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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1520)Collectibles, Lumber, Tools, Furniture, Household, Coins and more - Monday October 19th 8:00pm EST

Item Description
1.1851 Large Cent

2.1849 Large Cent

3.1848 Large Cent

4.1912-D Barber Half Dollar

5.1912-S Barber Half Dollar

6.1908 Barber Half Dollar

7.1913-D Barber Half Dollar

8.150th Anniversary Portsmouth, Ohio37-38 Wood Nickel Set

9.Pine Lumber Bundle 6" x 8' L

10.Pride Burgundy Lift chair Works Great

11.Vintage Christian Dior Brooch In Box

12.Ring Video Door Bell New In Box

13.Small Wood Winchester Ammo Crate 10" x 9" x 14"

14.T.C. Lawson Sciotoville, Ohio Pint Milk Bottle

15.Homelite Ranger 30cc Chainsaw Works

16.Stihl 08-S Chainsaw Works

17.International China Company Dish Set With Extras 50+ Pieces

18.Enterprise MFG. Co Sausage Press With Strainer Insert

19.Trailer Dolly

20.Wood Covered Wagon Display 2' L

21.Toyo All Terrain Open Country 225/65-17 Tire

22.Two Way Utility Dolly

23.Tool Bucket With Skirt

24.Hand Grinder Tool

25.Various Golf balls in Flat

26.Various Golf balls in Flat

27.Various Golf balls in Flat

28.Various Golf balls in Flat

29.Various Golf balls in Flat

30.Box Fan 20" untested

31.Grater, Cup, Cookware, ETC.

32.Health-O-Meter Dr. Scale 3' T

33.1884 George Elliott Books in Box

34.Vintage Books IN Box

35.The History Of The United States Books IN Flat 1933

36.1887 Dr. Chases Receipt Book

37.1867 Message & Documents 1967 -68 Abridgement

38.Pat Office Report 1847

39.Sunlight And Shadow John Gough Illustrated

40.Books And Costume jewelry Box In box

41.Haier 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

42.Box Of Picture Frames And CD Player

43.Ladies M Wheelersburg Vintage Sweatshirt In bag

44.Graniteware And Aluminum Roaster

45.Stoneware Bowl 10" A

46.Bundle Of Wood Canes

47.Mid Century Chip And Dip Set With Original Bracket

48.International China Company Canister Set

49.Anchor Hocking American Salad Set And Punch Bowl

50.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

51.Shutters And Clothes Pins And misc. Items

52.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

53.Fishing Reels IN Flat

54.Antique Railroad Lantern With Lenses 4 Clear Two Blue

55.Fire Hose Nozzle 1 1/2" Line

56.Kerosene Burner

57.Delonghi Heater Untested

58.Aluminum Dinner Bell

59.Pike Creek Chub Lure 5" Three treble In bag

60.Bill Norman Lure 5" in Box

61.Box of Post Skirts

62.Travel ON Cane Stool

63.Cane With What Appears TO be Bone Carved Handle With Damage

64.Two tennis Rackets

65.Vintage handbag Black Leather

66.POSt Sleeve Skirts 6" x 6"

67.Book Shelf 2' W x 3' T

68.Cooler, Seat, Pitcher, Misc. items In box

69.Three Single trees

70.Primitive Horse Hames

71.Primitive Horse Hames

72.Pulley And Snips

73.Sink Basin 24" W x 20"

74.Bathroom Sink Basin 24 1/2" x 18 1/2"

75.Summerset Hardwood Flooring 25' Sq. In One Box And Other Box has been Opened But Almost Full

76.Box of Books

77.Edison Record And Misc. Vintage Electronics In box

78.Vintage Schlight Two Tone Wooden Clipboard

79.Proto Key Driver

80.VTECH 3 Handset Cordless Answering System

81.Costume Jewelry In Flat

82.Heating Pad, Frames, ETC in Box

83.Lead Bars In Box

84.Tool heads, C Clamps, Misc. Items in box

85.Dice Game, Folio, Steamer, Misc. Items In box

86.DeWalt Clipped Head Framing Nailer D51822

87.Throw Pillows, Vacuum. Sleeping bags

88.Tape Measure Suspenders

89.Vintage grilling Set IN Box

90.Tent, Miter Saw box, Tent, ETC.

