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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1330)Hopalong Cassidy Collectibles, John Deere Riding Mowers, 4x8 Trailer, Collectibles, Furniture, Tools, Household, Coins, Box Lots and more. - Tuesday July 9th 8:00p.m

Item Description
1.Hopalong Cassidy Tin Lunchbox With Original Cork Thermos 8" x 7"

2.Hopalong Cassidy Antique Rotating Lamp Works IN Great Shape

3.Hopalong Cassidy Original Playbill Law Of The Pampas 38 1/2" x 16 1/2"

4.Hopalong Cassidy Board Game In Original Box Great Shape

5.Melville Milk N.C Hopalong Cassidy Half Pint Glass Milk Bottle

6.Hopalong Cassidy Antique Binoculars Set

7.Hopalong Cassidy Framed Pennant 25" L

8.1980 Chevrolet Flat Bed Truck, Vin #C16DAAV138923, Odometer shows 90,559. Truck has been sitting for a few years. Brakes Need Work. Truck is Located in Lucasville to be picked at that location.

9.30+ Railroad Ties 9 1/2' L. Items will be  Picked Up ON Site Bring Help TO Load. Located in Lucasville, Ohio.

10.John Deere LT150 Automatic Riding Mower 38" Deck Originally Brought From Gampp's Runs Good Please Preview

11.Heavy Duty Steel trailer With Lights And Newer 215/75R15 Goodyear Tires 4' x 8'

12.Harrington & Richardson Topper Model 158 410 With 28" Barrel 3" Chamber Full Choke Color case Hardening Looks Great Serial Number AL315619 FFL Paperwork Will Need Filled Out

13.Pink Colorful Vera Bradley Quilted Handbag, Coin Purse And Wallet All Like New IN Flat

14.Boyd's Bearstone Collection Noah's Ark Set 10 Pieces IN Flat

15.Remington 22 Thunderbolt 22 LR Round Nose 500 RDS In Box

16.TacFire 4x32 Scope In Flat

17.Coke Cola Electric Clock 20" L x 10" W

18.Antique American Fixture Showcase MFG. CO. St. Louis Missouri, Showcase Piece 95" L x 23 1/2" D x 42" T Three Shelves And Three Sliding Glass Doors With Glass Top

19.Autographed Rand Brooks Hop Along Cassidy And The Square Dance Hold Up 78 Records In Book

20.Valvoline Metal 5 Gallon Oil Can Marked Ashland, KY

21.Bell System Work Van Die Cast Replica 9" L

22.Craftsman Combination 5 Piece Wrench Set In Box

23.Stumpy Minnow Bucket 8QT

24.Remington Blue Rock Clay Targets Approx. 75 IN box

25.Fisher Price Plastic Barn Toy

26.Pittsburgh Tape Measure And Digital Meter

27.Pittsburgh Tape Measure And Driver

28.Speakers And Nativity Pieces

29.Coke Cola Glass Bottles IN Crate 18" x 12" x 4" And 24 Bottles

30.Vintage Look Magazine And Newspapers

31.Kozy World Wall Mount Propane Heater

32.Cooler Full Of Birdseed

33.Bookshelf 30" W x 4' T x 11" D

34.Plantstand 54" x 56"

35.Wood Cabinet 24" T x 18" W And Metal Office Chair

36.Producers Local Fresh Cardboard Milk Carton With Hopalong Cassidy One Pint

37.Hopalong Cassidy Knife And Fork Set

38.Hopalong Cassidy Sunnyhurst "Hoppy's Favorite Milk" Cream Top Bottle

39.Hopalong Cassidy Hair Trainer In Original Bottle

40.Hopalong Cassidy Coloring Book In Frame 11 1/2" x 14 1/2"

41.DC Comic Featuring Hopalong Cassidy IN Frame 9 1/2" x 12"

42.Hopalong Cassidy Red Label Mug

43.Hopalong Cassidy Time Magazine In Frame 10" x 13 1/2"

44.Hopalong Cassidy Framed Bond Bread Advertisement 12 1/2" x 14 1/2"

45.Box Office Buckaroos Cowboy Book

46.Swivel Framed Hopalong Cassidy Western Action Stories Double Sided

47.Hopalong Cassidy Post Cards And Happy Birthday Member Savings Car

48.Two Hopalong Cassidy Glossy Images 9" x 11"

49.Hopalong Cassidy Framed Handkerchief 18 1/2" x 18 1/2"

50.Hopalong Cassidy Framed Poster 26" x 20"

51.Hopalong Cassidy Lasso Game With Ropes

52.Hopalong Cassidy Green Label Mug

53.Hopalong Cassidy Blue Label Mug

54.Hopalong Cassidy Sheriff Badges In Bag (2)

