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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1257)Collectibles, Guns, Ammo, Fishing, Furniture, Musical Instruments, Fender Amp, Franciscan, Hunting, Tools, Household, Box Lots and more. - Tuesday January 15th 8:00pm EST

Item Description
1.Cobalt 31" Tall Glass Vase

2.Stihl 009 Electronic Quick Stop Untested Has Compression

3.Schwinn Blue Cruiser Bike 26"

4.Noritake Azalea Dishes And Clear Tub

5.Carhartt Overalls Quilt Lined 40x36 Quarter Zip Leg New With Tags

6.Antique Bell & Howell 70-DR 16mm Movie Camera IN Case Untested Appears To be In Great Shape

7.Brass Hose Nozzle 12" L

8.Leather Folsom Audley Holster And Ammo Belt By H.M. Heiser

9.Adirondack Style Patio Chair 31" W x 36" T

10.Adirondack Style Patio Chair 31" W x 36" T

11.Oak Quarter sawn Desk 38" W x 36" x 27"

12.Tree Lounger Stand

13.Thompson Center Arms Thunderhawk .50Cal Muzzle Loader With Tasco 2.5x20 Scope Serial Number 26453

14.Fender Baseman 200 540 Watt Amplifier Untested

15.Marlon Firearms Co Glenfield Model 75 .22 Semi Auto Rifle With bushnell 4x32 Scope Serial Number 72297211 FFL Paperwork Will Need Filled Out

16.Oak China Cabinet 56" W x 76" T x 16" D

17.Nacho Machine Untested 23" T x 15" x 12"

18.Enterprise Lard Press

19.Madame Alexander 2235 Goy Porcelain Doll In box 24" T

20.Nailsea Cameo Compote Made In Italy 12" T

21.Pair Of Velvet Top Hats

22.Miller Beer Stein

23.Generator Plug

24.X-Ray 1968 Yearbook

25.X-Ray 1970 Yearbook

26.Anheuser Busch Beer Stein 07338

27.1961 Toledo Scale Corp Table Top Scale

28.1950's Malta Doll In Bag

29.1994 Dolphins Hauler By Matchbox IN Package

30.Fenton Cobalt Glass Ornament 2005 In Box

31.Fairbanks Small Scale

32.Insulated Knights Helmet Ice Bucket

33.Irwin C clamp 7"

34.Art glass Ewer With Gold 12" T

35.Irwin C clamp 7"

36.Irwin C clamp 7"

37.Doral Zippo Lighter In Box

38.Silver Gong Room Bell

39.Tin Type Photos In Bag

40.Opalescent Yellow Hobnail Dish

41.Green Fenton Stretch Hobnail Vase 11" T

42.Esso Toy Tanker Truck IN Box

43.Mobil 1996 Toy Truck IN Box

44.Flat of Stamps

45.LE Smith Pink Cream And Sugar Set IN Box

46.Green Tumblers In Flat

47.LE Smith Pink Cream And Sugar Set IN Box

48.LE Smith Pink Cream And Sugar Set IN Box

49.Green Juice Glasses In Flat

50.Art Glass Yellow Basket 7 1/2" T x 5" A

51.LE Smith Pink Cream And Sugar Set IN Box

52.Green Anchor Hocking Pouring Bowl 7 1/2" T

53.Sage Green Hobnail Covered Dish 7" x 4"

54.Glass Heart Shaped Covered Dish 7 1/"

55.Viking Cobalt Covered Dish 3 Toed Dish 7" x 4"

56.Bull Fighter And Bull Resin Art Bull 20" L Fighter 18" T Marked 1968 Universal Statue Co

57.Art Glass Bowl 13 1/2" x 5"

58.Pair Of Sage Green Hobnail Ribbon Edge Vases In Flat

59.Soligor No T362659 Camera Lens

60.Sage Green Hobnail Covered Dish 7" x 4"

61.Crystal Salts And Master Salts

62.Advertising Banks In Flat

63.Formula 5 MC 200mm F3.5 Lens

64.Mikasa Italian Countryside Amethyst Pitcher New In Box

65.Mikasa Italian Countryside Amethyst Juice Glasses New In Box

66.Insta Juicer And Juice King In Flat

67.Lifelike Box Cars S/D Both In Boxes In Small Flat

68.Ceramic Wildlife Wreath 18"

