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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
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Item Description
1.Wormy Chestnut Lumber Approximately 100 board feet. (Pallet)

2.Cherry Lumber Approximately 75 Board Foot, Pallet

3.Ruff Cut Red Oak Board 15" W x 7'

4.Columbia Clipper Antique Bicycle For Repair

5.Cast Metal Red Well Pump Marked Columbiana 3'

6.Antique Hawthorne Bicycle Missing Some Parts For Repair

7.Vintage Tool Trunk With 1890's Tobacco Ads Nailed TO Lid 3' x 20" x 15"

8.Thompson Center Arms Hawken 50 Cal Serial Number 298328 FFL Paperwork Will Need Filled Out

9.Stevens Arms CO Little Scout 14 1/2 .22 LR FFL Paperwork Wil Need Filled Out

10.Remington Arms CO 22 Single Shot Walnut Stock Pat 1902 Serial Number S107706 FFL Paperwork Will Need Filled Out

11.Harrington Richardson Baystate 16GA Single Shot Fno Fore end A885203 FFL Paperwork Wil Need Filled Out

12.Set of Vintage Speakers

13.Antique trunk 24" D x 40" L x 22" T

14.Marble Top Dresser Piece 53" L x 24" W x 27" T

15.Stoneware Crock 14" T x 12" A Marked NO 6

16.Remington 40 S&W 180GR FMJ 50 Centerfire Cartridges

17.Disney's Goofy Landline Phone Untested No Cords

18.Antique Store Display Case 37" x 17" x 13"

19.Early Oil Lamp 7"

20.Early Candle Mold With Handle 10"

21.Stoneware Wax Seal Crock

22.Stoneware Wax Seal Crock

23.Early Candle Mold

24.Stoneware Wax Seal Crock

25.Glass Syrup Container

26.Stoneware Wax Seal Crock

27.Stoneware Wax Seal Crock

28.Early Candle Holder 6" 7" Base

29.Stoneware Wax Seal Crock

30.Pair Of Hog Scrapers

31.Yellow ware Bowl 10" A x 6" T

32.Cream And Sugar Made In England

33.porcelain Pitcher 14" T

34.Stoneware Wax Seal Crock

35.Pair Of Porcelain Basins

36.Stoneware Wax Seal Crock

37.Stoneware Wax Seal Crock

38.Platter On Stand 14" Platter Stand Is 24" T

39.Early Victorian Wall Mirror W Comb Cabinet 24" L x 12" W

40.Early Shelf 12" L x 5" W

41.Glazed Stoneware Bowl 10" x 5"

42.Three Baking Pans

43.Flat of Early Utensils, Cup, Small Tin On Flat

44.Early Helmet Shell

45.Cast Iron Lighthouse Candle Holder 11" T

46.Bow 4'

47.Flambeau Outdoor Hard-shell Case With Foam 13" L x 8" T

48.Bottle Rack 20" T x 16" A

49.Four Early DC Comics In Flat

50.Four Early DC Comics In Flat

51.Four Early DC Comics In Flat

52.Four Early DC Comics In Flat

53.Six Assorted Comics

54.Four Early DC Comics In Flat

55.Marvel Comics In Flat (4)

56.Five Marvel Comics IN Flat

57.Five Marvel Comics IN Flat

58.Crate Of Bottles

59.Lionel Spirit Of '76 New Hampshire Box Car 6-7609 IN Box

60.The Classic By Evans 16" x 9" x 10" Wood Box

61.Lustre-Cr�me Ad On Modern Tin 17" x 12"

62.Sentry Safe Lock Box With Key

63.Sizzlers Juice Machine Toy 6 1/2" x 6"

64.Brooks And Dunn Mini Black horn Case Knife In Pack

65.Gerber Essentials Mini FAST Draw

66.Towlka Fish Knife Two Blade

67.Blue Jar, Insulator

68.Federal Multi-Purpose 12GA 3 DRAM 1 1/8 OZ 7 1/2 Shot 25 Shells

69.American Eagle .22 Call LR 38GR CP-HP 40 Cartridges

70.American Eagle .22 Call LR 38GR CP-HP 40 Cartridges

71.Franklin Mint Magnolia GAS pump Knife

72.PPU Ammunition JHP 11,7 g/180gr 10mm Auto 50 Cartridges

73.Federal Multi-Purpose 12GA 3 DRAM 1 1/8 OZ 7 1/2 Shot 25 Shells

74.Winchester Deer Season 308 WIN 150GR Extreme Point 20 Shells

75.Federal 270 WIN 130 GR Soft Point 20 Shells

76.SUPER X Winchester Rifles Slugs 12GA 2 3/4" 1oz.

