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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1320)Collectibles, Furniture, Tools and more - Tuesday June 11th @ 8:00p.m

Item Description
1.Bear And Son Cutlery Knife Display Case With 10 Knives And Key For Case 21" T x 15" D x 14" W

2.True Temper 1750 Heavy Duty Casting Reel In Original Box

3.Red Retro Mid-Century Table 3'x 4' x 30"

4.Oak Dining Table With Tw Leaves Table Is 3' A x 30" T Leaves Are 12" Each

5.Walnut Mister Stand Man Music Stand 43" T

6.Stanley Bostitch Pancake Air Compressor Works

7.Antique Buffalo Horns Mounted On Burl Wood 19" W

8.Vintage Sailboat Rudder And Keel Piece

9.Club HDR Brown Leather Saddle 14"

10.Black Leather Eagle Motorcycle Bag

11.Rigid Bench Chain Vise 1/8" - 4" Pipe

12.Rigid Large Industrial Pipe Threader And Easy Outs In Box

13.Power King Portable Head Lamp And Hat

14.Pro Arc Welder 115 Volt With Hood

15.Oak Secretary Desk 46" T x 26" x 14" D

16.Standing Coke Cola Cooler 30" x 36" x 15" D

17.Remington Thunder Bolt 22 500 RDS

18.Case XX SS 22087 Two Blade Pocket Knife IN Bag

19.Jameson Whiskey Wall Art Piece 3' L x 2' W

20.MAC Tools NASCAR Bear MGD Knives In Display Case 10" x 12"

21.Buck 602C USA Filet Knife In Sheath

22.ACE Hardware Die Cast Metal ERTL Antique Delivery Truck Bank 5"

23.Ertl ACE Hardware Riding Mower With trailer 10"

24.Pro-Grade 3/8" Ratcheting Combination Wrench New

25.Pro-Grade 13mm Ratcheting Combination Wrench

26.Pro-Grade 15mm Ratcheting Combination Wrench

27.Pro-Grade 15mm Ratcheting Combination Wrench

28.Pro-Grade 16mm Ratcheting Combination Wrench

29.Pro-Grade 19mm Ratcheting Combination Wrench

30.Miller Lite Draft Pull

31.Elgin 2 Ladies Rhinestone Silver Tone Wrist Watch In Box

32.Pittsburgh Driver Set. Tape Measure And Centech Digital Multimeter

33.Pittsburgh Driver Set. Tape Measure And Centech Digital Multimeter

34.Blue 5' x 7' Tarp New In Bag

35.Blue 5' x 7' Tarp New In Bag

36.Blue 5' x 7' Tarp New In Bag

37.Michelob Light Beer Advertisement 25" L x 18"

38.Schlitz Beer Mirror 24" x 18"

39.Pittsburgh Tape Measures And LED Headlamp

40.Antique Sun Electric Power Timing Light In Wooden Case

41.Rockford Polisher IN Box

42.Rival Ice Cream Maker

43.Industrial Clevis Hook 13.5 Ton

44.Blue Point Deluxe Jumpstarter Box

45.Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey 4' x 6' Banner

46.Miller Lite / Harley Davidson banner

47.Spark Plugs For Crafts Some Are New Some Used But All Autolite

48.Spark Plugs For Crafts Some Are New Some Used But All Autolite

49.Spark Plugs For Crafts Some Are New Some Used But All Autolite

50.Spark Plugs For Crafts Some Are New Some Used But All Autolite

51.Two Broken Pry Tools And Large Metric Wrench

52.Coke Cola Tub And Cookie Jar

53.Army Bag With Canteen

54.Shoe Last Pieces And Harley Davidson Grease, ETC.

