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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1309)Amoco Double Sided Lighted Sign, Collectibles, 1999 Cavalier, Vintage Toys, Furniture, 1982 Moodcraft Bass Boat, Bingo Boards and Supplies, Tools, Household, Box Lots and more - Tuesday May 14th 8:00pm EST

Item Description
1.Cranberry "The Master Craft Collection" Pilgrim Vase 21 1/2" T Has Very Small Chip In Top

2.Mossberg 185K-B 20GA Bolt Action With Poly Choke Missing Magazine Serial Number

3.Amoco Double Sided Lighted Sign Does Work 7' T x 8 1/2' L Nice Shape

4.Long Wood Dough Bowl 2' x 5'

5.Comfort Heat Wood Burning Stove 52" T

6.Light Up Bingo Board 8' 7" x 29" T Untested Please Preview

7.Capitol Presidential Bingo Control Panel With Cabinet 24" x 51" W x 37" T

8.Tournament Bingo Balls In Foam Holder 1-75

9.Cub Cadet CSV070 Chipper/Shredder/Vacuum Please Preview Appears Lightly Used

10.Wurlitzer Piano With Bench Beautiful Piece Needs Some Tuning Please Preview And Bring Help TO Load

11.1982 Moodcraft Bass Boat 16' Has New Steering Cable Has Title Also With 1989 Johnson Power Trim Motor Ran Last Season And 45LB Trolling Motor

12.1999 Chevy Caviler White 4 CYL. Has Rebuilt Title Please Preview Vin Number

13.Homemade Trailer 7' x 56"

14.1910 Oldsmobile Limited Edition Car Decanter 18" L

15.Regulator Oak Wall Clock 27" L

16.Fairbanks Morris 100LB Cap Counter Top Scale From Troy, Ohio Serial Number G114540

17.Camel Cigarettes 21" x 21" Lighted Sign

18.The Charles WM. Doepke MFG. Co. Model Toys Fire Engine 34" L

19.Buddy L Texaco Tanker Truck 23" L

20.Case XX Hawk Bill Pocket Knife IN Bag

21.Ben Shaw's Soda Water Glass Bottle With Spritzer 13"

22.Select Dairy Phone Milk An Cream 2822 One Quart Milk Bottle

23.Gladding South Bend Model 1000 Depth Finder

24.Portsmouth 11 Annual Mural Banquet 1/21/15

25.E.J. Kenrick CO. Portsmouth, Ohio Green Bottle

26.Simplex Vintage Typewriter IN Original Box

27.Large Reamer Tool

28.Sicilian Gold Soldier Decanter 19 1/2" T

29.Art Glass Rooster 9 1/2"

30.Three Red Glass Peppers

31.Miller High Life Lighted Sign 27" L x 9 1/2" W

32.Graniteware Soap Dish

33.Washington Rural High School Nauvoo, Ohio 1942

34.Shadow Box Of Thimbles

35.1940 The Croaker Yearbook

36.Harmony Model 01253 Acoustic Guitar IN Soft case

37.Antique Tonka Fire Engine 15 1/2" L

38.Nylint 23" L White Auto Transport

39.Brookfield Swiss Blend Wood Cheese Box 12" L x 4"

40.Red Button And Troll Doll

41.Tonka Forklift Toy XR-101

42.Mouse Lure IN Bag

43.Structo 11" L Truck Piece

44.Cap Guns And Lighter Gun In Flat

45.Bag Of Misc. Tokens

46.Hubley Army Green Bell Telephone Truck 12" L

47.Two Masonic Tokens In Bag

48.Gold Tone Hawaii Dollar Coin

49.Pepsi Crate 12" x 18"

50.R.G. Dun Cigar Tin 3" x 5"

51.Graniteware Bowl 12"

52.World Globe On Base By Nystrom 16"

53.Early Gas Can 12" T

54.Antique Pump Sprayer

55.The North American Hunting Club Knives In Sheath (2 In Same Sheath)