69.Neon Green Divided Covered Dish 7" A x 5" T

70.Small Coin Bank 4" T x 3" W

71.Sage Green Hobnail Fairy Lamp, Toothpick Holder And Small Bud Vase In Flat

72.Ray Harm Raccoon Wall Art Piece 22 1/2" x 26 1/2"

73.Three Black Memorabilia Post Cards

74.Athearn 4775 O/L GP60 N.S Engine No 4634 in Box

75.Sage Green Hobnail Boot 5 1/2" L

76.Cobalt Hobnail Boot 5 1/2" L

77.Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench 3/8" Drive In Case

78.Sage Green Hobnail Boot 5 1/2" L

79.Pair Of "Bottoms Up" Shot Glasses In Flat

80.Fairy Lamps, Vases, Stretch Vase All Red Glassware In Flat

81.Cobalt Covered Dish And Candle Holder With Plate

82.Cobalt Sugar Bowl And Divided Dish All In Flat

83.Three Packs Of Opera Lights

84.Green Army Jacket Medium

85.Green Depression Style Cups In Flat

86.Six Green Depression Style Cups In Flat

87.Red Tumblers In Flat

88.Green Square Cups In Flat

89.Madame Alexander 2230 Agatha Porcelain Doll In box 24" T

90.Four Packs Of Dept. 56 Village Accessories In Flat

91.Green Hazel Atlas Glassware In Flat

92.PS2 Games In Flat

93.Pair Of Aladdin Stainless Tumblers In Flat

94.Memorex DVD+R 25PK's IN Flat (2)

95.Industrial Scale With Weights

96.Montgomery Wards Industrial Scale With Weights

97.Memorex DVD+R 25PK's IN Flat (2)

98.Memorex DVD+R 25PK's IN Flat (2)

99.Wall Art Metal Shield With Glass Horn Vase 18"

100.Wall Art Metal Shield With Glass Horn Vase 18"

101.Red Cups And Small Plates In Flat

102.Square Red Cups And Saucers In Flat

103.Tall Green Vase With Peacock Feathers

104.Ruby Stemware In Flat

105.Soda Stream Bottles

106.Soda Stream Bottles

107.Train Engine In Flat Untested

108.HO Scale Train Pollock IN Flat

109.Two Train Cars IN Flat

110.Glass Platter With Plate Both Red And Green Frosted Bowl

111.Pair Of Decorative Wall Art Shelves 12" L

112.Round And Square Red Glassware With Cream And Sugar Set

113.Red Small Berry Bowls IN Flat

114.Sage Green Boot 5 1/2" Marked Fenton

115.Flat of Green Depression Style Glassware

116.Flat of Green Depression Style Glassware

117.Flat of Green Depression Style Glassware

118.Flat of Green Depression Style Glassware

119.Red Anchor Hocking Glassware

120.Set of 8 10" Depression Divided Plates

121.Green Depression Plates Two Sizes

122.Green Depression Glassware In Box

123.Yellow Depression Style Plates 6" & 8"

124.Green Candle Sticks, Plates, Stemware, ETC.

125.Green Depression Plates In Box

126.Snow Village "All Saints" Piece In Box Dept. 56

127.Dept. 56 Village Pieces In Flat

128.Green Depression Style Glassware In Flat

129.Green Depression Style Glassware In Flat

130.Dept. 56 Village Pieces In Flat

131.Stoneware Platter 12"

132.Dept. 56 Village Pieces In Flat

133.Dept. 56 Village Pieces In Flat

134.Dept. 56 Village Pieces In Flat

135.Cobalt Plates, Blue Bowl And Green Cream And Sugar Set In Flat

136.Ruby Square Plates

137.Anchor Hocking Berry Bowls In Flat

138.Green Square Plates IN Flat

139.Snow Village North creek Cottage Dept. 56 House In Box

140.Pfaltzgraff Carmel Swirl Dishes In Clear Tub

141.Green Glass Snack Plate With Handle 6"

142.Green Square Bowls IN Flat

143.Metal File Drawer 24" L x 12" x 10"

144.Antique Collector Manuals And Booklets

145.Metal File Drawer 24" L x 12" x 10"

146.Bucket, Tennis Ball Can, And Smurf Puppet

147.Collecting Booklets in Flat

148.Geisha Robe And Shoes

149.Metal File Drawer 24" L x 12" x 10"