77.Federal power SHOK 12GA rifles Slugs 5 Shells

78.Winchester PDX1 Defender 40 S & W 180 GR BJHP 20 Shells

79.Remington 45 Automatic 230 GR MC 50 Centerfire Cartridges

80.PPU Ammunition 40 S & W FPJ 10,7g/165gr 50 Cartridges

81.Remington 25-06 120GR Core-Lokt PSP 20 Cartridges

82.Belt Clip Of 257 Roberts 9 Rounds

83.White Eagle Franklin Mint Pocket Knife In Soft Case

84.Remington Express 12GA 2 3/4 7 1/2" 25 Shot Shells

85.Winchester Super X 32-20 Win 100GR 50 Rounds

86.Three Advertising Lighters

87.Sterling Silver Knife Sharpener 13" L

88.Western Super X 357 H. & H. Magnum 270 GR 20 Cartridges

89.Sharpener. Carver, ETC. In Flat

90.John Wayne 32-40 165gr. S.P. 20 Rifle Cartridges

91.Grandmas Stove Sugar bowl With Salt And Pepper Shakers

92.Winchester .30 Army Full Patch 20 Rounds

93.Liberty Civil Defense 380 AUTO 50 GR 1500FPS 25 Rounds

94.Fiocchi Ammunition 9mm Makarov 50 Rounds

95.Remington 30 Carbine 110gr Metal Case

96.25 Rounds Of 9mm Largo FMJ

97.Federal 45 Auto 230gr FMJ RN 50 Cartridges

98.Winchester Super X 32 Win 170GR Power Point (S.P.) 50 Rounds

99.1991 Silver American Eagle One Once Silver Bullion Coin

100.CCI 22LR 40GR 50 Cartridges

101.CCI 22LR 40GR 50 Cartridges

102.Set of Four Harley Hog Pins

103.Peacock Pocket Warmer, Spoon, Bulbs, Coke Cola Figure IN Flat

104.Coin Collector Books

105.Instrument Candle Holders

106.The Quilter's Cabin Plate 8"

107.New London Grist Mill

108.Quilted Winter's End Plate 8"

109.Two Collectible Emmet Kelly Plates

110.Red Skeleton Freddie's Adventure's Plate 8"

111.MTM Case 808 11" x 14"

112.Bow 4'

113.Emmett Kelly Figure in Box

114.Harley Davidson Hog Pin

115.Harley Davidson Hog Pin

116.Harley Davidson Hog Pin

117.Harley Davidson Hog Pin

118.Vintage School Desk Two Piece

119.Vintage Milk Can 24" T

120.Ball Ideal Hanging Jars

121.Two Pint Deposit Milk Bottles

122.Silvertone HI-FI Turntable

123.Porcelain Insulator

124.Wood Quilt Rack

125.Two Chairs 34" T

126.Two Chairs 34" T

127.Banana Plate, Tins, ETC.

128.Frames, Jar, ETC. IN Small Box.

129.Bag Of Fiberglass INsulationR4.2

130.Small Table 30" T With Little Wood Shelf

131.Cake Saver, Chaffing Dish

132.Pear Book Ends

133.Box Of Ornaments

134.Smith-Corona Typewriter

135.Blue Table 17" x 24" T x 16" Top

136.Kids Desk 21" x 16" x 24" T

137.Wood Desk 40" L x 18" X 31" T

138.Galvanized Bucket With Handle

139.Wood Trunk 3' x 14" x 12"