56.Three Misc. Wild Turkey Knives in Bag

57.Mid-Century Drinking Glasses IN Flat

58.Eagle Pocket Knife IN Bag

59.Valor S.O.B. Pocket Knife In Bag

60.Bag Of Misc. Pocket Knives

61.Assorted Pocket Knives IN Flat

62.Imperial Pocket Knives IN Flat

63.Collectible Racing Bags In Flat

64.1998 Longaberger Picnic Basket 16" x 14" x 11"

65.Pipe Wrench 36"

66.Pipe Wrench 36"

67.Wilson A1526 Baseball Bat Johnny Bench

68.Louisville Slugger 125 Baseball Bat

69.Various Playing Cards In Flat

70.Three Green Canisters

71.Various Playing Cards In Flat

72.Coke Cola Wood Crate 12" x 18" x 4 1/2"

73.Camillus Pocket Knife

74.Multi Tool, Button, Pocket Watch, ETC.

75.Winchester Pocket Knife In Bag

76.Girl Scouts Pocket Knife

77.Preiser Nude Sunbather Model Pieces 1/2" IN Box

78.Select Dairy Phone Milk An Cream 2822 One Quart Milk Bottle

79.Two Men's Rings IN Bag

80.Sterling Necklace With Clear Stone Pendant

81.Sterling Necklace With Clear Stone Pendant

82.Sterling 7 1/2 Ring

83.Costume Wrist Watches IN Bag

84.Receipt Holder With Ice Picks One Marked Portsmouth

85.Pure Milk Company One Quart Red Label Milk Bottle

86.Two Milk Bottles One Marked HAGAN other Select Dairy Portsmouth, Ohio Both One Quart

87.Wrist Watches In Bag

88.Multi Tool, Watch Face, Bottle Opener In Flat

89.Fishing Lure in Bag

90.Fishing Lures IN Flat

91.Small Bag With Arrow Head, Razor, Tokens

92.West Virginia Tokens

93.Two Blue Ball Jars In Flat

94.Small Oil Cans In Flat

95.Two Stoneware Bowls

96.Barlow Pocket Knife In Bag

97.Bag Of Costume Jewelry IN Flat

98.Costume Jewelry in Box

99.Tools, Tin, Booklet, ETC.

100.Miniature Watch Part Containers In Small Bag

101.Prince Albert Tins With Pill Tins In Bag

102.Lamayre Paris Binocular Set IN Case

103.Marti Gras Mask IN Flat

104.Marti Gras Mask IN Flat

105.Marti Gras Mask IN Flat

106.Stoneware Vino Bottle And Four Cups

107.Estate Pipes In Bag

108.Steak Knives In Flat

109.Cadillac Emblem With Lock, Compass

110.Clear Crystal Bell With Unicorn Topper

111.Old Gold Cigarettes Display Piece 13" W x 18" L

112.Hooks And Lures In Flat

113.Files And Stakes In Flat

114.Files And Stakes In Flat

115.Hendrickson's Soda Bottle

116.Figures And Misc. Glassware In Flat

117.Melissa & Doug Magnetic Dress Up Princess

118.Bengals Clock Needs New Works 20" L x 10" W

119.Plyers, Wrenches And Clamps

120.Box Wrenches In Flat

121.Sockets And Wrenches In Flat

122.Metal Tackle Box With Some Content

123.Two Coffee Table Books IN Flat

124.Leather Beer Bottle Holster

125.Box Wrenches In Flat

126.Early Books IN Flat

127.Goggles, Miniatures, Wallets

128.Metal Box 14" L x 5" x 3"

129.Weights And Level

130.Coffee Canister, Scale, ETC.