55.Hopalong Cassidy Daily News Buttons In Bag

56.Hopalong Cassidy Barrett IN Bag

57.Hopalong Cassidy Savings Club Button In Bag

58.Hopalong Cassidy Pencil Sharpener, And Three Buttons In Bag

59.Hopalong CassidyThree Blade Pocket Knife

60.Hopalong Cassidy Pocket Knife

61.Hopalong Cassidy Pocket Knife

62.Hopalong Cassidy Framed Coloring Book Cover And Glossy Image 12 1/2" x 17 1/2"

63.Two Hopalong Cassidy Paper Advertisement Pieces 14" x 10"

64.Life Magazine Hopalong Cassidy Cover IN Frame 17" x 13"

65.Hopalong Cassidy Hoppy Game Toy In Bag

66.Hop Along Cassidy Coasters IN Bag

67.Hop Along Cassidy Castle 8mm Film And Film Box

68.Hop Along Cassidy TV Book And Framed TV Book 13 1/2 x 10"

69.Modern Tin Hop Along Cassidy Sign 9" x 12"

70.Silver Screen Cowboys Books And Misc. Book In Flat

71.Hop Along Cassidy paper Story Boo

72.Hop Along Cassidy paper Goods IN large Bag One Framed Glossy 9" x 11"

73.Two Pieces Of paper Hop Along Cassidy Advertisement

74.Two Pieces Of paper Hop Along Cassidy Advertisement

75.Hop Along Cassidy Newspaper Cover And Advertisement Piece

76.Hop Along Cassidy Mystery Men Movie Poster 11" x 14"

77.Hop Along Cassidy Wood Picture Puzzle 15" x 11"

78.Hop Along Cassidy And The Singing Bandit 78 Record Set With Book

79.Hop Along Cassidy Black Label Mug

80.Hopalong Cassidy Blue Label Mug

81.Hopalong Cassidy Shooter Marbles In Flat

82.Hopalong Cassidy Paper party Goods In Bag

83.Hopalong Cassidy Wrist Watch

84.Hopalong Cassidy Spun Honey Night Light IN Small Bag

85.Hopalong Cassidy Story Books Three In Bag

86.Hopalong Cassidy Books In Box

87.Hopalong Cassidy Books In Box

88.Wood Pieces, Hop Along Cassidy VHS Tapes And Louis L'amour Books In Clear tub

89.Sears 8MM Film Projector

90.Mugs, Clothing Pieces And Misc. Items In Large Box

91.Medals And Small Collectibles IN Bag

92.Medal, Coaster And Stickers

93.General Dynamics Medal IN Sleeve

94.Army Token IN Sleeve

95.General Dynamics Medal IN Sleeve

96.General Dynamics Medal IN Sleeve

97.Department of Defense Medal IN Bag

98.Three General Dynamics Medals In Bag

99.Three General Dynamics Medals In Bag

100.Four Military Medals IN Bag

101.Bulova Quarter Century Club Mantle Clock 9" x 9"

102.Old Timer Three Blade Pocket Knife One Blade Damaged

103.Rock And Roll Coffee Table Book

104.AMA Motorcycle Magazine In Flat

105.Funko Mickey Mouse Vinyl Figure In Box (2)

106.Stranger Things "Will" Figure In Box

107.Small Tub Of Body Jewelry

108.Small Tub Of Body Jewelry

109.Pens, Phone Case, Glasses Case And Dooney & Bourke Coin Purse Needs Cleaned

110.Bag Of Gold Tone Costume Jewelry Pieces

111.Costume Jewelry In Flat

112.Costume Jewelry In Flat

113.Costume Jewelry In Flat

114.Costume Jewelry In Flat

115.Costume Jewelry In Flat

116.Two 10" Square Tin Cold Beer Signs In Flat

117.Tin Captain Morgan Sign 12" x 8 1/2"