150.Collecting Booklets in Flat

151.Collecting Booklets in Flat

152.Collecting Booklets in Flat

153.Collecting Booklets in Flat

154.Two Air Purifiers In Flat

155.Snowbabies And Ohio State Mug with Plates In Flat

156.TY Purple Princess Beanie Baby Made in China

157.Carolina Women's Oxford Size 6 1/2 M Steel Toed Shoe In Box New

158.Tripod IN Bag Adjustable Height

159.Ohio Lottery Light 12" x 24"

160.Green Depression Sherbet Cups In Flat

161.Green Depression Sherbet Cups In Flat

162.Trimax Tripod Adjustable

163.Step Stool

164.2005 National Rodeo Finals Belt buckle

165.1998 NRF Belt buckle

166.2006 NRF Belt buckle

167.2001 NRF Belt buckle

168.2011 NRF Belt buckle

169.2004 NRF Belt buckle

170.2005 NRF Belt buckle

171.2006 NRF Belt buckle

172.2003 NRF Belt buckle

173.2003 NRF Belt buckle

174.1993 NRF Belt buckle

175.1996 NRF Belt buckle

176.2002 NRF Belt buckle

177.1996 NRF Belt buckle

178.2002 NRF Belt buckle

179.2000 NRF Belt buckle And Toy Car In Box

180.Stanley 22" Plastic Tool Box

181.Stoneware Bottle 11" T

182.Cast Sad Iron

183.Camo Seat Cover

184.Stoneware Crock 8"

185.Rubbermaid 5 Gallon Drink Cooler

186.Coal Bucket With handles

187.American Made Nakoma Baseball Glove AMG 1175-CW

188.Scrade Walden Three Blade Pocket Knife

189.Bunny Basket, Clear Bottles, And USA Jar

190.Decorative Mirrored Wall Art Four Pieces One Is Clock

191.Enamel Hanging Light 19" A x 14" T

192.Rawling RBG 7 Baseball Glove

193.Rawlings Adirondack Big Stick Softball Bat

194.Easton 2 1/4" 26oz 32" Softball Bat

195.Antique No 308 Corn Seeder

196.Crate Of Various Pieces of Glassware Some May Have Damage

197.Rubbermaid 10 Gallon Cooler

198.Glass Soda Water Bottle

199.Green Kendrick Bottle

200.Rebel Ant Kids Suitcase

201.Metal Basketball Hoop

202.Rubbermaid 10 Gallon Cooler

203.Small White End table Piece On Legs

204.Glass Bottles And Plastic Crate

205.Cast Sad Iron On Base

206.Three Retro Thermoses In Flat

207.Walt Disney Vintage School Bus Lunchbox

208.Gunsmoke Antique Thermos

209.Walt Disney World Vintage Lunchbox

210.Evel Knievel Lunchbox

211.Various Pieces Of Glassware In Plastic Crate May have Slight Damage

212.Glass Collectible Bottles in Flat

213.Dodge Ram Hood Ornament

214.Packard Hook Ornament

215.Bulova Wrist Watch For Repair

216.Hawkbill Knife IN Bag

217.Collection Of Bird Figures IN Box

218.Headphone, Plush Animals, Stereo Untested, And Smalls In Box

219.Vintage Eyeglasses In Case

220.Ikea Candle Votives In Flat

221.Popcorn Tin, Accessory Bags, Vase, ETC. IN Box

222.Telescope, Antenna And Misc. Electronics IN Small Box

223.Da Hobie Cat Skateboard

224.Singletree 40"

225.Wood And Metal School Desk 28" T x 26" W

226.Aristocrat 52" Celling Fan Appears To be New In box

227.Fathers Of Baseball $5 Dollar Albert Spalding Coin

228.Pair Of Matching Men's And Ladies Geneva Watches in bag

229.Gray Canvas Grill Cover 65"

230.Small Metal Patio Side Table And Wood Drying Rack

231.Pencil Tree 6'

232.Wilson Golf Bag Carrier

233.Candle Holders, Household Decorations, ETC.

234.Bolt Cutter And Loppers

235.Fireplace Set With Extra Brush

236.Thompson/Center Shock Wave .50 Cal 200GR 15 Rounds

237.Thompson/Center Shock Wave .50 Cal 200GR 15 Rounds

238.Hodgdon Pyrodex 50/50 Pellets IN Box

239.Pellets And Copper .50 Bullet, ETC In Flat

240.Planter Bucket, Soil, Knee Rest, ETC.