55.Rogers International Flatware IN Case

56.MG Home D�cor Pouf Foot rest

57.MG Home D�cor Pouf Foot rest

58.NO 29 Snap On Die Cast 1/24 Scale Car

59.Three Blue Glass Ball Jars

60.Karcher Pressure Washer Untested

61.Box Of Bagged Legos

62.Workman's Choice Tool Box No Content

63.Box Of Wedding Frames And Wall Art Piece

64.Double Cast Iron Propane Cooktop

65.Stoneware Bowls With Pitcher And Misc. Glassware In Flat

66.Green Art Glass Vase

67.Shop Vac Untested Please Preview

68.Kodak T1250 Binoculars

69.Butt Stock

70.Snap ON Battery

71.Federal 338 Winchester Mag 210 GR 20 IN Box

72.Federal 71GR Auto 32AP FMJ 10 In Box

73.Winchester Super X HP Rifled Slugs 16GA 5 IN Box

74.Shakespeare Spin Wonderful 1755 Reel In Original Box

75.Mitchell 300 Reel

76.Fly Reel With Line

77.Mitchell 300 Reel

78.DAM Quick 330 Reel

79.Johnson Model 100-A Reel

80.EICO 888 Auto Analyzer IN Wooden Box

81.Wheaties Box IN Wood Crate With Paddle

82.Pfluger Summit 1993 Reel In Bag

83.Johnson Century Model 100B Reel In Bag

84.Johnson Century Model 100B Reel In Bag

85.Johnson Century Model 100B Reel In Bag

86.Five Gas Grip Tools In Flat

87.Vent Hanger, Jimmy, ETC.

88.Lenox 10" Lead Crystal Vase IN Box

89.Metal Tree D�cor, Cake Serving Set,

90.Two Stoneware Beer Steins One Marked Germany One Marked West Germany

91.Cast Iron Coffee Grinder Please Preview

92.Cast Iron Railroad Bookends With Spikes

93.Lawson's Dairy Half Pint Milk Bottle

94.Pewter Figures In Flat

95.Pewter Figures In Flat

96.Cast Iron trivets And Pewter Pitcher In Flat

97.Box Of Bear Figures

98.Three Wood Dolls In Flat

99.Ceramic Pumpkin And NARCO Citrus Fruit Shakers, Cream And Sugar And Juice Cups

100.Plates, Pflatzgraff Loaf Pan, Platter, ETC.

101.Collector Plates, Pottery Bear, Metal Ship Weather Vane, Glass Box

102.Wood TV Tables IN Stand

103.Two Matching Lamps One Floor One Table

104.Eight Green Thumb Print Sorbet Bowls IN Flat

105.Green Glasses And Clear Glass Plates IN Flat

106.Small Window Lamps, Plastic Drinking Cups And Bowl IN Small Box

107.Proscan 22' LED TV IN Box With Book And Remote

108.Winterberry Pflatzgraff Dishes Small Plate With Saucers And Mug

109.Small Nightstand 24" x 24" x 16" D

110.Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine Turned Into Tractor Lamp

111.Primitive Planer Tool

112.Display Frame 53" L 14" T

113.Display Frame 53" L 14" T

114.Rigid 24" Pipe Wrench

115.Brinkman Gourmet Charcoal Smoker

116.Fire Axe Tool

117.Large Bottle Capper

118.Portable Water Heater

119.Antique Portable Meal Warmer

120.Electronic Globe Owner States It Works

121.Antique Bike baby Seat Attachment

122.Galvanized Mop Bucket ON Rollers With Wringer

123.Grapevine Plantstand 3'

124.Live Animal Small Trap

125.Segment Seeder Tool

126.Coke Cola Six Pack Bottles In Metal Holder

127.Small Antique Lightweight Metal Scale 12" W x 10" T

128.Primitive Style Sweet Corn Planter Tool

129.Antique Lamp With Handmade Shade 29" T

130.No 2 Branding Iron 3' L

131.Rear Motorcycle Storage Compartment 15"x 15" x 12"

132.White Mountain Ice Cream Bucket

133.Silver Plate Three Tiered Container

134.Two Clubs 3 & 5 And One Putter

135.Antique Horn Piece 15" L

136.Two Large C-Clamps

137.Ratchets, Plyers, Punch Tools In Flat

138.Wrenches In Flat

139.Caliper, Punch, Banders, ETC.

140.Chisel, Sharpener, Tools In Flat

141.Hog Scraper, Stapler, Wrenches IN Flat

142.Metal Industrial

143.All American Model 921 Pressure Cooker With Gauge

144.Box Of Assorted Hardware

145.Two Fluted Wood Pole 6' x 2"

146.Three 72" Fluted Poles

147.Kitchaid Natural Gas Conversion Kit In Box

148.Retro Sewing Machine In Case Untested

149.Hanging Bells 11" x 5"

150.Two Nice Heavy Clean Sleeping Bags IN Black Bag

151.Large Spool Of Welding Wire

152.Garage Creeper 3' L x 15" W

153.Tin US Navy Parking Sign 12" x 17"