118.Maisto Die Cast Corvette And Mercedes-Benz IN Flat

119.Castrol GTX Elvis Die Cast Car In Flat

120.Maisto Die Cast Special Edition Porsche Boxster 1/18 Scale

121.Racing Champions '49 Mercury Die Cast IN Flat

122.ATV Grips And Clutch Lever

123.2005 Raggedy Ann Doll IN Box

124.2005 Raggedy Andy Doll In Box

125.Flat of Unopened Sports Cards

126.Two Cabbage Patch Dolls In Flat

127.Three Cabbage Patch Dolls IN Small Box

128.Two Collectible Miniature Die Cast Cars In Flat

129.Two Collectible Miniature Die Cast Cars In Flat

130.Country Line Starter Switches In Flat

131.Three Packs Of Four Autolite 405 Spark Plugs IN Flat

132.Star Wars 10" R2-D2 Wall Art Piece

133.Blu-Ray, Bulb, Bank, Ball, Barometer, ETC. IN Blue Tub

134.Starrett No 436 Micrometer

135.Eagle Belt Buckle, Camel Figure, Blue Leather Wallet, ETC In Flat

136.Die Cast Cars And Misc. Small Toy Cars In Small Box

137.Toy Hauler Truck With Small Toys

138.Set Of Topps 1986 Baseball Cards Owner States Full Set

139.Sportsflics 1986 Set With trivia Set Owner States Full Set

140.1986 Sportsflics Baseball Card Set Owner States Full Set

141.1987 Sportsflics Baseball Card Set Owner States Full Set

142.Donruss 1988 Set Of Baseball Cards Owner States Full Set

143.1986 Fleer Stickers And 1981 Misc. Fleer Baseball Cards

144.1987 Donruss Card Set Missing One #46 Card Owner States Otherwise Full Set

145.1987 Sportflics Baseball Card Set Owner States Full Set

146.Country Line Distributor Caps In Flat

147.1981 Topps Baseball Card Set Owner States Full Set

148.1987 Sportflics Baseball Card Set Owner States Full Set

149.Olympics Collectible Cards In Box

150.1986 Sportsflics Baseball Card Set Owner States Full Set

151.1986 Sportsflics Baseball Card Set Owner States Full Set

152.Plastic Cups, Frames, Toy Truck In Clear Tub

153.Simmons 2.5x20 SG Pro Sport Scope IN Flat

154.Oster Clippers Set In Flat

155.Arrow Staple Gun In Case

156.Lew's Fiji Speed Fit Cork Pole Handle

157.Virginia Extra Dry Tobacco Tin 6" W x 3" x 3"

158.Plano Fabric Fold Out Tackle Bag With Multiple Plastic Organizers

159.Antique Tent Stake Driver Tool Head 5"

160.Carved Rock Possibly Artifact Please Preview

161.The Ohio Farmer And Farm Journal Magazines In Flat

162.Case XX 059L 55P Marked USA Pocket Knife In Bag

163.Norfolk And Southern Pocket Knife In Bag

164.Three Pocket Knives IN Bag

165.Rottweil 20GA Shells in Bag (4)

166.John Deere Mini Metal Die Cast Tractors

167.Remington 20GA Shells In Bag (6)

168.Remington Shells IN Bag 20GA (14)

169.Plastic Coin Cases In Flat

170.Old Smokey Moonshine Pocket Knife In Bag

171.Silver Tone Costume Ring Size 8 Please Preview

172.Sterling Necklace 18"

173.Sterling Necklace 21"

174.Sterling Necklace 18" With Diamond Pendant

175.Cat Silver Tone Mini Clock, Sterling Bracelet 7 1/2" And Sterling Angel Necklace

176.NO 14 & NO 16 Keyrings

177.Gold Tone Sterling Heart Necklace And Gold Tone Pen Key Ring

178.1969 GM Owners Manual And Truck Papers

179.1836 Half Dime

180.1855 Seated Liberty Half Dollar

181.1867 Two Cent Piece

182.1935 5 Reichsmark With Swastika

183.1854 Half Dime

184.1852 Three Cent Piece

185.1875-S Twenty Cent Piece

186.1907 Barber Dime

187.1905 Barber Dime

188.1925 Standing Liberty Quarter

189.1964 Washington Quarter

190.1951 Roosevelt Dime

191.1907-P Barber Dime

192.Six World Coins IN Bag

193.1844 Canadian Half Penny

194.Four World Coins One Buffalo Nickel

195.Five V Nickels IN Bag

196.Four Lincoln Pennies In Bag

197.Radio Flyer Miniature Trike 14" x 14"

198.Radio Flyer Miniature Trike 12" x 12"

199.Miniature Radio Flyer Wagon 13" L

200.Miniature Radio Flyer Wheel Barrow 16" L

201.Radio Flyer Miniature Sled 16" L

202.Electric Mantle Clock No Adapter Says It Plays Christmas Music And Has Bears That Peep Out

203.XL Glider Workout Piece

204.Miniature Radio Flyer 11" x 11"

205.Pink Quilted Vera Bradley Wallet And Card Carrier In Flat Appear New Or Lightly Used

206.Tignanello Wallets In Flat All Appear New

207.Three Leather Wallet In Flat

208.Tignanello Leather Cross body Handbags In Flat Both Great Shape

209.Bright Pink Quilted Vera Bradley Handbag 13" W

210.Black Quilted Vera Bradley Handbag 9"

211.Bright Pink Quilted 10" Handbag

212.Blue Quilted Vera Bradley Handbag 13"W

213.Navy Blue Quilted Vera Bradley Handbag In Flat 14"

214.Bright Colored Vera Bradley Quilted Handbag 14"

215.Red Vera Bradley Quilted Tote

216.Bright Colored Vera Bradley Quilted Handbag 16"

217.Colorful Vera Bradley Quilted Handbag 9"

218.Pink Bright Colorful Vera Bradley Tote 14"

219.Pink Bright Colorful Vera Bradley Tote 15"