241.Tasco Mount Books, Patches, ETC.

242.Shotgun Shells 12GA

243.Flat of Reloading Material

244.Salvo Game Load 12 GA 2 3/4 6 Shot 25 Shells In Box

245.Amshot Active 3 Shot 12 GA 21 Shells In Box

246.Federal 12GA 1 1/4 2oz Shells 25 In Box

247.Winchester 12GA 2 3/4 4 Shot 25 Shells In Box

248.Remington 12GA 2 3/4 1 1/4 6 Shot 25 Shells In Flat

249.Federal Game Load Shells In Flat

250.Winchester 12GA 2 3/4 2 Shot

251.Winchester 12GA 2 3/4 6 Shot 6 Shells

252.Active 4oz 1 3/4 6 Shot 12 GA 6 IN Box

253.Basket With Two Afghans

254.Gun Locks And Powder In Flat

255.Charbroil Outdoor Patio Grill With Tank

256.Wood Gun Cabinet No Ket 6' T x 26" W x 18" D

257.Coffee Table 50" L x 17" T x 21" D

258.Side Table 21" x 24" x 22" T (Matches Number 257)

259.Side Table 21" x 24" x 22" T (Matches Number 257)

260.Patio Table 24" Top x 28" T

261.Mid-Century Style Vanity 44" x 22" x 30" T

262.Wood Ladder 4 1/2'

263.Wood File Cabinet 24" T x 15" x 20"

264.Wood TV Tables

265.Tree Stand

266.Scotts Standard Seed Spreader

267.Multi- Colored Love Seat

268.Stihl Weed Trimmer And Gas Can Has Compression

269.Book Shelf 42" x 43" x 15" D

270.Wine Rack 3' x 3' Top Opens Out 58"

271.Deep Freeze Chest Style 4' Freezer Untested

272.Fire pit With Cover 30" x 36"

273.Deer Antler On Plaque With Tag

274.Old Ironsides Gas Can

275.Propane Tank

276.Fold Out Canopy 8'x 10'

277.Taxidermy Pike Head

278.Brown Patio Chair 36" At Back

279.Brown Patio Chair 36" At Back

280.Orange Cord On Reel

281.Foam 3' x 24" Target

282.Pop Up Blind

283.Wood Calendar

284.Tools And Misc. Hand tools In Flat

285.Clothes Hamper With Two Pillows

286.Fishing Ornaments

287.Bulova Anniversary Clock In box

288.Koozies, Basket, Ice Bucket, etc.

289.Two Levels And One Saw

290.Box Of Assorted books

291.Longaberger Basket 8" T x 7" A

292.Longaberger Basket With Liner 7" x 4"

293.Longaberger Basket With Liner 7" x 4"

294.Crystal Decanter Marked West Germany With Stopper

295.Sea Captain Mershman Estate Pipe

296.Viking Mershman Estate Pipe

297.Stembiter Estate Pipe

298.Men's Bulvoa Wrist Watch

299.1966 Special US Mint Set

300.Indian Head Cent Book

301.Model 55 Shanghai China Pellet Rifle .22 cal.

302.Blenko Crackle Glass Bottle 6"

303.Red Book Of Postcards/Stamps

304.HP 2000 Notebook PC Powers Up Password Protected

305.Antique Dresser With Mirror 46" W x 69" T x 18" D

306.Collection of 18 $2 Dollar Bills

307.Two Red Seal $2 Dollar Bills

308.Five Silver Certificates in Small Bag

309.Antique Chest Of Drawers 34" W x 43" T x 18" D

310.HP Stream 7 Mini Tablet Powers UP

311.Lincoln Head Cent Books One With .41 Cents Other Missing Two Cents

312.Antique Bed 58" W

313.Sony Model KVL60EX645 60" Flat LCD TV With Remote

314.Dresser 58" W x 47" T With Mirror 3' T x 46" W

315.Chest Of Drawers 40" W x 54" T x 18" D

316.Normandy Clarinets

317.Brass Touch Lamp 22" T

318.Electrolux Pull Behind Vacuum

319.Nightstand 17" x 29" x 28"

320.Electronic Weather Radio

321.Nightstand 17" x 29" x 28"

322.Small Table 30" x 24"