154.Wood Boogie Board 3' L x 20" W

155.Cake Savers In Box Three Different

156.Wood Boogie Board 3' L x 20" W

157.Safety Straps And Hooks IN Flat

158.North Industrial Ventilated Mask

159.PMI DuPont Kevlar Hard Hat

160.North Industrial Ventilated Mask

161.Buttons, Hand Saws, Pull Tool, ETC. IN Flat

162.Box Of Assorted Pegboard Hooks

163.Antique Stereoscope Piece

164.Telescope 45mm x 40mm

165.Wood Box 36" L x 26" D x 12" T

166.Uncle Mikes Side Kick Size 4 Holster With Shoulder Straps

167.Black & Decker Drill Bit Sharpener in Box

168.Dooney & Bourke Logo Handbag

169.Rosetti Brown Leather Wallet New With Tags

170.Superb Mop Wringer

171.1892 publication of the Last Four Weeks Of The Civil War By Edmund Thatcher

172.Antique Weighted Scale 11" W x 10"

173.Ultimate Fire Link Advertising Pieces

174.Griswold Trivet NO 1901

175.Wagner ware Sizzlin 17" x 11"

176.Hanging Youth Body Forms 24" L

177.Hanging Youth Body Forms 24" L

178.Cigar Boxes In Flat

179.Cook Electric Tube Tester IN Case

180.Luna 2899 Binoculars Set In Case

181.Corona Corn Mill IN

182.Red Hard Hat With Head Lamp

183.Cast Iron Implement Seats Book

184.Truck Mud Flaps New IN Package

185.Tackle Box And Frog Gig Tip

186.Metal 2" x 2" Slide File Box

187.Miniature Table Vise 1 1/2" Jaw

188.Highway Pegs In Flat 5134

189.Wooden Gavel And Sound Block IN Flat

190.Western USA 854 Hawk Bill Knife In Bag

191.Canister And Coffee Warmer In Flat

192.Gun Cleaning Kit And Wrench IN Flat

193.Hunting Knife Marked Rh34 IN Brown Leather Sheath 5" Blade

194.Two Knives In Flat One For Repair

195.Mini Auto Lite Head Miners Lamp

196.Two Pieces Of Enamelware Bowls And Pot

197.Magnalite 6"Skillet

198.Men's 11 1/2 Braided Loafer

199.Men's Size 12 Penny Loafer

200.Bauer Bros Shoulder Holster

201.Ice Carrier And Cake Saver

202.Leather Belt

203.Plastic Gun Case

204.Seeder Sack And Hard Hat In Flat

205.Williams Set Of 8 Sockets On Holder

206.Cast Iron Spoon Rest Skillet Shaped 5" x 5"

207.Orange Enamelware Cast Iron Skillet 6"

208.Cast Iron 6' Skillet

209.Cast Iron Jewell Tin

210.Cast Iron Wagner ware No 8 Skillet

211.Cast Iron 5QT Dutch Oven (NO LID) With Handle 10" x 5"