131.Glass Candy Dish With Misc. Items IN Box

132.Collectible Beer Stein Marked Germany 9" T

133.Pepsi Bottle, Glassware, Camel Lamp, Planters

134.Flat of Hot Wheels

135.Solido Die Cast 1/64 Scale Car In Bag Chaparral 2F

136.Antique Japan Tin Mixer Truck 8"

137.1939 Metal Car Bank 3"

138.Long Wood Odd Curved Shaped Dough Bowl 58" L

139.Dazey No 40 Churn With Crank Please Preview 12" T

140.Cardboard Bingo Cards IN Large Box

141.Cardboard Bingo Cards IN Large Box

142.Cardboard Bingo Cards IN Large Box

143.Paper Bingo Sheets IN Small Box

144.Paper Bingo Sheets IN Small Box

145.Paper Bingo Sheets IN Small Box

146.Paper Bingo Sheets IN Small Box

147.Paper Bingo Sheets IN Small Box

148.Green Light Up Bingo Board 7' 6" x 29" T Untested

149.Light Up Bingo Board 8' 7" x 29" T Untested Please Preview

150.Tournament Bingo Balls In Foam Holder 1-75

151.Paper Bingo Sheets IN Small Box

152.Bingo Balls In Small Box

153.Bingo Balls In Small Box

154.Bingo Balls In Small Box

155.Lucky Seven Paper Bingo Sheets

156.Paper Bingo Sheets IN Small Box

157.Poppin And Poppy Pillsbury Shakers 3" Each in Bag

158.Arnold Palmer Round Of Golf Game

159.Ohio Pottery Co. Glass Bell Hand painted 5 1/2" 2T-1640

160.Floral Glass Paperweight

161.Glass Figures And Misc. Items In Small Box

162.Area Rug 92" x 65"

163.Chrysanthemum Wall Art Piece 29" x 43

164.Plastic Table Mate Fold Up Table 24" x 16" Top

165.Assortment Of Various Size Wall Art Pieces

166.Frame, Anniversary Clock, Scarf, ETC

167.Vineyard Wall Art Piece 43" L x 19 1/2"

168.Sawmill Canvas Wall Art Piece 47" x 39" T

169.Cling Sweep Roller IN Box

170.Shower Handles And Bathroom Accessories in Small Box

171.Covered Crystal Candy Dish

172.Two Table Lamps With Shades

173.Small Table 18" x 14" x 28" T

174.Telephone Table 14" x 18" x 28"

175.Floral Wall Art Piece 32" x 3'

176.Glass Top Coffee table For Repair

177.Planter Basket, Bag Chair, Cooler, Alarm Clocks In Bag

178.Lenox Dog Figure With West Moreland Owl IN Flat

179.Heavy Mirror 31" x 46"

180.Burgundy Ottoman 20" A x 20" T

181.Tonka Classic Bulldozer Toy IN Box

182.Eagle Woodenware Wringer Bucket 11" T

183.Spinning Wire Display Rack 22" T

184.Large Glass Store Display Jar 14" T With Lid

185.Metal Backhoe Toy 29" L

186.Wood Crate Of Kids Books

187.Tonka GVW 9.000 Pickup Truck Toy 11" L

188.1978 Goebel Crystal Bell 7" T

189.Princess Diana Memorabilia In Flat

190.Assorted Glassware And Figures In Tub

191.Case Of 45 Records

192.Case Of 45 Records

193.Stoneware Moonshine Jug Marked No 5 20" T

194.Hat Box Music paperwork And Figures in Tub

195.Two Old Advertisement Pieces 11" x 17"

196.Copper Style Cake Saver Mid-Century Piece

197.Case Of 45 Records

198.Antique Kenmore Fan 15" T Untested

199.Roy Rogers And Dale Evans "Happy Trails" Book

200.1991 The Cats Meow Wood Blocks In Flat

201.Antique Wood Violin Case 30 1/2"

202.Oak Bread Box 16" L x 10" T x 10" W

203.Mirrored Display Case 16" L x 12" W

204.Antique Tractor Seat

205.Cats Meow Figures And Frame In Flat

206.Tonka Grader Toy NIP

207.Wire Spinning Display Rack 22" T

208.Throw Pillow, Misc. Household Decorations, ETC.