140.Fiber optic Poinsettias In Flat

141.Small Table 17" T With Platter 14" A

142.Towels Bulbs Ornaments Candles In Small Box

143.Christmas Rugs

144.Box Of Ribbon

145.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

146.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

147.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

148.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

149.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

150.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

151.Table Mats And Runners IN Box

152.Table Mats And Runners IN Box

153.Box Of Ribbon

154.Franciscan Cups And Misc. Glassware

155.Cookbooks IN Flat

156.Playskool Vintage Toy

157.Ceramic Bust 15" T

158.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

159.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

160.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

161.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

162.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

163.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

164.Flatware set NIP 12 Pieces

165.Silver-plated Candelabra In Flat

166.Various Silver-plated Items IN Flat

167.Cape Cod Glassware In Flat

168.Cape Cod Glassware In Flat

169.Cape Cod Glassware In Flat

170.Plastic Tote

171.Collection of Orchestra And Swing Records Various Sizes

172.Box Of Small Crafting Supplies

173.Cape Cod Glassware In Flat

174.Wax Tress And Village Pieces In Box

175.Purple Glassware IN Box

176.Cape Cod Glassware In Flat

177.Vintage Little Miss traveler Case 12"

178.Red SUN Lantern 12" T

179.Stokley Dairy NEWPORT, TENN

180.Two Pint Deposit Milk Bottles

181.IDEAL Velvet Doll In Box

182.Wood Box, With Mini Broom And Mop

183.Punch Cups, Plates, ETC.

184.Gold Lighted TREE In Box 24"

185.Santa Mugs AND Cookie

186.Box Of misc. Christmas Items And Decorative Bowl

187.Three Windows For Crafting

188.Singer Sewing Machine

189.Singer Sewing Machine

190.Sterling St Christopher Pendant

191.Sterling Prying Hands Pendant

192.Sterling St Christopher Pendant

193.Sterling MAUI Pendant

194.Sterling St Christopher Pendant

195.Sterling Silver Marshall Pendant

196.Sterling Silver Eagle Pendant

197.Sterling Silver Cross Pendant

198.Sterling Silver 1906 Seated Dime

199.Sterling Silver Peace Charm

200.Sterling Silver Boot Charm

201.Sterling Pendant With Blue Stone And "K" Initial

202.Collectible Sports Pendants

203.Sterling Ring Size 8

204.Sterling Size 6 Ring

205.Sterling Bracelet

206.Sterling Cord Necklace

207.Sterling Ring Size 6 Green Stone

208.Sterling Adjustable Ring

209.Sterling Necklace

210.Sterling Bracelet

211.Sterling Angel Necklace 16"

212.Sterling Necklace

213.Sterling Pendant With Interchangeable Stones

214.Bag Of Unmarked Gold Chains

215.14KGF Ring Size 10

216.Sterling Ring Size 6 Green Stone

217.Sterling Hoop Earring

218.Sterling Bracelet

219.Sterling Earrings

220.Sterling Ring Size 7

221.Sterling Earrings

222.Sterling Charm Round

223.Sterling Necklace

224.Sterling Size 6 1/2 Ring

225.14KTTGE Men's Size 9 Ring

226.Sterling Size 8 Ring

227.Sterling Size 8 Ring

228.Sterling Ring Size 7

229.Sterling Pandora Beads

230.Sterling Earrings, Pendant, bracelet

231.Sterling Ring Size 6 Green Stone

232.Sterling Pendant

233.Sterling Ring 7 3/4"

234.Angel Wing Cross, Dagger Skull Pendant With Opal Style Rings And 10KT GF Cross

235.German Silver Buckle And Coin Purse ETC.

236.1838 Liberty Head Eagle Replica

237.14K Gold Plated

238.BRASS JHC Heart Necklace With CZ's

239.Bag of Ladies Wrist Watches Including Mickey Watch

240.Bag of Small Collectible Pins And Pendants

241.Bag Of Collectible Tokens

242.Box Of Red And Gold Bulbs

243.Box Of Assorted Christmas Decorations

244.Christmas Rugs

245.Christmas Hat Box With Decorations

246.Wreath And Snowman Head Topper

247.SCHLAGE Front Entry Handle set

248.Oval Bubble Glass Frame

249.Books And Movies

250.Bundle Of Curtin Rods

251.Food Service Scale Works

252.Vintage Glass Canisters in Flat

253.Early Newspapers In Flat

254.Clear Glass Plates

255.Clear Glass Candle Holders In Box

256.Heirloom Prayer Shaw In Flat

257.White Dresser 40" W x 40" T

258.Pair Of Table Lamps 19" T

259.Dresser 50" x 35" x 19" D

260.Early Cabinet 35" W x 70" T Does Lean

261.Floor Lamp 6'