212.Two Grilling Baskets

213.Cast Iron Horse And Buggy IN Flat

214.Amos And Andy Antique Magazine And Image

215.Vera Bradley Floral Red Quilted Handbag

216.Chubby Checker 33 Limbo Record

217.2008 Chevy Suburban Tail Lights IN Box Fully Functional Bulb Not led

218.Wood Box With Glass Jar And Metal Funnel Lid

219.Tub Of 16GA Shells 30+

220.Remington And Misc. Shot Gun Shells In Flat

221.Two Johnny Cash T Shirts IN Flat XL

222.St. Johns Bay Khaki Shorts Size 42

223.Jeans And St Johns Bay Pants IN Flat

224.The Marnvel Antique Medical Equipment Piece

225.Gravel Gear Cargo Work Pant IN Bag 42x34

226.Flat Of 78 Records In Flat

227.Glass Chess Set, Hat, Cigarette Box, Pens In Jar

228.Assorted Light Bulbs In Small Box

229.Annual Report Of Ethnology Books IN Box

230.Livestock Tattoo Kit In Bag

231.Spring Balance Model MCT-602-B Scale In Bag

232.Megallin GPS IN Bag

233.Two Cord Straps In Box

234.Wolfcraft Dowel Pro Kit IN Box

235.Tic Tac Toe Game With Shelf And Tools In Box

236.Staple Gun, With Hand tools In Flat

237.Bag With Crocket Set

238.Brass Olds Trumpet IN Case For Decoration

239.Cast Iron Lady Boot Puller

240.Blue Benzo Torch In Case

241.Wood heron Sign 32" x 32" Fold Out Style

242.Radio Shack Cordless Microphone No Receiver

243.Rainbow Flag With Books And Misc. items In Box

244.Stand, Luggage Piece And Case

245.Leather Tassel Vest And Belt IN Flat

246.Two Long Mirrors 23" W x 4' T

247.Metal Fold Out Panels 2 At 60" L x 6' T

248.Large Canvas Wall Art Piece 31 1/2" x 47" T

249.Metal Twin Bed With Rails

250.Small Heart Table 27" x 17" x 28" T

251.Small Three Drawer Cabinet 32" x 21" W x 16" D

252.Plaid Chair Upholstered

253.Wood Desk 48" x 28" x 29" T

254.Small Childs Desk 32" x 18" x 26 1/2" T

255.Basket Rack 15" W x 49" T

256.Two Tables One Coffee Table One End Table

257.Small Cabinet 13" x 10" x 4'

258.Magnavox Vintage Cabinet Turntable/Stereo With Records Appears To be In Good Shape But Untested

259.Napkins, Cups, Florals, Misc. Household Items In Large Box

260.Rose Canvas Wall Art Pieces

261.Briefs, Curling Iron, Culers, ETC IN Box

262.Lamp With Pink Shade And Ruby Flash Candy Dish In Box

263.Hammered Glass Platter With Acorn Handles From Cracker Barrel IN Box

264.Nine Comics IN Flat

265.Nine Comics IN Flat

266.Nine Comics IN Flat

267.Nine Comics IN Flat

268.Nine Comics IN Flat

269.Nine Comics IN Flat

270.Nine Comics IN Flat

271.Nine Comics IN Flat

272.Nine Comics IN Flat

273.Nine Comics IN Flat

274.Nine Comics IN Flat

275.Nancy Drew And Hardy Boys

276.Nine Comics IN Flat

277.Nine Comics IN Flat

278.Nine Comics IN Flat

279.Nine Comics IN Flat

280.Nine Comics IN Flat

281.Nine Comics IN Flat

282.Nine Comics IN Flat

283.Nine Comics IN Flat

284.Nine Comics IN Flat

285.Nine Comics IN Flat

286.Nine Comics IN Flat

287.Nine Comics IN Flat

288.Nine Comics IN Flat

289.Nine Comics IN Flat

290.Nine Comics IN Flat

291.Nine Comics IN Flat

292.Edison Reels IN Flat All In Containers

293.Wood Masher On Pole 4'

294.Miniature Glass Pig Figures 1" & 1/2" IN Flat

295.Betty's Bunny's IN Flat

296.Wood House Candle Holder With Tin Roof

297.Wood heavy Mirror 26" L

298.Two Antique Wax Letter Seals IN Flat

299.Oak Roll Top Bread Box

300.Three 16" Berry Wreaths

301.Edison Reels IN Flat None In Containers

302.Folk Art Hardware Tennis Player Figure 5" T x 4" W

303.Flat of Misc. Keys

304.Rooster, Kraut Cutter And Antique Bowls In Box

305.Silver Plate Pitcher And Covered Dish In Small Box

306.Walbrzych China Tea Service IN Large Box

307.Vase, Tote And Large Glass Serving Bowls In Small Box

308.Hanging Skeleton Figures With Scream Mask Head

309.Igloo The Cube Cooler ON Rollers

310.Lane Dresser Box With Decorative Wood trays

311.Antique Small Table 15 1/2" Top x 26" L

312.Antique Small Table 15 1/2" Top x 26" L

313.Oriental Fans And Dresser Boxes In Flat

314.Porcelain Doll IN Collector Case

315.Porcelain Doll IN Collector Case

316.Porcelain Doll IN Collector Case

317.Porcelain Doll IN Collector Case

318.Laundry Hamper With Ice Bucket And Misc. Items Inside

319.Wood Stool With Misc. Household Items IN Small Box

320.Primitive Kraut Cutter Tool

321.Lamp And Misc. Wood Stars In Large Box

322.Lamp With Stained Glass Shade 24" T

323.Vera Bradley Quilted Tote Bag 14" x 12"