91.Box of Books

92.White Board Cabinet 48" x 48"

93.Quilted Throw 3' x 4'

94.Replica Documents And Table mat

95.Charcoal Shutter Panels 14" x 55" (4) 14" x 43" (2)

96.Flagger Ahead Road Sign 3' x 3'

97.Flagger Ahead Road Sign 3' x 3'

98.Uneven Pavement Sign 3' x 3'

99.Bag Boy Golf Bag Caddy

100.Vintage Soda Bottles

101.Milk Bottle Carrier With 5 Cent Milk Bottle

102.Vintage Soda Bottles

103.Wire Grocery Basket

104.Vintage Soda Bottles

105.Basket Of Glass Bottles

106.Vintage Soda Bottles

107.Galvanized Wash Tub 24" A

108.Tub of Various Milk Bottles

109.Foam Cooler Of Bottles

110.Vintage Bottles In Bucket

111.Emerson Flat Screen For Repair No remote

112.HP Envy 5055 Printer Scanner

113.Sanyo Model No. VWM-690

114.Box of Thread

115.Vintage DAMON Spinning Tie Rack 3'

116.Electric Knife And Books IN box

117.Household items, Crafts, And Misc. Items IN Large Box

118.Bag of Costume Jewelry

119.Yard Art Pieces, Metal Bin And Candle Holder

120.Bag of Costume Jewelry

121.Bag of Costume Jewelry

122.Beaded Clutch Purse New In Bag

123.International Concepts Clutch New

124.Brighton Handbag Very Clean

125.Two Brighton Ladies Belts Small

126.Bag of Costume Jewelry

127.Wall Art, Flowers And Balloons With Lids

128.Bag of Costume Jewelry

129.Bag of Costume Jewelry

130.Tub Of Christmas Decorations

131.Toys And Christmas Decorations

132.Bag of Costume Jewelry

133.Bag of Costume Jewelry

134.Bag of Costume Jewelry

135.Bunnies And Flags ETC.

136.Bag of Costume Jewelry

137.Bag of Costume Jewelry

138.Plastic Folding 4' Table

139.Patterns, Curling Ribbon And Misc. Items In Box

140.Simplicity Patterns, ribbon, Micro kite, etc.

141.Sterling Size 7.5 Ring In box

142.Sterling Drop Earring

143.Sterling Earrings In box

144.Sterling Dream Catcher Necklace

145.Material Swatches And Misc. Items In Box

146.Sterling Ring Size 5

147.Sterling Ring 7.5

148.Gift bags And Misc. Household Wrap

149.14K CZ Earrings

150.Sterling And Glass Charm Beads

151.Sterling Ring 7.5

152.Sterling Drop Earrings

153.Sterling Hoop Earrings

154.10K Gold Chain And Heart Pendant For Repair

155.Flags, Ribbon And Misc. Items In Box

156.Mineral Necklace IN Box

157.Sterling Necklace Black Stone Pendant

158.Springfield Barometer

159.Cookie Cutters, Straw Hat Misc. items In Box

160.Costume Rings In Box

161.Ad Builder Magazines In box

162.Blinds, Wall Clock, Electric Picture Frame, ETC

163.Flat of Costume Jewelry

164.Flat of Costume Jewelry

165.Flat of Costume Jewelry

166.Flat of Costume Jewelry

167.Flat of Costume Jewelry

168.Flat of Costume Jewelry

169.Flat of Costume Jewelry

170.Flat of Costume Jewelry

171.Flat of Costume Jewelry

172.Record player Cabinet Micromatic And Entertainment Stand

173.Entertainment Center 41" W x 77" T x 21 1/2" D

174.Dining Table 59 1/2" x 41 1/2" x 29" T

175.Brother LS-2020 Sewing Machine

176.12QT Stock Pot

177.Stack Of Misc. Records

178.Oreck Pro Air Purifier Untested

179.Two Desk Lamps In Flat

180.Bird Cage 31" T For Decoration

181.Two Vintage Baseball Gloves

182.Lamp, Candle Holder, Planter And Vase

183.Metal White Cabinet 66" x 15" x 18"

184.Vintage Table 33" W x 19" D x 29" T

185.Mag Racks ,Wash Stand For Repair

186.Long Dresser 66" L x 18" x 29"

187.Framed Print 25" x 21"

188.Four Chairs For Repair

189.Stand And Hall Tree

190.Two Piece Hutch 50" W x 15" D x 79" T

191.Four Pieces Of Misc. Wall Art 24" x 30"