262.Dresser 50" T x 30" W x 14" D

263.Wood Box 3' W x 12" x 27" T

264.Glass End Table 14" Top 30" T

265.Small End Table 24" x 20" x 14"

266.Divided Wood Box 3' x 8"

267.Brown Lift Chair

268.Envocare Wheel Chair

269.White Chair 34" T

270.White Table 15" x 22" x 26" T

271.White Dresser 34" x 18" x 44" T

272.Wood Shelf 5' L

273.Antique Fire Extinguisher 24"

274.Metal Fuel Can 5 Gallon

275.Bowman-Chicago Metal Can 17"

276.Cream Dispenser 25"

277.Metal 2 Gallon Gas Can

278.Metal Milk Can 24"

279.Crescent Cast Iron Mini Stove Piece 9" W x 6 1/2" T

280.Titleist Dead Center 34" Putter

281.Wilson Ultra Driver 40" L

282.Bag Of Golf Clubs

283.Cream Can With Lid 14" T

284.Browns Club Covers In Flat

285.Golf Club Set

286.Ratcheting Wrench Tool

287.Odyssey Golf Putter

288.Blowtorch Tool

289.Metal Gas Can One Gallon

290.Enamel Galvanized Coffee Pot

291.Metal Shoe Last 12" T

292.Blowtorch Tool

293.Metal One Gallon Gas Can

294.Magnifier Tool

295.Vintage Can With Li 10" x 5" T

296.Pilot Radio Table Top Untested

297.Two Power Boxes

298.Antique tricycle

299.Perfection Metal Heater

300.Perfection Metal Heater

301.Miniature Cream Can 12"

302.Bell, Iron, Coffee Pot

303.Stanley Bow Saw Blade 30"

304.Copper Bowls, Speaker, Guitar Game, ETC.

305.Walnut and Hard Maple Pallet Of Lumber 200+ board Feet.

306.Mixed Pallet Of Hardwood Lumber 250+ Board Feet.

307.Mixed Pallet Of Hardwood Lumber

308.Ruff Cut Red Oak 15" x 7'

309.Ruff Cut Red Oak 13" x 7'

310.Ruff Cut Red Oak 18" x 7'

311.Skil, Ryobi, Misc. Tools Untested

312.Skil, Ryobi, Misc. Tools Untested

313.Skil, Ryobi, Misc. Tools Untested

314.Misc. Batteries And Chargers

315.Penn Scale Philadelphia Cast Scale 20" L x 7" T

316.Ozark Cast Iron Bean Pot With Handle 10" A

317.Collection of records Various Artist

318.Large Metal Pulley With Hook

319.Exit Light IN Box

320.Beatles Records In Flat

321.The Frost Rock And Roll Music Record

322.Collection of records Various Artist

323.Collection of records Various Artist

324.Collection of records Various Artist

325.Collection of records Various Artist

326.WW2 Grave Marker 7"

327.Collection of records Various Artist

328.Collection of records Various Artist

329.Collection of records Various Artist

330.Collection of records Various Artist

331.Collection of records Various Artist

332.Collection of records Various Artist

333.Collection of records Various Artist

334.Schlitz Beer Bottle Flashlight

335.Collection of records Various Artist

336.Collection of records Various Artist

337.Cabbage Patch Doll In Box

338.Cabbage Patch Dolls In Box

339.Storage Truck 34" L x 20" x 23"

340.Collection of records Various Artist

341.Collection of records Various Artist

342.Green Carpenters Tool Box 34" x 16" x 8"

343.Collection of records Various Artist

344.Film Projector, Metal Scoop, Iron, IN Green Crate

345.Tote With Cabbage Patch Dolls With Fur Coats

346.Collection of records Various Artist

347.Wood Crate, Coleman Propane Grill

348.Collection of records Various Artist

349.Collection of records Various Artist

350.Collection of records Various Artist

351.Collection of records Various Artist

352.Collection of records Various Artist

353.Collection of records Various Artist

354.Collection of records Various Artist

355.Collection of records Various Artist

356.The Allman Brothers Band "Brothers And Sisters" 33 record

357.Flat of Vintage Post Cards

358.Pre-lit Tree 32"