324.Box Of Handbags One Is A Coach Saddle Bag In Nice Shape Please Preview

325.Zero Miniature Antique Fan

326.Books And Magazines In Clear Tub

327.Porcelain Pieces And Globes With train Feeder

328.Place Mats And Basket With Misc. Household Items In Box

329.Canvas Print 26" W x 38" L NO Frame

330.Hutschenreuther 13" Platter

331.KMP Oriental Style Gold Trim Dishes In Large File Box 40+ Pieces

332.Large Clear Tub Of Assorted Sizes Of Lamp Shades

333.Insulated Cooler And Coleman Insulated Cooler

334.Frames And Anniversary Clock With Baskets

335.Vera Bradley Makeup Cases And Quilted Handbag IN Flat

336.Two Gas Cans 3 Gallon And 5 Gallon

337.Linde Pressure Gauge Set

338.PGG Pressure Gauge Set

339.Pair Of Splash Guards

340.Antique Gas Fireplace Insert 24" W x 20" T

341.Table Mount Vice 4" Jaws

342.Wood Bird House 3'

343.Box Of Sports Cards

344.Six New In Pack Hot Wheels Cars IN Flat

345.Six New In Pack Hot Wheels Cars IN Flat

346.Six New In Pack Hot Wheels Cars IN Flat

347.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Playset In Large Box Unsure If Complete

348.King Kong 18" Figure Possible

349.Knight Decoration Metal 24" T

350.Three Starting Lineup Figure Barry Bonds, Cal Ripkin, ETC.

351.Two Ken Griffey Jr Starting Lineup Figures IN Flat

352.Top Flite D2+ 15 Golf Balls In Box

353.Union Pacific Train Set In Bag May Not Be Complete

354.Fleer 1987 Baseball Slugger & Pitcher Card Set IN Box

355.Assorted Hats And Shoes One Belt In Small Box

356.Lot Of Mixed Sports Cards

357.Clock And Vase with books

358.Nerf Guns And Mickey Mouse Toy

359.Youth Large Michael Vick Eagles Jersey, CDs, Calculator

360.Bags Of Country Curtains

361.Rusty Wallace Cardboard Cutout And Cardboard Hood Piece

362.Oak Picture Frames 15" x 20 3/4"

363.Motor 1PH And 1.2 HP Untested

364.Copper Wind Chime

365.Lilien Porzellian Tea Set IN Flat

366.Stoneware Items In Flat With Tin Canister

367.Assorted Glassware IN Flat

368.Okuma CS-26WLX Reel In Box

369.Eagle Claw Bait Cast

370.Quantum Q-Vex Reel IN Box

371.Multi Function Police Flashlight

372.Steel Warrior three Blade Pocket Knife In Nag

373.Okuma CS-26WLX Reel In Box

374.Valor 458 Pocket Knife IN Bag

375.Pflueger Echelon Bait Cast Reel In Box

376.Charlie Brown Dictionary And Misc. Books In Flat With Metal Eagle 6"

377.Pepsi Thermos And Large Store Jar No Lid And Plastic Early Horses

378.Serving Tray And Assorted Books In Box

379.Clear Glassware And Blue Covered Candy Dish In Box

380.Four Tin Nesting Canisters

381.Lamp, Utensil Jar, Stoneware Pieces, ETC.

382.NASCAR Glossy's Some Have been Signed But Unable To Authenticate With File Folders

383.Playboy Magazine From 90's Or Early 2000's IN Box Must Be 18 TO Purchase

384.Two Lumber Board 54" x 8" x 3 1/2" & Other Is 16" x 11 1/2" x 3 1/4"

385.Tray Of Flatware

386.Nazi Flag 34" x 58 Please Preview

387.New Twin/Full Blanket In Bag

388.Coin Holder Belt Buck

389.Gerzit W. Germany Beer Steins In Flat

390.Yellow Glassware And Small Plates In Flat

391.Four China Hand painted Plates

392.Hand painted German Dishes In Flat

393.Longaberger Liners And Gardening Magazine With Reader And Sunglasses In Flat

394.White Coffee Server, Plates, Placemats And Cloth Napkins IN Small Box

395.1993 Longaberger Basket With Leather handles 5" x 3"

396.1999 Longaberger Easter Basket With Liner And Protector 5" A x 3" T

397.1999 Longaberger Basket With Liner And Protector 6" L x 3" T

398.1996 Longaberger Square Basket 6" T x 5" A

399.1997 Longaberger Utensil Basket 6" A x 8" T

400.1994 Longaberbger Basket Jingle Bell 8" x 6" With Liner And Protector

401.1995 Longaberger Cranberry Basket With Liner And Protector 9" x 7"

402.1993 Longaberger Easter Basket With Liner And Protector 5 1/2" x 3"

403.1996 Longaberger Easter Basket With Liner And Protector 9" x 8" x 11" T

404.1997 Longaberger Easter Basket With Liner And Protector 12" x 11" x 8"

405.Chessie System Work Gloves In Flat

406.Wood Bird 9"