209.Four Amish Prints In Frames 4" x 6"

210.Ohio State And Antique Picnic Basket

211.Magazines And Misc. Books In Box

212.Clown Figures, Monopoly Game And Misc. In Box

213.Wood And Metal Washboard 12" x 18"

214.Wood And Metal Washboard 12" x 18"

215.Tonka 5" L Dump Truck

216.Carnival Glass Bowl, Holly Bowl, ETC.

217.Salad Spinner Bowl, Misc. Glassware IN Tub

218.Cast Iron Planter With Bundt Pan

219.Fryer And Lids Off Appliance IN Tub

220.Canisters And Pie Plate With Crock

221.Cardboard Fan IN Flat

222.Early Framed Advertisement Piece

223.The Pampered Chef Cookie Gun

224.Wall Shelf And Misc. Toys IN Black Tub

225.Fisher Price Play Family School House

226.Boyd's Bears IN Flat

227.Happy Camper Key Racks With Steaming Baskets

228.Toaster Oven

229.General Electric Bedside Alarm Clock/Radio

230.Large Staple gun, Vintage Photography, ETC.

231.Teal Tote Of Dishes, Toys, Outdoor Dishes

232.Cut Board, Toy Dog, Misc. Items In Box

233.Glass Store Jar 6" T With Lid

234.Large Selection of Misc. Glassware In Box

235.Wood Ladder 5'

236.Wood Book Shelf 32" W x 57" T

237.Retro Style Radio Flyer Scooter Toy

238.Primitive Plantstand 3'

239.Childs Roll Top Desk 23" x 34" T

240.Pontoon Boat Steering cable

241.Howards Specialties Razor Strap 24" L

242.Illinois Razor Co Leather Strap

243.Wood Planer Tool 2" Blade

244.Tonka Scoop Crane truck

245.Train Parts In Flat

246.Shell 5 Gallon Gas Can

247.Tonka Metal Tow Truck

248.Old Fashion Toy Car IN Box

249.Copper Kettle

250.Tonka Grader Toy 18"

251.Monarch Jr, Printing Press With Stamps

252.Cast Toy Tractor 8"

253.Hot Wheels Barbie 20442 IN Box

254.Thread Our NO 2 Kit In Case

255.Wagnerware Skillet 10"

256.Mickey Mouse Lunch Kit

257.Mickey Mouse Bobble Head

258.World Doll Rhett Butler In Box

259.World Doll Ashley Wilkes In Box

260.World Doll Bell Watlin In Box

261.Mickey Mouse Bobble Head

262.Pepsi Crate 12" x 18"

263.Grease Guns In Flat

264.GI Joe Accessories Case 9" L x 4" x 5"

265.Two Porcelain Clown Dolls

266.Precious Moments Porcelain Doll In Box

267.Foto Electric Football By Mr. Fun IN Original Box

268.Pepsi Crate 12" x 18"

269.Cast Iron Skillet

270.Wagnerware 10" Cast Iron Skillet

271.Cast Iron Skillet 10" A x 3" D Marked 8D

272.Doll IN Box 19" L

273.Wood Planer Tool 2" Blade

274.Tin Bouncing Chef 13" T

275.Cast Iron John Deere tractor Toy 12" L

276.Acrylic Reindeer

277.Red Kerosene 5 Gallon Can

278.Metal Gas Can 5 Gallon

279.Small Brass Fire Extinguisher 13" L

280.Gingerbread House Cookie Jar

281.Goose Cookie Jar

282.Elephant Cookie Jar Has Slight Damage to Hat lid

283.Meat Tenderizer And Mole Trap

284.Roberta's Glamour Doll E 1742 Doll IN Box

285.1971 Mom's Girl Antique Doll 19" L

286.Hardware IN Flat

287.Auto X Fire Extinguisher

288.Tim Couch Bobble Head 6 1/2"

289.Walnut Military Surplus Gun Stock

290.Small 2 Gallon Gas Can

291.Early Books IN Flat

292.Spectrum Model Railroad Power System IN Box

293.Patches CAT, Camel, Bills, ETC.