359.Windows For Crafting 24" x 20"

360.36CT Glass Ornaments in Box

361.36CT Glass Ornaments in Box

362.Ohio State Touch Lamp 24" T

363.Three Packs Of 50 LED Lights

364.Plastic Ornaments and Horses

365.Stainless Steel Trash Bin

366.Tin and Cookie Tin In Box

367.Clear Glassware in Box

368.Tub Of Ornaments

369.Tub Of Ornaments

370.Tub Of Ornaments

371.Flat of Jeans Sizes Two Pair Of 33x32, & 32x33

372.Box Of Christmas Decorations

373.Remington Arms Co 20 GA. 2 3/4 or Shorter Shells Modified Choke Barrel

374.Remington Arms Co 20 GA. For 3" Shells Vent Rib Full Choke Barrel

375.Wood Box 40" L x 6" D x 4" T

376.Sterilite Container 24" T x 10" W x 16" D

377.Sterilite Container 24" T x 10" W x 16" D

378.Sterilite Container 24" T x 10" W x 16" D

379.Bucket Of Christmas Lights

380.Nova 7B Realistic Speaker Set

381.Wood Stool 29" T

382.Large Safety Pin Wall Art 24" & 20"

383.Silky Full Body Massage Mat Untested

384.The Fisher XP 55B Speaker Set Untested

385.Realistic MC-1000 Speaker Set untested

386.Precious Moments Music Box And Figure

387.Decorative Room Rocks

388.Books And Folders IN Box

389.Tub Of Christmas Decorations

390.Lighted Garland Strands

391.Tub Of Christmas Decorations

392.Small Flat OF Crafting Supplies

393.Box Of White Glassware And Misc. Figures

394.Casserole Dishes With Lids

395.GE Automatic Can Opener

396.Two Paperweights With Polished Pontil

397.Peach Glassware With Candy Jars, ETC.

398.Collection of records Various Artist

399.Creedence Clear Water 33 Record

400.Relpo K860 Head Vase 6 1/2"

401.Pig Figures, Coffee Mugs, Bird Figure, ETC.

402.Tree Skirt, Napkin Holder, Glassware, ETC.

403.Flat of Brass Door Knob Pulls

404.Magazine Bundles, Stool, ETC. In Large Box

405.Porcelain Handles And Brass Pulls

406.Knocker, Knobs In Flat

407.1990 Longaberger Basket With Leather handle 7" W x 4"

408.2000 Longaberger Basket 4" x 3"

409.Metal Step Stool

410.1996 Longaberger Basket 4" x 2"

411.Animal Skull

412.Two Coke Cola Prints 28" x 22"

413.Small Flat of Tools Plyers

414.Small Flat of Tools Wrenches

415.Fall Wreaths Plate Rack

416.Spring Pillows Heart Wreath, ETC.

417.Globe By George F. Cram 12" Globe

418.Globe By George F. Cram 12" Globe

419.Antique Ballot Box 21 1/2" x 10 1/2" Square

420.Antique Ballot Box 21 1/2" x 10 1/2" Square

421.Four Elvis Records

422.Two The Monkees Records

423.Elvis The Other Sides Golden Hits Records

424.Four Elvis Records

425.Bob Seger Records 4 IN Stack

426.Set of Ski's With Poles

427.Wood Cigar Boxes in Small Box

428.Wreath, Flag, Wall Plaque

429.Misc. Records And Collector Cards In Binder

430.Four Wheaties Boxes With REDS And T-ball Bat

431.Amber Glass Button And Bow Boot 6" L

432.Balloons, Candles, Mini Crock, Blender, ETC.

433.Cream Cow, Camel Koozie, Vase, Glasses, ETC.