407.Foster's Draft Beer Pull

408.Automotive Emblems

409.Zebco AT50 Reel

410.Elgin 2 Men's Wrist Watch in Box

411.Michelob Draft Pull

412.Coors Draft Pull

413.Michelob Draft Pull

414.Best Brown Wood Draft Pull

415.Busch Draft Pull

416.Pro Road Wrench Set

417.Bud Light And Budweiser Draft Pulls

418.Old Milwaukee Draft Pull

419.Cobalt 8 Piece Metric Socket In Package

420.Michelob Draft Pull

421.Three Mechanical Belts In Flat

422.Dash For Timber" Collector Plate In Box No S80 8"

423.Raftsman Playing Cards' Collector Plate No T42 IN Box 8"

424.Presidential Dollar Folder With Washington Dollar Coin

425.Danbury Mint Gold Highlighted State Quarter Collection $15 Face Value

426.Sports Bottles In Flat

427.Pink Pens And Book Marks in Flat

428.Envelopes And Notebooks In Small Box

429.American Eagle Size 8 Jeans boot Cut New With Tags

430.American Eagle Size 8 Jeans boot Cut New With Tags

431.Nail Kits And Keyrings In Flat

432.Sports Bottles In Flat

433.Ralph Lauren Shirt XL And Nike Polo M

434.Fleece Ohio State Blanket IN Flat

435.Small Toys And Bag In Small Box

436.Assorted Clothing And Ralph Lauren Vest XL And Household Items

437.Gift Bags, Candles, Hat, ETC.

438.Polo Shirt, Nike Drawstring Bag And Shirt

439.Glass Votive Holders IN Flat

440.Various Shoes And Accessories In Small Box

441.Occupied Japan Giraffe And Figures In Flat

442.Pink Polka Dot Thirty One Backpack Appears NEW

443.Wine Glasses And Window Candles With Some Dished

444.Play Rug, Hubcap. Packing Blankets, And Inflatables

445.Large Selection Of Candle Holders And Glassware

446.Motion Light And Surge Guard In Flat

447.Cookware And Misc. Household Items IN Box

448.Large Box Of Florals

449.Metal Bar Stool 42" T

450.Metal Bar Stool 42" T

451.Quilt And Small Quilt Throw In Flat

452.Golden Spike Bachmann Toy Train Car

453.Flat of Misc. Kitchen Knives

454.Villeroy & Boch Crystal Candle Sticks in Box

455.Blue Country Wall Art Piece 22" x 26"

456.Garden Wall Art Piece 23" x 26"

457.Pflatzgraff York Town Cookie Jar With Lid 13" T

458.Pflatzgraff York Town Soup Tureen And Covered Vegetable Dish

459.Pflatzgraff York Town Salt Crock With Lid And Utensil Holder

460.Pflatzgraff York Town Coffee

461.Pflatzgraff York Town Hurricane Lamp And Warmer

462.Blue Country Wall Art Piece 22" x 26"

463.Pflatzgraff York Town Cream And Sugar, Shakers And Candle Sticks

464.Pflatzgraff York Town Dinner Plates 10" (8)