220.Black And White Quilted Vera Bradley Handbag 16"

221.Vera Bradley Quilted Wallet And Coin Purse IN Flat

222.Red Vera Bradley Quilted Sling Bag And Eyeglass Case

223.Black And White Vera Bradley Wallet And Hounds tooth Vera Eyeglasses Case

224.Boyd's Bearstone Figures In Flat (3)

225.Boyd's Bearstone Figures In Flat (3)

226.Boyd's Bearstone Figures In Flat (3)

227.Boyd's Bearstone Figures In Flat (3)

228.Boyd's Bearstone Figures In Flat (4)

229.Boyd's Bearstone Figures In Flat (3)

230.Plush Boyd's Bear IN Flat 13" T

231.Grandma Bea Boyd's Bear Plush 12"

232.Cora B. Applesmith Plush Boyd's Bear 15" T

233.Plush Boyd's Bear IN Box 13" T

234.Plush Boyd's Bear IN Flat 13" T

235.Devin Fallsbeary Plush Boyd's Bear 13" T

236.Prudence Bearimore Plush Boyd's Bear 12" L

237.Corinna Plush Boyd's bear 16" T

238.Quaker O. Brimley Plush Boyd's Bear 14" T

239.Three Small Plush Boyd's Bears Two Grandma And One Sister Bear 5" T

240.Plush Boyd's Bear IN Flat 13" T

241.Plush Boyd's Bear IN Flat 13" T

242.Plush Boyd's Bear IN Flat 13" T

243.Plush Boyd's Bear IN Flat 13" T

244.Two Small Boyd's Americana Bears IN Flat 5"

245.Momma Bear Love And Suzie B. Bearkins Plush Boyd's Bears IN Flat 10" T

246.Lizzie Wishkabibble And Momma Macbearsley & Baby Plush Bears IN Flat 10" T

247.Stephanie Bearyproud & Plush Boyd's Bear IN Flat 12" T Each

248.Scruffy S. Beariloved Plush Boyd's Bear 10"

249.Whitley B. Beariloved Plush Boyd's Bear 10"

250.Patches B. Beariloved Plush Boyd's Bear 10"

251.1978 "The Incredible Hulk" Tin Lunch pail No Thermos

252.1985 WWF Plastic Lunchbox With Thermos

253.1978 NFL Tin Lunch pail NO Thermos

254.Late 80's Smurfs Plastic Lunchbox

255.Wood And Metal Doll Stands 8" T

256.Plastic Storage Tubs Three With Lids

257.6" Cut off Saw Appears New

258.Littlestown Hardware & Foundry Pipe Vice 2"

259.Big Mouth Billy Bones

260.Tub of Power Strips

261.Mobil Home Tie Down

262.Maisto Chrysler 300B 1/18 Scale

263.Road Signatures Pink Thunderbird 10" Long

264.Hot wheels Custom Merc Woodie 11" long

265.Fire Chief Wall Hanging 16" x 20"

266.Maisto '98 Corvette 1/18 Scale

267.Orange Six Drawer Tool Box 16" x 11" x 8 1/2"

268.Cast Iron Kettle 10" Across x 8" Tall

269.1957 Chevy Corvette Die Cast Replica IN Flat

270.Mighty Mule 350 E-Z Single Automatic Gate Opener New In Box

271.Heat Dish Plus Standing Heater

272.Home Decorators 48" Ceiling Fan New IN Box

273.Sharp CD/z622 Three Disk CD Changer Stereo System

274.Car Quest Die Cast 1/24 Scale

275.1964 1/2 Mustang Die Cast Replica 1/18 Scale

276.Two Wood Birdhouses

277.Coke Cola Wall Art Clock 20" L x 11" T

278.Chevrolet Tin Sign 12" x 16"

279.Texaco Sign 12" x 12"

280.Modern Tin Gulf Sign 12" x 18"

281.Ford Sign 12" x 16" Modern Tin

282.Two Metal 12" x 12" Vents

283.Radar Detector In Flat

284.Garmin GPS Untested No Cord

285.Craftsman Router Tool

286.Grilling Set IN Box

287.Wood Bread Box 15" L

288.Uniden Bearcat BC350A Scanner IN Flat

289.Taxidermy Gator head

290.Metal Tray 10" x 17 1/2"

291.Soft Long Gun Case

292.Chain Hoist 1 ton New In Box

293.3 Welding Clamps, 12" Eye Bolt, 1 Turn Buckle

294.Ford Woody Wagon Die Cast Replica 1/24 Scale

295.Craftsman 1/2" Impact Wrench New

296.Craftsman Grinder Tool

297.59' Chevy Impala Die Cast 1/24 Scale

298.Street Rodder Sign 12" x 17"

299.No Trespassing Sign 12" x 17"

300.Modern Tin Ford Sign 17" x 13"