294.Bottle Top Humidifiers IN Flat

295.GSP Drive Shaft LPN RR 27646 0545 in Box Appears New

296.Glassware And Misc. Items IN Small Box

297.Metal Spray Pump

298.Metal Spray Pump

299.Electric Game Caller IN Green Case

300.Sickle And Hand Saw In Flat

301.Vintage Barbie Dolls In Flat

302.Newspapers IN Flat

303.Hardware In Large box

304.Pioneer Cassette Player Untested With DVD Rewriter

305.Horse Hames For Decoration

306.Cleaners And Misc. Household items IN Box

307.Pub Dart Board With Cabinet

308.Flat of Misc. Magazines

309.Household Decorations In Large Box Cow, Waterer, Glassware ETC.

310.The Farming Game Board Game In Box Appears New

311.Coke Cola Bottles, Mugs, Bobble Head, ETC.

312.Hardware IN Flat Assorted Nails, ETC.

313.GM/ Cadillac Molding Piece 42" L

314.Rolling Tool Box With Minnow traps

315.Plastic Bin And Tools

316.Airborne And Division Half Dollar Coins

317.Porcelain Doll, Puzzle Piece Frame With Glass Ashtray In Box

318.Noritake Rose Chain Dishes IN Blue Tote

319.Clear Crystal Candy Dish With Lid 10" T

320.Amber Glassware In Flat One Clear Candle Holder

321.Crackle Glass Bottle 9" T

322.Pair Of Side Table Lamps 14" T

323.Ruby Candy Dish With Lid 8" T

324.Green Glass Creamer 4" T

325.Blue Glass Cream Pitcher 4 1/2" T

326.Amberina Art glass Candy Dish 6 1/2"

327.Craftsman 6.75 Mower Has No Blade

328.WORX Chainsaw

329.Motorcycle Windshield 30" L x 26" Please Preview

330.Motorcycle Windshield 20" W x 24" T Please Preview

331.Motorcycle 19" x 16" Windshield Please Preview

332.Motorcycle Windshield 22" x 20" Please Preview

333.Green Works 120 Volt Snow Blower

334.WORX Blower Vac With Bag

335.Ryobi Battery Operated Weed Trimmer NO Battery

336.Remington Cordless Pole Saw

337.Cable Duplex White Cable ON Spool

338.Cable Duplex White Cable ON Spool

339.Flashlights In Flat

340.Metal Bear Hanger 36"

341.Blue Fox Fur Wrap Boa New Old Stock With Original Tags

342.TASCO Binocular Set In Case

343.Wood And Metal Wall Art 22" x 32"

344.Antique Speaker In Cabinet 20" W x 24" T

345.Tall Golden Whiskey Decanter 16" T

346.Cell Phones, Calculator, Bratz Cards In Flat

347.Twilight Book Series IN Flat

348.City Of Ashes, Bones, And Glass Books In Flat

349.Box Of Assorted Books

350.Box Of Assorted Books

351.Hanging Michelob Beer Lighted Advertisement Piece 15" L

352.Box Of Assorted Books

353.Box Of Assorted Books

354.Three Pieces Of Large Wall Art

355.Large Wall Art 31" x 43"