323.Full Size Bed Frame

324.Blue And White Striped Velvet Couch

325.Teal Velvet Wingback Chair

326.Wood Jewelry Box 36" T x 14" x 16"

327.Teal Velvet Wingback Chair

328.Small Chest Of Drawers 28" W x 17" D x 40" T

329.Cedar Chest 44" L x 18" D x 22" T

330.Small Wood Step Stool 12" x 12"

331.Striped Velvet Sitting Chair

332.Hexagon End table 28" x 21"

333.Oak Drop Side Table 3' x 28" x 29" T Each Leaf 16"

334.Two Windsor Oak Chairs 37" T

335.Two Windsor Oak Chairs 37" T

336.Server By Dneu 19 1/2" x 44" x 33 1/2" T

337.Two Glass End Tables 27" x 21" x 21"

338.Dining Table 42" x 30" T 2 Leaves

339.Two Oak Dining Chairs 36"

340.Two Oak Dining Chairs 36"

341.Two Oak Captains Dining Chairs 36"

342.Rocking Chair 41" T

343.Adjustable Sheet Music Stand

344.Pressed Wood Corner Office Desk 7' W x 49" T

345.Small Wood Bench 3'L x 18" T

346.Small Round Table, Cubby Shelf And TV Stand

347.Gray Rolling Office Chair

348.Small Hand carved Two Piece Table

349.Coffee Table 50" L x 17" T x 21" D

350.Books Shelf 3' And Table

351.Ironing Board And Mop

352.Vintage HN White CO Baritone Horn In Case Serial #369763

353.Jennings Compound Bow

354.Lighthouse Figures In Flat

355.Chromecast Online TV Insert

356.Boat Shelf 28" T

357.Stainless Trash Can

358.Fish Net Rubber Net

359.Stainless Pole Fishing Net

360.Craftsman Drill In Case

361.Duck Decoys In Flat

362.Duck Decoys In Flat

363.Duck Decoys In Flat

364.Duck Decoys In Flat

365.Duck Decoys In Flat

366.Duck Decoys In Flat

367.Deer Antler On Plaque With Tag

368.Taxidermy Buck

369.Taxidermy Buck

370.Deer Antler On Plaque With Tag

371.Roland D-10 Keyboard

372.Ryobi C4618 Chainsaw

373.Flat of Hand tools

374.Keurig Coffee maker with Filters Powers Up

375.Caulk Guns In Flat

376.Tool And Socket Set In Case

377.Tools Box With Sandpaper In Flat

378.Flat of Costume jewelry

379.Citizen Pulsar Wrist Watches

380.Vintage Flashlight

381.Tin Of Small Collectibles

382.Tub Of Painting Supplies

383.14KGEP Ring Size 9

384.Shaffer Sterling Ink Pen

385.Ring Size 9 Marked 10/12K Please Preview

386.Box Of Misc. Tools And Straw Broom

387.Hand painted Landscape Wall Art 47" x 24"

388.Tupperware And Measuring Cups With Cups

389.Coin Purse Of World Coins

390.Oversized Medal In Bag

391.Three Small Tins In Flat

392.Box Of Assorted Smalls And Electronics

393.Large box Of Tupperware And Kitchen Items

394.Three Pieces Of Landscape Wall Art

395.Banks, Wall Art, Candles, tester, ETC

396.Canister Set With Mixer In Flat

397.Wood Plate Rack 4'

398.Chair Pads And Pillows

399.Costco Step Stool

400.Versailles Dishes In Small Box

401.Bag Of Tokens And Medals

402.Over $10 Dollars IN Current

403.Power Flex Trash Bags

404.Stemware And Glasses In Large Box

405.Clear Glass Cake Saver

406.Glassware, Candlestick, Kitchen Items In Large Box

407.Leather Storage Trunk

408.Throw Pillows, Log Rest, Shovel Head, ETC.