301.Two Antique Advertisement Pieces In Frames With Small Texaco tin Sign 14" x 7"

302.Enzaka Peterbilt Semi Truck Die Cast 12" L 1/24 Scale

303.Mug, Tire Koozie and Distance Counter IN Flat

304.Metal Tail Gate 62 1/4" x 19 1/2"

305.John Deere LX255 15 HP Riding Tractor (NO Deck) With 36" Scraper Blade Originally From Gampp's Runs Good Please Preview

306.Tin Hit From The Past Sign 12 1/2" x 16 1/2"

307.Tin Ford Sign 12 1/2" x 16 1/2"

308.Formica 140 5 Gallon Brush on Adhesive

309.1941 Plymouth Die Cast Replica 12" L

310.1998 New Rav Plastic Hauler Black

311.2001 Hot Wheels 32' Ford Plastic Car In Flat 10" L

312.Liberty Classics 1955 Chevy Die Cast car 10" L

313.Mastio 1948 Ford F1 Pickup Metal Die Cast 10"

314.Metal File Box 7" x 6 1/2"

315.Durango Jaguar "E" 1961 Die Cast 7"

316.Tin Pennzoil Sign 12" x 3"

317.Metal Gas Pump Bank 14" T And Die Cast Pump 5" T

318.New Rav 1998 Blue Semi-Truck IN Flat 12"

319.Humble Petroleum Tractor Trailer 12" L Metal And Plastic

320.Pennzoil Metal And Plastic Tractor trailer 12" L

321.Plastic STP Tractor trailer Hauler In Flat 12"

322.Metal Tool Chest 21" x 10" x 8"

323.Esso Metal And Plastic Hauler 12" L

324.BP Plastic Hauler In Flat 14" L

325.Matchbox Super kings BK Trailer And Hauler 14"

326.Matchbox Super kings K103 Getty Trailer And Hauler 14"

327.1948 Chevy Fleet master Die Cast 1/24 Scale In Flat

328.Gearbox Pedal Car Die Cast 9 1/2"

329.Pennzoil Plastic Hauler 12" L

330.Valvoline Cummins Racing Champions Hauler 12" L

331.Peterbilt 1978 Pepsi Hauler 12" L

332.1998 Sunoco Electronic Hauler Lights And Records 16" L

333.Durango 1955 B24 Spider 1/16 Scale IN Flat 9"

334.1959 Buick Electra Road Signatures Die Cast Car In Flat 12 L

335.Durango 1954 300 SL Die Cast IN Flat 9"

336.Maisto 1997 For F Series Die Cast truck 8"

337.Audi TT Roadster 1/24 Scale 7" In Flat

338.Tonka Die Cast Red Convertible 1/16 Scale In Flat 10

339.Durango Bugatti 1936, Plastic Truck And Trailer, With Ceramic Car Shaker Set in Flat

340.Sinclair 24" Modern Tin Single Sided Sign

341.Coronet Advertising Radio Can IN Flat 5" T Does Power Up

342.Pepsi Toothpick Holder and Flashlight In Flat

343.Basket, Coke Bottle Mini, Bugler Tin, ETC

344.Collection Of Hats All Used And Early Great Decorations n Box

345.ACE Wrist Guards (2) New In Packs

346.Unifit Wrist Guards IN Boxes

347.Two Omnidirectional Microphones In Flat

348.EV 627C Mic Needs Cord In Flat

349.Metal Saw Horse Brackets

350.Crate G10XL Amplifier

351.Flat of Four Wickerware Cups

352.Two Gate Wheels In Flat

353.Two Electric paper Shredders

354.Technics AV Control SA-DX940 Stereo Receiver Works

355.Masonry Tools IN Tub

356.Fairlane Metal Emblem 16 1/2" L

357.Emblem 289 IN Bag 5" L

358.Impala Emblems 2 In Bag 5" L

359.Buick Emblem And Chevy Center Caps IN Flat

360.Ford Emblems In Flat Assorted Sizes

361.Aluminum 30' Extension Ladder

362.Electric Razor In Flat

363.Rubbermaid Split Top Rolling Cooler Great Shape

364.Over The Range 1.6 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven Appears TO Be New In Box

365.Magic Chef Black Mini Fridge Untested

366.Leather Work Gloves In Flat

367.Sheet Metal And Clamp

368.Winter Wonderland LED C6 60 Lights In Each Box Both Boxes Appear New

369.Welding Hood And Coveralls XL CraftsmanIN Box

370.Hat Stand Cymbal Pole

371.Hat Stand Cymbal Pole

372.Drum Kick Pedal In Flat

373.Leather Top Adjustable Stool

374.Drum And Drum Sticks

375.Kick Drum And Two Other Drums

376.Standing Drum

377.Garage Door 9' W x 7' Four Panels 21" comes with hardware

378.Extension Ladder 12'

379.Char-Broil Gas Grill

380.Metal Double Drawer File Cabinet 28"T

381.Greyhound Bus Depot Post Card In Frame

382.Dell Monitor And Speaker sets In Box

383.PMDC Motor ModelC3364B4035 Untested

384.Wall Letter, Wall Art And Misc. Items In Box

385.Trowel And Masonry Tool IN Flat

386.Guitar and Amp Cords And Wires IN Flat

387.Wilburn Bros Signed Glossy 11" x 9"

388.Folder Of Newspapers IN Folder

389.Sheet Music In Flat

390.Books, Radio, Plastic Cabinet

391.Raincoat, Cutting Torch Goggles, Flashlights, ETC.