356.Crate Of Hanging Lights

357.Tall Planter Vase 21" T

358.Auto Spa Polisher 6" IN Box

359.Stainless Bowls

360.Clock, Plate, Misc. Collectibles In Flat

361.Box Of Books

362.Two Canes Both Adjustable

363.The Hurry Cane

364.Men's Magazines IN Flat Must Be 18 To Purchase

365.Trivial Pursuit Game Board Games

366.Men's Magazines IN Flat Must Be 18 To Purchase

367.Small Hardware And Tools IN Flat

368.Men's Magazines IN Flat Must Be 18 To Purchase

369.Allen Wrenches IN Flat

370.LED Bulb With Tape Stick And Gauge

371.Men's Magazines IN Flat Must Be 18 To Purchase

372.Sports Illustrated Magazines IN Flat

373.Sports Illustrated Magazines IN Flat

374.Green Platter With Candle Holders

375.Spiderman Blanket

376.Truck Bed Cover 69" W Please Preview 78"

377.Toaster Oven And Waffle Iron Both Untested

378.Table Lamps, Picnic Basket, Lantern, ETC.

379.Planter Bucket With Shelf And Mole Trap

380.Laptop Bag , Jimmy Carter Picture , ETC.

381.The Secret Herb Premium Smell Proof Bag

382.Safety Bed Rail 48" L

383.2011 St Louis Cardinals Chris Carpenter Plaque 12" x 15"

384.2011 St Louis Cardinals Chris Carpenter Plaque 12" x 15"

385.2011 St Louis Cardinals Chris Carpenter Plaque 12" x 15"

386.Two Boxes Of Small Votive Candle Holders

387.Front Brush Guard For ATV

388.Honda Windshield 22" x 22"

389.Maddock Tool Head

390.Honda Front Dash Piece For Side by Side Please Preview

391.Pint Glass Canning Jars 18 IN Box

392.Pint Glass Canning Jars 18 IN Box

393.Pint Glass Canning Jars 18 IN Box

394.Quart Glass Canning Jars In Box 15

395.Quart Glass Canning Jars In Box 15

396.American Girl Lanie Doll Appears Almost New IN Box

397.Pajama/ Slippers And Outfit For American Girl Doll

398.Dress Purse And Shoes American Girl Outfit IN Bag

399.Dress, Stockings, Shoes, And Sweater American Girl Outfit In Box

400.Shoes, Pants, Coat And Jean American Girl Outfit

401.Rain Coat, Hat, Galoshes, Tennis Shoes American Girl Outfit

402.Sink Basin

403.Blue Hall Cubby 40" L x 22" T x 14" D

404.Kenmore 70 Series Washing Machine Untested Owner States It Works

405.Whirlpool Imperial Heavy Duty Dryer Owner States it Works

406.GE Cook Stove IN Black Owner States It Works

407.Campbell Hausfield Iron Force 150 Max PSI 5 HP 20 Gallon Air Compressor

408.Corner Shelf 22" W x 70" T x 12" D

409.The Cable Company Early 1900's Player Piano

410.Microwave Cart, Books Shelf, Rolling Chair And Small End Table

411.Entertainment Cabinet 4' L x 31" T x 20" D

412.Wardrobe Cabinet 38" W x 56" T x 20" D

413.Two Entertainment Cabinet Pieces 6' T x 16" D x 12" W

414.Area Rug 5' x 7'

415.Area Rug 65" x 80"

416.King Kutter 3 Point Seeder Used Once Great Shape

417.Piano Rolls 21 In Box

418.Piano Bench 3' L x 19" T

419.Piano Rolls 21 In Box

420.Piano Rolls 21 In Box

421.Mid-Century Desk Piece 56" L x 28" T x 19"

422.Piano Rolls IN Box 24

423.Large Wall Art Piece 42" x 32"

424.Cabinet For Repair 7' t x 24" W x 12" D

425.Roll top Desk 42"L x 53" T x 29" D

426.Piano Rolls IN Box 24

427.Mirrored Medicine Cabinet 3' x 3'

