.1928-S Mercury Dim

597.1916-S Mercury Dime

598.1920-S Mercury Dime

599.191-S Mercury Dime

600.1937-S Mercury Dime

601.1918-S Mercury Dime

602.1962 Roosevelt Dime

603.1913 Barber Dime

604.1939 Mercury Dime

605.1942 Mercury Dime

606.1945-D Mercury Dime

607.1939 Mercury Dime

608.1936-S Mercury Dime

609.1935 Mercury Dime

610.1962-D Roosevelt Dime

611.1974-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar

612.1997 UC Mint Proof Set

613.America The Beautiful Three Quarter Set In Sleeve

614.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

615.Six Reverse Print Dimes In bag

616.2005 Silver American Eagle

617.1988 Republic Of Marshall Islands Space Shuttle $5 Commemorative Coin

618.1899 V Nickel IN Sleeve

619.1976-P Kennedy Half Dollar

620.1975 American Revolution Paul Revere Medal

621.White Mountain National Forest Three Quarter Set

622.Four War Nickels IN Bag

623.Four War Nickels IN Bag

624.Four War Nickels IN Bag

625.Five Buffalo Nickels In Bag

626.Five Buffalo Nickels In Bag

627.Five Buffalo Nickels In Bag

628.Five Buffalo Nickels In Bag

629.Five Buffalo Nickels In Bag

630.Six Indian Head Cents In Bag

631.Six Indian Head Cents In Bag

632.Six Indian Head Cents In Bag

633.Ten V Nickels In Bag

634.Ten V Nickels In Bag

635.V Nickel, State Quarter, Buffalo Nickel, Indian Head Cent IN Bag

636.State Quarter Book With ($10.50 Face Value)

637.1909 Wheat Penny

638.1904 Barber Quarter

639.1939 Mercury Dime

640.1936-S Mercury Dime

641.1937 Mercury Dime

642.1929 Mercury Dime

643.1853 Seated Dime

644.1914 Barber Quarter

645.1939 Mercury Dime

646.1912 Barber Dime

647.1914 Barber Dime

648.1873 Seated Dime


650.1967 Kennedy Half Dollar

651.1963 Washington Quarter

652.Two Jefferson And One V Nickel In Bag

653.Sacagawea Dollars In Bag ($20.00 Face Value)

654.Six Jefferson Nickels In Bag

655.One Ounce Silver Medal Waling Liberty Front Please Preview

656.Trade Dollar Medal In bag

657.Bag Of Dollar Replica Coins Possibly Silver Please Preview Unmarked

658.Three One Dollar Star Notes In Bag

659.1935 Silver Certificates And One Star Note In Folder

660.Two One Dollar Silver Certs. One NO Motto One Motto

661.Bag Of Assorted Collectible Tokens

662.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

663.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

664.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

665.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

666.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

667.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

668.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

669.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

670.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

671.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

672.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

673.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

674.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

675.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

676.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

677.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

678.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

679.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

680.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

681.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

682.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

683.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

684.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

685.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

686.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

687.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

688.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

689.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

690.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

691.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

692.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

693.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

694.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

695.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

696.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

697.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

698.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

699.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

700.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

701.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

702.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

703.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

704.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

705.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)

706.Wheat Cents In Bag ($1.00 Face Value)