392.Electronic Bass On Stand 8"

393.Yamaha Natural Sound AM/FM Receiver With paperwork

394.2- Matching Counter Top Pieces 3' L x 12" W 22" L x 12"

395.Kennel Cab

396.Standing Ohio State Lamp 58" T Shade Is 16" x 16"

397.Charbroil Gas Grill 51" W x 20" D x 41" T

398.First Act Drum

399.Red Fold Out Wagon needs Screw replaces

400.First Act Drum With Stand

401.Corded Earpieces

402.First Act Drum Kit Three Piece

403.Toro CCr Snow blower

404.Three Folding Chairs

405.Red Snow shovel With Snow Throw

406.Golf Bags And Some Content (3)

407.Metal Umbrella Stand

408.Black And Decker Electrode 400 Power Box

409.Collection of Handbags

410.Harmony Acoustic Guitar In Case For Repair

411.Coleman Rolling Cooler

412.Standing Ed-U Science 70-700

413.Standing Oak Jewelry Box 4' T x 6" W

414.Patio Lounger Fold Out

415.Childs Push Trike

416.Pair Of Fold Out Directors Chairs

417.Four Green Metal Post 3'

418.Bioaire Standing Tower Fan

419.Two Metal Chairs

420.Razor Scooter And Neon Helmet

421.Air hockey Game With Dart Board And Misc. Toys In Tub

422.Standing Paper Shredder Untested

423.Torches And Yard Tools in Bundle

424.Fan And Wall Art With Large Mirror

425.Table Lamp And Decorations In Box

426.Band Hero Drums And Guitar Untested

427.Red Planter Buckets

428.Three Orange Chairs

429.Ceramic Tiles 4" x 4" IN Box And 4" x 2"

430.Bowling Ball In Bag

431.Bird Feeder AND Log Rest

432.Steamer And Vacuum

433.Cast Griddle And Covered Griddle

434.Metal Snowman Decoration 30"

435.Fold Out Rack

436.Buckets And Cooler With Fan

437.Giraffe Rolling Luggage Piece And Weights

438.Large Rectangle Planter, Batting Helmet, Puzzle, Projector, ETC.

439.Flat Of Water Bottles

440.Tee Pee 5' x 5'

441.Twin Oak Bunkbeds

442.Craftsman 6.75 HP Push Mower Untested

443.Garden Trim And Window Screens

444.Mower Tires IN Flat

445.Suzuki Banners In Box

446.Ceiling Fan Extensions IN Flat

447.Spot Light In Pack

448.Two Tool Boxes 20" & 26"

449.Wood Box 15" L x 13" x 7" T

450.White Stool Swivel Top 12" W x 14" T

451.Wood Dividers IN Box

452.Reflectors and Parts In Flat

453.Small Antique Cabinet Door And Drawer 30" T x 24" W x 16" T

454.Power Strip, Scissors, Flashlight

455.Drivers And Flashlight In Flat

456.Basket Of Lincoln Log Toys

457.Tape Measure And Digital Tester

458.Scissors, Utility Knife, ETC. In Flat

459.Insulated Freeze Cap In Box

460.Porcelain Light Fixtures

461.Aluminum Fold Our Wheel Chair Ramp

462.Frosted Wheats Jeff Gordon Box With Misc. Tools And Hardware

463.Red Tub Of Canning Jars

464.Wood Antique Boat Anchor

465.Glassware And Misc. Jugs IN Large Box

466.Antique Lighting And Chair Banding

467.Water Seal Can, Stick Horse, Garden Trim, Umbrella Stand, ETC.

468.Grill Cover In Small Box

469.Antique Estate Pipe In Bag

470.Edger And Garden Weasel

471.Two Folding Chairs

472.Pitch Fork Four Prong

473.Miter Saw Box And Saw

474.Cedar Birdhouse By Homegrown 9" T

475.Cedar Birdhouse By Homegrown 9" T

476.Cedar Birdhouse By Homegrown 9" T

477.Cedar Birdhouse By Homegrown 9" T

478.Golden Eagle Compound Bow

479.Two Birdhouses One Cedar One Composite

480.Sheet Of Magnesium 40" W x 56" T

481.Steel Driven Post Anchor

482.Cedar Birdhouse By Homegrown 9" T

483.Kitchen Utensils In Small Box

484.Zwilling J.A. Henckels 6" Kitchen Knife

485.Wrenches In Flat

486.Pry bar, Tape Measure, Driver, ETC.