409.Navaho Blanket

410.Needlepoint Valances In Flat

411.Flat of Assorted Violin Bottles And Divided Blue Dis

412.Vinturi Wine Aerator

413.Stemware And Glasses In Large Box

414.Hose Reel Case With Hose

415.Four Piece Pyrex Mixing Bowl Set

416.Pyrex 2 1/2 QT Covered Dish

417.Three Pyrex Mixing Bowls

418.Life Coffee Table Book

419.Ohio Barns Bicentennial Book

420.Small Red Tool Box With Content

421.Corningware Dishes In Small Box

422.Utensils In Flat

423.Small Box Of Flatware

424.Kitchen Utensils In Flat

425.Bottle Openers In Flat

426.Corningware Dishes Some Lids

427.Free Weights 10LB

428.Two Containers And Covered Dish In Flat

429.Flat of Utensils

430.Opalescent Basket 6" W x 7 1/2" T

431.Large Bowl, Cups, Small Bowls Large Box Of Glassware

432.Pudding Server, Baking Dishes, Covered Corningware Dish

433.Desert Rose Franciscan Bowls 6" (2)

434.Desert Rose Franciscan Bowls 6" (2)

435.Desert Rose Franciscan Bowls 6" (2)

436.Franciscan Desert Rose Bowls 8" (2)

437.Desert Rose Franciscan Bowls 9" (2)

438.Two Desert Rose Bowls 5" By Franciscan

439.Tupperware Cake Saver With Handle

440.Collection of Assorted Tupperware

441.Two Desert Rose Bowls 5" By Franciscan

442.Two Desert Rose Bowls 5" By Franciscan

443.Two Desert Rose Bowls 5" By Franciscan

444.Pair Of Franciscan Desert Rose 9 1/2" Plates

445.Pair Of Franciscan Desert Rose 9 1/2" Plates

446.Pair Of Franciscan Desert Rose 9 1/2" Plates

447.Franciscan Desert Rose Gravy Boat

448.Franciscan Desert Rose Gravy Boat

449.Desert Rose Franciscan Pitcher 6 1/2"

450.Divided Franciscan Desert Rose Plate 12"

451.Divided Franciscan Desert Rose Plate 12"

452.Desert Rose Platter Franciscan 14" W (2)

453.Franciscan Bowls Desert Rose Pattern 5 1/2"

454.Franciscan Bowls Desert Rose Pattern 5 1/2"

455.Franciscan Bowls Desert Rose Pattern 5 1/2"

456.Three Pieces Of Musical Wall Art

457.Sansui 18" LCD TV With Remote Untested

458.Franciscan Desert Rose Butter Dish

459.Franciscan Covered Dish 8" Across

460.Franciscan Desert Rose Candle Holders

461.Franciscan Desert Rose Butter Dish

462.Glassware, Timer, Kitchen Items In Small Box

463.Franciscan Desert Rose 3" Butter Pads (2)

464.Franciscan Desert Rose Cream And Sugar Set IN Small Box

465.Small Franciscan Plate 6 1/2" (2)

466.Small Franciscan Plate 6 1/2" (2)

467.Small Franciscan Plate 6 1/2" (2)

468.Small Franciscan Plate 6 1/2" (2)

469.Small Franciscan Plate 6 1/2" (2)

470.Franciscan 8" Small Desert Rose Plates (2)

471.Franciscan 8" Small Desert Rose Plates (2)

472.Franciscan 8" Small Desert Rose Plates (2)

473.Franciscan 8" Small Desert Rose Plates (2)

474.Four Franciscan Cups And Saucers

475.Sylvania DVD/VHS Player With Remote

476.Printer, Misc. Electronics And Cords In Box

477.Vintage Speaker Set In Flat

478.IPhone 3G In Case Powers Up

479.Camo HD Sunglasses

480.Large Box Of Table Covers And Place Mats

481.Four Franciscan Cups And Saucers


483.Desert Rose Bud Shakers And Tall Shaker By Franciscan

484.Four Franciscan Cups And Saucers

485.Strong Built Portable 12' Ladder

486.Blender, Coffee Pot, Tea Machine, Kitchen Items In Box

487.Tile Cutter Tool

488.Orange 50' Cord In Box

489.Two Pyrex Measuring Cups

490.Garmin NUVU In Case GPS No Cords Untested

491.Flat Of Misc. Nails In Flat

492.Franciscan Desert Rose Cups And Saucers With Two Bowls

493.Three Franciscan Desert Rose 6 1/2" Plates

494.Cookware, Tupperware, Corningware In Box

495.Small Bowls Desert Rose Franciscan 6 1/2" (2)

496.Small Bowls Desert Rose Franciscan 6 1/2" (2)

497.Small Bowls Desert Rose Franciscan 6 1/2" (2)

498.Small Bowls Desert Rose Franciscan 6 1/2" (2)