192.Black Chair Entry Table And Display Cabinet

193.Four Metal Chairs

194.Suit Stand And Childs Chair

195.Coffee Table 44" x 24" x 16"

196.Small Desk, Ironing Board And Vacuum Untested

197.Stereo Cabinet, Speakers, Stand And Stereo Untested

198.Keystone Sewing Machine In Cabinet Table

199.Bicycle Wall Art 24" x 24"

200.Collection Of VHS Tapes In Large Box

201.Metal Box And Air Machine Untested

202.Rollers, Wall Art And misc. Household items

203.Glass Punch Bowl With Cups And Snack Set In Two Boxes

204.Amber Glassware In Small box

205.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

206.Weighted Sterling Candle holders 3" T

207.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

208.Camera , GPS Misc. Electronics In Flat All Untested

209.Wood Shelves, Dolls, Misc. Household items

210.Kitchen items And Cookware In Tub

211.Bread box, Wall Art Misc. Glassware In box

212.Flat of Costume Jewelry

213.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

214.Flat of Costume Jewelry

215.Flat of Costume Jewelry

216.Covered Dish And Misc. Glassware In Box

217.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

218.Vintage Arabian Style Lamp Table Lighter 10" T

219.Vintage Glass Cars In Flat All Approx. 6" L

220.Glass Snail And Art Glass Paper Weight

221.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

222.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

223.Plate Rack, Tins, Misc. Items In Box

224.Books And VHS Tapes

225.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

226.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

227.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

228.Perfumes And Frames IN Flat

229.Vintage Pitcher And Basin Set

230.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

231.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

232.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

233.Camcorder, VHS Players, Fan, ETC. All Untested in Cart Cart NOT Included

234.Colorful Bottles In Box With Stoppers

235.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

236.Glassware And Toys In Box

237.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

238.Pure Milk Birmingham, AL t Milk Bottle

239.Shot Glasses And Portsmouth Murals Calendar IN Box

240.Large Selection Of Misc. Glassware

241.Miniature Oil Lamps In Flat

242.Fine Porcelain 20 Piece Dish Set in Box Unsure If Complete

243.Stack Of Assorted Wall Art

244.Smith Corona Typewriter In Case

245.Wire Baskets Misc. Household Decorations

246.Box Of 45 Records

247.Bread Maker, Crock Pot And Corning ware In Box

248.Temptations Cookware And Holders With Plastic Lids

249.Dutch Print Glass Tumblers 25 In Box

250.Vintage Fire Extinguisher On Holder 14" L

251.Collection of Tupperware And Plasticware

252.Midland Model 76-858 CB Unit Untested

253.Collection Of 8 track Tapes

254.Costume jewelry Tree Decoration In Frame 22" x 24"

255.Tram Titan 3 With MIC And Regency Scanner All Untested

256.Paper Holder, Bottles And Misc. items In box

257.KMART Box Fan

258.Appliances All Untested, Kitchen Items, Cookware, Glassware All On Pallet

259.Wall Art And Misc. Christmas Decorations All On Pallet

260.Wicker Rack 6' x 3' W

261.Ohio State Bean Bag Toss Boards

262.Fire Place Screen And Box Of Blinds And Light Fixture

263.Build A Bear Glisten And Plush Animal Kids Purse

264.Various Kids Toys IN Large Box

265.Interior Door 32" x 79 1/4"

266.Interior Door 24" x 80"

267.Interior Door 30" x 79"

268.Closet Doors 18" x 79"

269.Interior Door 79 1/4" x 29 3/4"

270.Interior Door 30" x 80"

271.Plastic Kids Playhouse

272.Pine Lumber Bundle 6" x 8' L

273.Pine Lumber Bundle 6" x 8' L

274.Set of Shocks 66" L

275.Bundle Of Pine Lumber 4" x 8'

276.Bundle Of Pine Lumber 4" x 8'

277.Stack Of 1" x 3' Posts

278.White Oak And One Cherry Boards 8' x 6"