487.Dora The Explorer Playset

488.Batman Playset

489.Roll Of Plant Netting

490.Antique Table 40" W x 25" x 30" T

491.Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove 30" x 30"

492.PTO Shaft Please Preview

493.Sandpaper Belts 30" W

494.Wood Ladder 6'

495.Bundle Of Fishing Poles

496.Three Clear Hoses IN Boxes

497.Homegrown Cedar Birdfeeder 12" L

498.Birdhouse With Composite Roof Cedar Wood 10" W

499.Birdhouse With Composite Roof Cedar Wood 10" W

500.Two Cedar Homegrown Birdfeeders In Flat 9" T

501.Cedar Birdfeeder Tin Roof 13" T

502.Decorative Coat Hanger

503.Small Tool Kit In Red Metal Case

504.Decorative Antlers In Flat

505.Black & Decker 5" Bench Grinder

506.Seeder Tool

507.Gambling Hook

508.Carriage Bolts In Flat 1/4" x 20 x 7 40+

509.Carriage Bolts In Flat 1/4" x 20 x 7 40+

510.Carriage Bolts In Flat 1/4" x 20 x 7 40+

511.Riddell Inflatable Insert Helmet

512.Hand tools IN Flat

513.Clear Dust Collecting Hose 10'

514.Clear Dust Collecting Hose 10'

515.Sanding Belt 6" W

516.Industrial ON/Off Switch

517.Sure-Grip 56 Nail Puller

518.Two Hammer And Box

519.Cedar Wrap Standard Mail Box

520.Two Cedar Homegrown Birdfeeders In Flat 14" T & One 10"

521.Classic Postmaster Steel Black Large Mailbox

522.Torches And Hose With Gauges

523.EZ Mail Black Plastic Mailbox

524.Ashcroft Temperature Regulator

525.Moore Pressure Gauge In Flat

526.Wood Childs Rocker And Wood baby Stroller 20" T

527.Box Of Staples Mixed Sized

528.Aquarium Pump And Hoses In Tub

529.Tire Chains

530.Pipe Wrench, Plyers, Wrench In Flat

531.Homegrown Cedar Birdfeeder 12" L

532.Box Of Staples Mixed Sized

533.Staples And Lug nuts In Flat

534.Cord Reel And Misc. tools IN Flat

535.Antique Oil Lamp 21" T

536.Clipboards, Glassware, Doughboy, ETC.

537.Metal Pulleys Or Parts In Small Box

538.Insulators And Misc. Electronics In Blue Tin

539.Monster High Doll And Toys IN Box

540.Sockets And Bits In Flat

541.Box Of Staples Mixed Sized

542.Box Of Staples Mixed Sized

543.Dirt Devil And Misc. In Flat

544.Weed Wacker

545.Torch, Tools, Water Bag, ETC. IN Flat

546.Small Tub Of Hand tools

547.Sears Craftsman Motor With ON/Off Switch

548.Siemens Power Supply In Flat

549.Belts And Fireplace Set

550.Kids Books IN Flat

551.Kids Books Ad Santa Tin With Bulbs In Box

552.Industrial Hardware And Tools In Tub

553.Coupling Large Size 7 1/2" A x 5 1/4"

554.Kids Books IN Small Box

555.Various Metal Pulleys In Flat

556.Tub Of Toys

557.Tub Of Toys

558.Sound master Keyboard

559.Large Outdoor Stove Piece

560.Tub Of Misc. Toys

561.Kids Books IN Small Box

562.Monster High Doll House Needs Assembly

563.Adhesive Letters in Box

564.Lead Crystal Centerpiece Basket 9" W x 6" T

565.Lighthouse Wall Art Piece 16" W x 24" T

566.1995 Longaberger Basket 12" x 5" x 8"

567.2005 Longaberger Christmas Collection Basket With Liner And Protector With Lid 14" x 4" x 9"

568.1995 Divided Longaberger Basket With Double Handles 14" x 9 1/2" x 4 1/2"

569.1999 Dash Away Longaberger Basket With Rail 9" L

570.1999 Longaberger Sled Basket 6" L

571.Large Oversized Longaberger Holiday Basket 13" A x 8" T With Liner And Protector 2000