499.Franciscan 10 1/2" Plate Desert Rose (2)

500.Franciscan 10 1/2" Plate Desert Rose (2)

501.Pot Holders, Tupperware, Misc. Kitchen Items

502.Franciscan 10 1/2" Plate Desert Rose (2)

503.Franciscan Desert Rose Plate 10 1/2" And Long Shallow Dish 12"

504.Signed Katy Lee Gifford Wine Bottle

505.Metal Saw Horses

506.Wood Serving Tray 11" x 20"

507.Fenton Rooster 2" And Ring Holder In Flat

508.Blue Tub Of Clear Stemware

509.Owl Trash Bin, Steins, Flatware Tray, ETC. IN Box

510.Tone Works Pandora Korg Untested

511.Zoom 607 Bass Pedal

512.IPhone 5 IN Box Battery Will NO Charge

513.Pioneer Surround Sound System Worked When removed

514.Olympus Stylus 710 Digital Camera In box Untested

515.Radio, Calculator, Cords And Smalls In Box

516.Large Selection Of Glassware In Box

517.Two Silver Plate Small Plate And Bowl

518.Two Framed Wall Art Prints 18" x 22" W

519.Signed Framed Wall Art Canvas 30" x 40"

520.LG 26" Flat Screen TV With Remote Does Power Up

521.Tool Box With Content

522.Kodak Brownie Projector Untested Please Preview Appears To be In Working

523.Wood Wind Instrument Reeds

524.RV Portable Toilet New With book

525.Wood Crate 17" x 24" x 14"

526.C clamps And Handle Puller Tool In Flat

527.Assorted Water Hoses In bundle

528.Totes, Iron, Cleaning Supplies, Tissue Box, ETC.

529.Memory Card, CD's, Stickers, ETC.

530.Circular Saw And Drill

531.Fenton Stretch Vase Open Rose Pattern 8"

532.Frosted Fenton Inverted Strawberry Stretch Vase

533.Fenton Frosted Basket 7" x 7"

534.Patchwork Quilt 87" x 87"

535.Two Miniature Crackle Blenko Pitchers

536.Knife Block With Knives

537.Spoon Collection on Rack

538.Hatchet And Pick Tool In Flat

539.Fostoria Pitcher And Juice Glasses In Flat

540.Silver Plate Collector Spoon Chicago Worlds Fair Spoon

541.Rogers Silver Plate Pitcher 9" T

542.Fostoria Stemware In Flat

543.Misc. Fostoria Glassware In Box

544.Misc. Fostoria Glassware In Box

545.Navy Blue Glasses In Small Box

546.Fostoria Stemware IN Flat

547.Fenton Bud Vase And Three Shot Glasses

548.Pink Fostoria Stemware

549.Schaffer Lead Pencil Marked Sterling Silver

550.Long Sail Mast 9'

551.Tupperware Collection Fondant Mat And Roller Etc. In Box

552.Large Selection Of Glassware In Box

553.Fold Out Work Table

554.Outdoor Garden Fountain

555.Box Of Planters

556.Versailles Dishes In Small Box

557.Two Patio Chairs And Birdbath For Repair

558.Fluids, Foot Pump, Glass Jars, Vinyl Hanging Kit

559.Paints, Planters, Jump Cables, ETC.

560.Hanging Light, Towel Rack, Scale, Cookware, ETC.

561.Deer Feeder In Box

562.Moultrie Trail Camera

563.Wood Stern Wheel Wall Art Piece 20"

564.Cordless Dremil Pro 7700-01 IN Box

565.Black & Decker Palm Sander In Box

566.Foot Stool, Baking Dish, Grill Top

567.Scroll Saw 1/4 HP Craftsman In Box

568.Tub Of Candle Stick Lights

569.Weed Eater 25cc Blower

570.12 Piece Wrench Set

571.Hose Reel Case With Hose

572.Flat Of hand tools

573.Flat Of hand tools

574.Box Of Wooden Nickels Marked Wheelersburg

575.Table Lot Of Assorted Tools And Hardware

576.Utility Light Untested

577.File Folders, Paper Shredder, Folders, ETC

578.Padded Bottom Folding Chait

579.Tru Temper Wheel Barrow 6 CUFT

580.Fold Out Patio Umbrella

581.Assorted Household Items And Cleaning Supplies

582.Household Decorations And Cloth Napkins, ETC.