465.Pfltazgraff Small Plates In Stack York Town Pattern

466.Pflatzgraff Mugs And Small Plates With Goblets

467.Pflatzgraff Small Bowls And Some Serving Bowls IN Flat York Town Pattern

468.Pflatzgraff Recipe Card Holder Piece

469.Pflatzgraff York Town Butter Dish, Napkin Rings, Ladle, ETC. In Flat

470.Crochet Afghan And Misc. Material Swatches

471.Snowman And Santa's In Small Box

472.Three Luggage Pieces Two Match

473.Snowmen And Misc. Decorations In Small Box

474.Plastic Binders In Large Box

475.Copper Bowl With Handle 12" A x 4" T

476.Pflatzgraff Damaged Pieces And Misc. Decorations In Box

477.Table Cloths And Yard Garden Flags In Box

478.Needlepoint Wall Art And Misc. Items In Box

479.Ski Boots Size 30 In Box Appear Very Lightly Used

480.Chipper Jones Plaques In Flat

481.Books And Puzzles In Small Box

482.Seasonal Decorations, Wreath, Glassware And Cookie Jar

483.Box Of Misc. Quilting Books And Magazines

484.Party Supplies And Misc. Household items In Large Box

485.Large Box Of Glassware

486.DVDS And Household Items In Box

487.Snowman Quilted Piece And Throw Blankets In Box

488.Kids Plastic Table And Chairs

489.Wood Rocking Horse

490.Packing Blankets In Big Box

491.Boy Scouts Uniform

492.Dolls Figures, Misc. Household Decorations

493.Sunbeam Rotisserie Machine

494.Seth Thomas Time And Strike Wall Hanging Clock 21"

495.CD Rack With CD's

496.Large Rolling Luggage Piece

497.SPARQ Workout Gear IN Bag

498.Wood File Drawer 16" W x 11" x 12"

499.Snow Shovels (2)

500.Sega Game Gear Game IN Bag

501.Sega Game Gear Cartridges In Flat

502.Cd's And Holder in Small Box

503.Box Of Bunny Figures

504.Two Framed Wall Art Pieces 15" x 30" & 20" x 26"

505.Duck Needlepoint Framed 19" x 21" And Apple Print 14"x 30"

506.UK I. Lee Jackson Print No 324/500 Framed Signed And Matted 19 1/2" x 23 1/2"

507.Sesame Street Needlepoint Framed Wall Art Piece 16" x 20"

508.Busch Mirror/ Chalkboard Piece 31" x 17"

509.Round Tin Bud Light Cap Sign 12

510.Calendar Holder, Tree, Heart Paddle, Angel, ETC.

511.Helmet, Flag, Caring Case, Factory CD Player

512.Large Box Of Wreaths

513.Five Smaller Pieces Of Wall Art

514.Large Box Of Tupperware And Misc. Kitchen Items In box

515.Bill Granstaff "Homemaker" Wall Art Piece 17" x 21"

516.Bill Granstaff "Homemaker USA" Wall Art Piece 17" x 21"

517.Retro Santa Doll 17" T

518.Tw 14"x 17" Needlepoint Hummel Wall Art Pieces

519.Two Small Wall Art Pieces And Slate Sign

520.Wall Mount Antique Lamp Piece In Box

521.Sesame Street Ornaments In Small Box

522.Large Box Of Christmas Decorations

523.Snowman Dishes And Decorations

524.Box Of Snowman Decorations IN Box

525.Ceramic Holly Deer Set IN Flat

526.Ziggy Christmas Glasses In Small Box

527.Large Box Of Paper Mache Christmas Decoration

528.Three Funeral framed Thomas Kinkade Art

529.Pentex P3 35mm Camera IN Bag With Accessories

530.Simmons Binoculars Set In Case

531.Titan Binoculars And Poloid Camera In Flat

532.Selection Of Sewing Supplies In Large Box

533.Various Needlepoint Magazines In Large Box

534.Fisher Price Frog Potty

535.Pumpkin Wreath And Mesh, Duffle Bag, ETC.

536.Various Pieces Of Misc. Wall Art IN Large Box

537.USA 22" x 15 3/4" Chalkboard Light

538.Heated Crate Tray For Pets 16" x 22"

539.DVD Player, VHS Players All Untested

540.Wicket Storage Foot Rest 14" T

541.Webber 2 Table Top Grill Has Been Used Needs Cleaned

542.Drink Cooler, Igloo Cooler IN Box With Tote Bag

543.Pair Of Signed Tom Whitaker Framed Wall Art Pieces 12"x 14"

544.Box Of Crafting Supplies, Cord, Tin, Denim, ETC.

545.Hometics Foot Bath Appears New

546.Large Selection of Baskets in Tall Box

547.Full Size Inflatable Air Mattress with Pump

548.Football Tin, Football, Packers Hat With Pogs In Flat

549.Keyboard And Cassette tapes In Box

550.Drawstring Bag With Helmet, Sprinkler, ETC.