572.2000 Longaberger Recipe Card Basket With Lid 8" W x 4" T

573.2000 Longaberger Century Basket 8" W With Protector

574.2003 Miniature Longaberger Original Easter Basket With Liner And Protector 6" L

575.2006 Longaberger Shamrock Basket With Liner And Protector 6" A x 3" T

576.AMDRO Rose And Flower Care Two Jugs In Flat

577.AMDRO Rose And Flower Care Three Jugs In Flat

578.Recorders IN Flat

579.Master Force Mini Palm Nailer

580.Cal-Cut 1" DIA. Drill Bit

581.2002 Longaberger Basket With Protector 6" W x 4"

582.Mold Fabric Guard Spray In Flat

583.Troy Bilt Gas Blower Has Compression

584.Open Signs Works But Has Crack In Back

585.Mold Fabric Guard Spray In Flat

586.2001 Green Little Star Basket With Book And Stand By Longaberger ON Stand 8" T x 8" A

587.20001 Green Shining Star Basket On Stand by Longaberger 10" T On Stand x 10" A

588.2001 Hostess Green Shining Star Basket 14 1/2" x 5" T

589.Lionel Train Signal Light 12" T

590.Lionel Train Crane 152 In Box And Empty Collectible Box

591.2004 Longaberger Basket With Liner And Protector 5 1/2" A x 4 1/2" T

592.Box Of Christmas Decorations

593.Panasonic Tower Speaker Set Model 5VHF956 44" T

594.Box Of Assorted 45 Records

595.I Live Bluetooth Dock & Speakers Set

596.McCulloch Chain Saw 14" Bar Needs Repairs In Case

597.Basket f 45 records

598.Box Of 45 records

599.Large Oversized Wood Longaberger Lids (4)

600.Box Of 45 records

601.Boyd's Bearstone Figures In Flat

602.Different Sizes Of Wood Longaberger Lids

603.Different Sizes Of Wood Longaberger Lids

604.Different Sizes Of Wood Longaberger Lids

605.Snowman Boxes, And Boyd's Bear Trees In Flat

606.33 Records In Large Box

607.Various 33 Rock Records One Beatles And Two Elvis Christmas No Sleeves

608.Wrought Iron Star Stand By Longaberger 10" A x 6" T In Box

609.Lawnboy 4-Cycle Push Mower Has Compression

610.Swivel Patio Stool 45" At Back

611.Swivel Patio Stool 45" At Back

612.Swivel Patio Stool 45" At Back

613.1955 Baseball Cards In Sheet

614.1959 Baseball Cards In Sheet

615.1958 Baseball Cards IN Sheet

616.1958 Baseball Cards IN Sheet

617.Nine Vintage hall Of Fame Cards

618.Nine Vintage hall Of Fame Cards

619.Nine Vintage hall Of Fame Cards

620.Nine Vintage hall Of Fame Cards

621.Two Roll UNC Quarters $20 Face Value

622.Coin Collecting Books And Misc. Items In Flat

623.1943 Steel Cents In Sheet (12 IN Sheet)

624.Five Rolls Of Buffalo Nickels ($10.00 Face Value

625.Five Rolls Of Nickels In Flat Jefferson

626.Two Rolls UNC Lincoln Cents 2009-D & P ($1 Face Value)

627.Two Rolls UNC Lincoln Cents 2009-D & P ($1 Face Value)

628.Two Rolls UNC Lincoln Cents 2009-D & P ($1 Face Value)

629.Gold Tone Sacagawea And Presidential Dollars IN Flat Most UNC ($97.00 Face Value)

630.Two Rolls UNC Lincoln Cents 2009-D & P ($1 Face Value)

631.Four Rolls Of UNC Lincoln Head Cents 2 D & 2 P Mint Marks ($2.00 Face Value)

632.Five Rolls Of UNC Lincoln Head Cents 2 D & 2 P Mint Marks ($2.50 Face Value)

633.Four Rolls OF UNC Ocean View Nickels ($8.00 Face Value)

634.Four Rolls OF UNC Ocean View Nickels ($8.00 Face Value)

635.Roll Of Buffalo Nickels IN Bag ($2.00 Face Value)

636.Collection Of Assorted World Coins In Flat

637.Bag Of V And Jefferson Nickels (APPROX $1.50 Face Value)

638.Assorted UNC Coin From Linton Coin Co IN Flat

639.Assorted UNC Coin From Linton Coin Co IN Flat

640.Five Rolls OF UNC Nickels ($10.00 Face Value)

641.Bag Of V And Jefferson Nickels (APPROX $1.50 Face Value)

642.Buffalo, V & Jefferson Nickels In Bag ($1.50 Face Value)

643.Bag Of Three 2 Cent Pieces

644.Buffalo, V & Jefferson Nickels In Bag ($1.50 Face Value)

645.Flat Of Buffalo ,V And Jefferson Nickels ($2.00 Face Value)

646.Lincoln Head Cents IN Flat Some Wheat Pennies Also

647.Flat of Indian head Cents

648.Lincoln Head Cents IN Flat Some Wheat Pennies Also

649.Ten Mercury Dimes IN Bag

650.Ten Mercury Dimes IN Bag

651.Bag Of V And Wooden Nickels In Bag