583.Packing Blankets ON Bag

584.Pair Of Medal Display 20" L x 14"

585.Packing Blankets ON Bag

586.Stainless Steel Cabinet

587.Brass Table Lamps With Shades 30" T

588.Glassware, Afghan, Household Decorations, ETC.

589.Fleece Ohio State Blanket

590.Fleece Ohio State Blanket

591.Large Planter And Tools In Blue Tub

592.Basket, Fabric, Throw Pillows, Decorations, In Cart But Cart Not Included

593.Box Of Cords And Wires

594.AMC Table Fan 14" Untested

595.Brass Lamp 24"

596.Bissell Feather Weight Vacuum

597.Crystal Lamp 28" T

598.Shoe Rack, Wire Shelf, Mailbox, Cork Board, Large Selection Of Items

599.Black & White Thirty One Bag With Cover

600.Three Table Lamps One Is Touch Lamp

601.Fenwick Tackle box Some Content

602.Antique Minnow Trap With Wire Holder

603.Wood Gun Holder For Cleaning

604.Chris The Singing Tree NEW In Box

605.Lasko Table Top Oscillating Fan Untested

606.Coleman Cooler Needs Cleaned

607.Brookstone Wine Chiller New In Box

608.SKB Hard Golf Club Case

609.Coleman Full Size Black Sleeping Bag

610.Trim a Tree 7 1/2ft Pre-lit "Untested"

611.Bass Pro Shops Power plus 6'6" Rod With Shimano Mark 2 Reel

612.Five Rat-L_Trap Lures In Flat

613.Quantum Response 2000 Reel Good Shape

614.Ten Fishing Lures In Flat

615.Eight Fishing Lures In Flat

616.Cork Bait Box 7" x 7" x 6"

617.Five Rat-L_Trap Lures In Flat

618.Large Pieces Of Tupperware In Box

619.Fish Scale And Misc. Tackle In Flat

620.Five Lures And Sinkers In Flat

621.Nine Fishing Lures In Flat

622.Small Hatchet Red Handle Leather Sheath Marked Boy Scout Plumb

623.Rival Ice Cream Maker New In Box

624.Tackle Box With Some Content

625.Pair Of Oak Carved Axe And Sword

626.Igloo Rolling Cooler And Two Cooler Inside

627.Rivel Crock Pot

628.Flat of Lead Brick For Sinkers

629.Shimano 2000FA Reel

630.Hooks And Sinkers In Box

631.Winchester 12GA 2 3/4" 6 Shot Super X 25 Shot Shells

632.Estwing Hatchet With Sheath

633.Wildview trail Camera

634.Remington .22LR 50 Rounds (2 BOXES)

635.Tru Tack Downrigger Weights

636.Adjustable Mic Stand

637.Two Tackle Boxes No Content

638.Small Tackle Box With Lures

639.Stanley Thermos By Aladdin

640.Hot Pot 2 Smelting Pot

641.Tackle Box With Some Content

642.Remington 12GA 6 Shot 25 Shells

643.Tackle Box With Some Content

644.Tackle Box With Some Content

645.Three Mini Tackle boxes In Flat

646.Table Covers Plates, Plastic ware, Cups, ETC (2 BOXES)

647.Otis Cleaning Tools And Peg Hooks

648.Grub Feed, Flashlight, Small Tools And Household Items

649.Tackle Box With Some Content

650.Tackle Box With Some Content

651.Tackle Box With Some Content

652.Tackle Box With Some Content

653.Tackle Box With Some Content

654.Pyrex TO GO Dish And Carrier

655.ARCORC 12 Piece Punchbowl In Box

656.Partial Gun Cleaning Kits And Paper Targets

657.Crofton Slate Cheeseboard 14"

658.Tackle Box With Some Content

659.Rebacraft Flatware Set In Anti-tarnish Wood Case

660.Coleman Cooler Needs Cleaned

661.Plano Large Tackle Box With Drawers Some Content

662.Arrows In Box

663.Master Graphite 8.5' Rod 6' And Open Reel

664.Quantum Tournament Rod 6' Shimano R2000 Reel

665.Shimano FX-0260 Rod And Reel

666.Master Graphite 8.5' Rod And Open Reel

667.Berkley IM6 Fishing Rod

668.Shimano FX-0260 Rod 6'