551.Sports Sticks And Tree Stand

552.Two Green Plastic Sleds

553.Wood Angel With Cardboard Santa 5'

554.Plastic Shutters And Patio Table

555.Kenmore 120 Volt Microwave

556.Metal Stand 18" D x 3' L x 9" T And Astro Turf

557.Shelf, Curtin Rod Pieces ETC. In Box

558.Black & Decker Car Vac

559.Store Jar And Bird Feeder In Flat

560.Blue Plastic 5' x 7' Tarp

561.Blue Plastic 5' x 7' Tarp

562.Fisher Price Sesame Street Play Family Set

563.Two Pair Of Scissors And Pittsburgh Drive In Flat

564.Digital Tester And Tape Measure In Flat

565.Two Pittsburgh Tape Measures IN Flat

566.Two Pittsburgh Tape Measures IN Flat

567.Pittsburg Tape Measure And Drivers IN Flat

568.Various Buttons IN Flat With Keyrings

569.Digital Tester And Power Strip In Flat

570.1958 NAPA GMC Die Cast 1/24 Scale

571.Large Box Of Power Cords

572.Signed Rita Skaggs Canvas Framed Art 16" x 20"

573.Wood Shutters

574.Dell Monitor, CPU Fan, Hand Vac, ETC.

575.Carex Shower Sprayer

576.Samsonite Luggage And Content

577.Pepsi Wagon Crate 12" x 18" x 9" T

578.LL Bean Insulated Thermos

579.Foam Cooler With Misc. Items In Box

580.Wire Crates Need Clamps

581.Two Pieces Of Misc. Wall Art

582.Plastic Barrel With Trash Can Lid

583.Walnut File Cabinet 4 Drawer Very Heavy

584.Small Table With Drawer 28" T x 12"x 14"

585.Earthway Spreader

586.Two Metal Folding Chairs

587.Well Saver Water Heater

588.Power Strip

589.Galvanized Coal Bucket

590.Blower Motor

591.Plow Point

592.Plow Point 24" L

593.MTX 12" Subwoofer Untested Please Preview

594.Four Metal Castor Wheels

595.All State Car Jack

596.Outdoor Light And Crank Handle

597.Metal Rack, The Club, Caulk Guns, ETC

598.Oriental Express Area Rug 7' x 9'

599.Graniteware Canning Pot With lid

600.Remington Orange Dome Clay Targets in box

601.Remington Orange Dome Clay Targets in box

602.Blue OX Towing Sway Bars

603.Wilson Golf Balls In Box 9 total

604.Craftsman VAC Kit No Bag Untested

605.Vintage Tester IN Case

606.Electric Tester IN Flat

607.Flatware Wall Art Piece 12" x 24"

608.Graniteware Canning Pot With lid

609.Stair Basket And Assorted Household Items In Box

610.Photo Study Light Stands In Bag

611.Pro Studio Light Stands IN Bag

612.Swirl Wand System

613.Tile Cutter

614.Leather Chaps And Knife

615.Smith Corona Typewriter In Box

616.Ex-Cell Pressure Washer Untested

617.Outdoor Lights And Chainsaw Cleaner In Box

618.Pipe Wrench 24"

619.Masonry Tools In Box

620.Label Makers And Misc. Office Supplies in Box

621.Wood Shelf, Cords, Cables In Flat

622.Draw Knife 10" Blade

623.Smudge Pot

624.Smudge Pot

625.Garden Basket With Masonry Tools

626.Wood Planer Tool By Craftsman

627.Glassware And Misc. Household items In Box

628.Danskin Yoga Set Up

629.Box Of Cords And Wire

630.Rolling Luggage Carrier

631.Tool Shed 1/2" Impact Wrench

632.Crate Of Hardware And Propane Tank In Crate

633.Metal Clamps In Flat

634.Bucket Of Hardware

635.Antique Ohio Mobile Force Fire Hat

636.Schutt Football Helmet NO Face Mask

637.Nice Throw 56" x 60"

638.Wii Fit IN Box Untested

639.Scarlett Interface 2i4 In Box

640.Scarlett Studio Solo Studio in Box Untested

641.Powder Bags And Milk Bottle In Flat

642.Wally Amos Chip And Cookie Jars In Box

643.Tackle box With Hardware Content

644.Box Of Cords

645.Box Of Electrical Items

646.Bread maker And Salad Spinner

647.Running Boards 7' Set of 2

648.Riverfront Wall Art Piece 39 1/2" L x 15 1/2" W

649.Foxboro Target Flow Transmitter

650.Ceramic Tiles IN Box 4" x 4"

651.Binders, Bobble Head, Small Costume Jewelry Pieces, ETC.

652.Bundle Of Green Metal T-Post 6' Used (9)