428.Piano Rolls IN Box 24

429.Canon AE-1 Camera IN Bag With Lenses and Misc. Accessories

430.Two Porcelain Dolls In Box

431.Lincoln electric AC-DC Arc Welder

432.Chipping Hammer, Gloves, Weld Hood

433.Reddy Heater Gas Untested

434.Gas Fireplace Logs

435.Wheel Chair Fold Out Style

436.Oak Coffee Table And Small End Table

437.Chore Master Pressure Washer With Wand Damage Needs New Wand

438.Drift Wood Decoration In Basket With Bushel Basket Decoration

439.Jar Lids And Rings In Box

440.Nylint Tourna hauler 28

441.Leather Saddle 14" No Name Please Preview

442.Wood Ladder 167" L

443.The Charles WM. Doepke MFG. Co. Model Toys Fire Engine 34" L

444.Gator Case guitar Case New

445.Primitive Style Handmade Bench 40" L x 3' T

446.Doll Cradle 16" W x 20" L

447.Primitive Style Handmade Bench 40" L x 3' T

448.Section Of Rope

449.Section Of Rope

450.Wood Ladder 10'

451.Horse Drawn Plow Piece

452.Oregon Sure Sharp Tool In Box

453.Primitive Push Plow

454.Two Gas Cans

455.Task Force Air Compressor 3 Gallon 1.5 HP Works

456.Air Hose On Roll

457.Vega Helmet With Speaker Inside Untested

458.School Desk Metal Frame Wood Top

459.Equestrian Accessories In Box

460.Bell Helmet With Speaker Untested

461.Two Wood Planer Tools In Flat

462.Buck Bench Shooting Stand

463.Sierra .22 Cal .224 40 GR SP Hornet 1200 100 Bullets (2 Packs )

464.Sierra 7mm .284 168 GR. HPBT 100 Rounds

465.Sierra 30 Cal .308 110 GR HP 100 Rounds

466.8' Gravity Fed Diesel Tank Empty

467.18 Treated 6' 4" Fence Post

468.Fold Out Picnic Table

469.Two 6' Folding tables With Damage

470.Horse Shoes In Small Box

471.Galvanized Pet Water Bowl

472.Pet Crate, Satellite, Mailbox, Tarp

473.Steel Wagon 4' x 2'

474.Work Dolly

475.Crate Of Yard Stakes

476.Table Saw With Motor Untested

477.Grinder With Motor Piece

478.Handheld Grinder With Saw Blade IN Flat

479.Hand Drill With Bits In Flat

480.Scraper, Funnel, Hand tools In Small Box

481.Branding Iron 20"L

482.Valve Clamp Tool

483.Bottle Jack

484.Splitting Mauls In Flat

485.Crate Of Yard Stakes

486.Dummy Camera In box

487.Two Metal Pulley In Flat

488.J & M Motorcycle Audio

489.Printer, Lamps, Flags, ETC.

490.Ohio State Flags In Flat

491.Bucket And Assorted Chain Parts

492.Post Hold Tool For Repair And Pick Tool Head

493.1912 Pat Well Pump Marked M??? & Bros

494.Bocce Balls In Case

495.Sprinklers, Gas Can, Plyers, ETC. IN Crate

496.Scent Be Gone Spray

497.Barb Wire Spools

498.Tackle Box, Barn Star, Bag Chair, Feeder, ETC.

499.Heating Blanket With Mattress Pad In Box

500.Safety Harness

501.Pillow Pet, Heated Seat Cushion, Etc.

502.Skirt Marker

503.Three Fire Ext.

504.Singer VX-847 Sewing Machine

505.Wahl Clippers, Cook Books, Etc.

506.Peet Dryer

507.Kitchen Items, Pie Plates, Toilet Paper Holder, Etc.

508.Pictures, Shoe Rack, & End Table

509.Bedding Set Looks to be Twin Size

510.Slumber Rest Mattress Pad Bed Warmer Twin Size

511.Slumber Rest Mattress Pad Bed Warmer Twin Size

512.Two Wreath Holders 44"

513.Asst. PVC Pipe

514.Wii Game System Untested