434.Embalming Diplomas And Wall Art Pieces

435.Paul Masson Champagne Mirror 16" x 20"

436.Quilt Parts And Bedspread IN Box

437.Ghost Cookie Jar With Cat Cookie Jar And Pitcher And Basin

438.Two Early Native American books

439.Wire Vanity Seat

440.Wood Plantstand 3"

441.Velvet Elvis Wall Art Piece 16" x 20"

442.HOP, ROY & GENE 16" x 20" Framed Print

443.Two Pieces Of Wall Art Large Size

444.Paperback Books, Framed Wall Art, ETC.

445.Antique three Tiered Table 4' W x 30" T

446.Printed Canvas 28" x 40" L

447.Velvet Painting 28" x 40"

448.Great Lakes Brewery Sign 17" W x 22" L

449.Great Lakes Brewery Sign 17" W x 22" L

450.Great Lakes Brewery Sign 17" W x 22" L

451.Great Lakes Brewery Sign 17" W x 22" L

452.Great Lakes Brewery Sign 17" W x 22" L

453.VHS Player, Wreath, ETC.

454.Set of Epicure Speakers Vintage Untested

455.Two Piece China Cabinet

456.Twin Size Bed

457.Two Tables One Metal One Wood

458.French Proventil Vanity Desk And Chair

459.Wire Shoe Rack

460.Foam Duck Decoy

461.Deer Antlers Wall Art Piece

462.Window Fan And Other Misc. Fan

463.Pinky And Blue box Wall Art With Misc. Frames And Assorted Wall Art

464.Two Packing Blankets

465.Faux Penguin 16" T

466.Faux Vulture 16" T

467.Stuffed Pheasant 12" T x 24"

468.White Table Lamp

469.Fan, Microwave Stand, ETC.

470.HP Printer In box Untested

471.Kodak Camera In Flat With Minolta 35mm

472.DVD Selection

473.DuPont Jeff Gordon Hauler

474.DuPont Jeff Gordon Hauler

475.Rusty Wallace

476.Evernham NO 9/19 Hauler

477.Bobby Labonte Hauler in Box

478.Valvoline Thunderbird Model 1/25 Scale NIP

479.Chad Little John Deere Model Car 1/25 Scale

480.Kodak 5.0 Digital Camera

481.Trailer Jack

482.Tough Box Carrying Bin With Content

483.Action Leathercraft Tool Belt

484.Vintage John Deere 2 Cyl. Draw Bar Swing Eyelet For Plows

485.Reese Fas-Lock Zink Coupler

486.Lot of Foam Tape

487.Erickson Strap

488.Erickson Strap

489.LuMax DrainMaster 15 Qt.

490.Green Metal Coppola Roof 24" Across

491.Blue Metal Coppola Roof 26" Across

492.Six Pieces of Metal Roofing 25" Wide Various Lengths Great For Crafts

493.Older Ford 15" F-150 Wheel And Tire

494.1999-05 Ford F-450-550 19.5 Tire And Wheel

495.Set of Four Caterpillar Skid Steer Tire 12-16.6 NHS

496.Napa Part HL6663 With Pad Lock And Key

497.O Ring Kit In Case

498.Propane Tank 15lb

499.Gingerbread Toggle Figures With Lighted House

500.Silver Plate Christmas Trivets And Initial Trinket Box

501.Gingerbread Measuring Spoons On Hanger 14" L

502.Gingerbread Man Cake Saver With Glass Base

503.Plush Gingerbread Doll With Ornaments

504.Gingerbread Man Centerpiece Basket With Two Plush Gingerbread Dolls

505.Pair Of Gingerbread Plush Dolls 12" T

506.Gingerbread Men Napkin Rings, Pillow And Ornaments In Small Flat

507.Two Plush Gingerbread Men Heads 10" With Ornament

508.Gingerbread Man Pip Wreath And 12" Wreath

509.Pair Of Gingerbread Plush Dolls 20" T

510.Wood Gingerbread Man Wall Hanger And Checkered Table Runner 3'

511.Wood Gingerbread Man Figure And Gingerbread Man On Grater

512.Pair Of Gingerbread Man Dolls 12"

513.Gingerbread Man Jar With Ornaments In Small Flat

514.Gingerbread Man Cut Painted Cut Board And Cookie Mold

515.Zane Grey Novels 74 Volume Set 1960's