279.White Oak Board 4" x 8' Lumber Bundle

280.10 Trump Bumper Stickers

281.10 Trump Bumper Stickers

282.10 Trump Bumper Stickers

283.10 Trump Bumper Stickers

284.Gold Tone Trump 100000 Bill

285.Gold Tone Trump 100 Bill

286.Gold Tone Trump 1000 Bill

287.Vintage UC Postage Stamps

288.1938 Marietta Ohio wood Nickel Set

289.55 Wheat Cents IN Tube

290.29 Buffalo Nickels

291.Trump 2020 Gold Tone Token

292.Trump 2020 Gold Tone Token

293.Trump 2020 Gold Tone Token

294.1852 Drilled Large Cent

295.1875 Indian Head Cent

296.1876 Indian head Cent

297.1879 Indian Head Cent

298.1881 Indian Head Cent

299.1899 Indian Head Cent

300.1901 Indian Head Cent

301.1902 Indian Head Cent

302.1903 Indian Head Cent

303.1905 Indian Head Cent

304.1906 Indian Head Cent

305.1907 Indian Head Cent

306.1908 Indian head Cent

307.1868 2 Cent Piece

308.1925 Standing Liberty Quarter

309.1926 Standing Liberty Quarter

310.1927 Standing Liberty Quarter

311.1929 Standing Liberty Quarter

312.1930 Standing Liberty Quarter

313.1930-S Standing Liberty Quarter

314.1853 Seated Quarter

315.1877 Seated Quarter

316.1892 Barber Quarter

317.1898 Barber Quarter

318.1901 Barber Quarter

319.1903 Barber Quarter

320.1907 Barber Quarter

321.1908-O Barber Quarter

322.1909-D Barber Quarter

323.1911 Barber Quarter

324.1914 Barber Quarter

325.1911-D Barber Quarter

326.1916-D Barber Quarter

327.1927 Barber Quarter

328.1853-O Seated Half Dollar

329.1854 Seated Half Dollar

330.1859-O Seated Half Dollar

331.1893 Columbian Half Dollar

332.1894 Barber Half Dollar

333.1898 Barber Half Dollar

334.1898-S Barber Half Dollar

335.1899 Barber Half Dollar

336.1899-S Barber Half Dollar

337.1902 Barber Half Dollar

338.1920-O Barber Half Dollar

339.1903-O Barber Half Dollar

340.1918-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar

341.1917-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar

342.PCGS Coin Case

343.Bag Of Tokens And Shaker Bottom

344.World Coins In Bag

345.Buffalo & Liberty Nickels in Bag

346.Bag of 11 Ike Dollars

347.Bag of Tokens

348.Bag of Tokens

349.1936 NRA Token

350.1883 Indian Head Cent

351.Shield Nickels In Bag

352.Bag With World Tokens

353.Sassy Sally Token

354.Bag With World Tokens

355.1929-D Standing Liberty Quarter

356.1928 Standing Liberty Quarter

357.1926 Standing Liberty Quarter

358.1925 Standing Liberty Quarter

359.1933-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar

360.1911 Barber Half Dollar

361.1909 Barber Half Dollar

362.1907-D Barber Half Dollar

363.1908-O Barber Half Dollar

364.1968-D Kennedy Half Dollar

365.1967 Kennedy Half Dollar

366.1969 Kennedy Half Dollar

367.1967 Kennedy Half Dollar

368.1965 Kennedy Half Dollar

369.Sheet Of Tokens

370.Sheet Of Tokens

371.Sheet Of Tokens

372.Sheet Of Tokens

373.Sheet Of Tokens

374.100 Wheat Cents Owner States All S

375.100 Wheat Cents Owner States All S

376.100 Wheat Cents Owner States All S

377.100 Wheat Cents Owner States All S

378.100 Wheat Cents Owner States All S

379.100 Wheat Cents Owner States All S

380.100 Wheat Cents Owner States All S

381.100 Wheat Cents Owner States All S

382.100 Wheat Cents Owner States All S

383.100 Wheat Cents Owner States All S

384.100 Wheat Cents Owner States All S

385.100+ Wheat Cents Owner States All S

386.1917 Mercury Dime

387.1918 Mercury Dime

388.1944-D Mercury Dime

389.1944-S Mercury Dime

390.1940-S Mercury Dime

391.1940-D Mercury Dime

392.1945-S Mercury Dime

393.1944 Mercury Dime

394.1945-D Mercury Dime

395.1938 Mercury Dime

396.1938 Mercury Dime

397.1939 Mercury Dime

398.1941 Mercury Dime

399.1939 Mercury Dime

400.1944 Mercury Dime

401.1943 Mercury Dime

402.1938-D Mercury Dime

403.1937 Mercury Dime

404.1936-S Mercury Dime

405.1936-D Mercury Dime

406.1936 Mercury Dime

407.1936-S Mercury Dime

408.1935 Mercury Dime

409.1935-S Mercury Dime

410.1935 Mercury Dime