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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1332)Collectibles, Jon Boat, Stainless Steel Sink, Lumber, Tools, Furniture, Household, Coins, Box Lots and more. - Tuesday July 16th 8:00pm EST

Item Description
1.Hamilton And Jones NO 2 Crock Does Have Damage Please Preview 8" T x 9 1/2" A

2.Aluminum Jon Boat 10' x 44" W x 12" D With Trolling Motor And Two Sets of Rubber Oars

3.Antique Wood Boat Oars

4.Hondo No 5 Banjo Needs re Strung But Sounds Great

5.Stainless Steel Double Sink 7' L x 28" D x 43" T

6.Antique Secretary Book Case 37" W x 68" T x 13" D

7.Metal Enamel Coats Sink 54" L x 22" D

8.Ceramic Gold And Ivory Christmas Tree 20" T Has Slight Damage

9.Roomba Discovery IRobot Vacuum New IN Box Untested

10.MAC SAE 3/8 Drive Impact Sockets on Holder

11.Live Edge Crotch Board 8" W x 80" L x 9"

12.Bundle Of Various Size Unique Walnut Crafting Boards

13.Craftsman Machinist Tool Chest NO Key 26" L x 20" T x 12" D Eight Drawer

14.Craftsman 7HP 2700 PSI Pressure Washer Has Compression

15.Mid-Century Dining Table With Six Chairs And One Leaf

16.Nine New IN Package 33 Records, Ohio Players, Gray Wright, Eddie Hendricks, ETC.

17.Mid-Century Teal An Gold Riverboat Glasses IN Box

18.Antique Dutch Girl Cookie Jar 12 1/2" T Small Shallow Cracks And Faded Paint But Otherwise NO Chips

19.Powder Horn

20.Muzzleloader Double Barrel Shotgun IN Rough Condition Please Preview

21.Hide Powder Bag 10" L

22.Roseville 4Qt Stoneware Bowl Blue Trim

23.Roseville 2Qt Stoneware Bowl Blue Trim

24.Roseville 1Qt Stoneware Bowl Blue Trim

25.Collage Made From Vintage Odd Fellow Flags In Frame

26.Antique Victrola Cabinet 24" W x 33" T x 15" D

27.Heavy Duty Frame 30 1/2" x 36"

28.Wood Chair Weaved Seat 30"

29.Wood Chair Weaved Seat 30"

30.Antique Piano Board Piece 52" x 16"

31.Insta Lok Tripod IN Box

32.Wood Crate 14" x 12 1/2" x 16

33.Galvanized Tub 23" x 21" x 12"

34.Galvanized Tub 23" x 21" x 12"

35.Metal Loaf Pans on Rail

36.Vintage Metal Green Utility Box With Hardware

37.Vintage Roulette Wheel IN Box With Mat

38.Pentax Camera In Flat With Case

39.Antique Hand sewn Silk Table Runner

40.Antique Slag Glass Floor Lamp 5' One Panel Is Cracked

41.Metal Plantstand

42.Walnut Sewing Cabinet 28" W x 14" D x 29" T

43.Wheeling Galvanized Tub On Stand 21" x 21" x 32 1/2" T

44.Stewart Cedar Chest 46" L x 21" W x 21" T

45.Small Cedar Trunk 3' L x 16" x 16" T

46.Antique Mahogany Three Shelf Book Case 3' x 12" D x 4' T

47.Wood Rolling Office Chair

48.Singer Sewing Machine In Cabinet Untested

49.Antique Walnut And Walnut BURL Six Drawer Dresser 40" W x 22" D x 42 1/2" T

50.Electronic Bingo Board

51.Victorian Mahogany Dining Chairs 8 Total One Captain 37"

52.Continental Industries Socket Set In Case

53.22 KTG Painted Tea Pot With Lid

54.Poker Set In Holder

55.Blue And Gold Glassware IN Flat

56.Wards Airline Table Top Radio 16" x 10"

57.Jumper Cables in Flat

58.Flat of Hand tools

59.Black & Decker Electric Drill

60.1949 Portsmouth Trojans Yearbooks

61.Flat of Hand tools

62.Flat of Hand tools

63.1968-69 Portsmouth Progress Report Booklet

64.Kiondaga College Yearbook 1939

65.Collection Of Jewelry Making Books IN Flat

66.State Patrol T-47 Tractor trailer Buddy L 1992

67.Collectible Figures IN Flat

68.Tape Measure, Hand tools In Flat

69.Tackle Box Of Enamels And Tools

70.Box Of Books

71.Crate Of Spindles Longest Is 30"

72.Box Of Books

73.Crate Of Books

74.Box Of Sewing Supplies

75.Box Of Books

76.Box Of Books

77.Spools, Grinder, Glassware, ETC. In Box

78.Gold Plated Flatware In Box

79.Crate Of Silver-plate And Glassware

80.Box Of Books

81.Gold Tea Service

82.Box Of Assorted Glassware

83.Kool Rubber Draft Beer Mats

84.Box Of Books

85.Philco Table Top Radio/Phonograph 30" W x 13" T x 17" D

86.Box Of Books

87.Stangl Pottery Dishes In Box

88.Porgy And Bess 78 Record IN Folder

89.Antique Wood Box 22" x 32" x 13"

90.1970 The Pete Rose Story Hardback Book

91.Collection Of Misc. Glassware, Household, Books, Electronics, Sporting Goods, ETC,

92.Small Collectible Toys in Flat With Robot

93.Pair Of Bird Bottles 4"

94.Smudge Pot And Wire In Flat

95.HVLP Sprayer In Box Used

96.Guitar Case 41" L

97.Antique Wall Art Piece 31 1/2" x 17 1/2"

98.Heavy Gold Trim Glassware IN Flat

99.Cups And Misc. Glassware IN Box

100.Three Vegetable Baskets 14" x 10"

101.Pink EcoTouch Insulation R-30 Roll

102.Three Wildlife Wall Art Pieces 19" x 17 1/2" One Bird Wall Art 16"x 20"

103.Pair Of Jack Stands

104.Box Of Glassware

105.Tube Tester With Book And Case

106.Brownie Movie Projector Untested

107.Box Of Glassware

108.Box Of Glassware

109.Box Of Glassware

110.Bionic Woman Coffee Cup

111.Tin Red Goose Shoes Spinner 2"

112.Vintage Advertisement Pieces With Girls Wanted Button

113.Flat Of paper goods And Advertisement Pieces

114.Vases, Pottery Mugs, Glassware In Box

115.Iris And Herringbone Pitcher, With Misc. Glassware

116.Tub Of Liquor Bottles

117.Box Of Glassware

118.Books, Ashtray, Small Local Advertisement Pieces

119.UK Baseball Post Card And Eddie Yost Card In Bag

120.Small Assorted Wall Art Pieces All Early Largest Piece 12" x 16"

121.Kirby Vacuum Parts In Large Box

122.Possibly Roseville Flower Frog

123.Glassware, tennis Rackets, ETC.

124.Misc. Green Depression Glass Vase In Flat With Glassware,

125.Large Pottery Floor Lamp 60" Tall

126.Ruby Glass Vase 21" T

127.Box Of Misc. Cookware All With Lids

128.Perfume Bottles IN Flat

129.Shriners Belt Buckle

130.Antique Security Lock 3" L No Key

131.Sharpener, Chin rest, Loop/Compass, ETC. In Small Bag

132.Stanley Machinery Zippo Lighter In Bag

133.Early Gold Tone Lady's Zippo IN Bag

134.Bag Of Wrist Watches

135.Bag OF Costume Jewelry

136.Bag Of Wrist Watches

137.Two Wrist Watches In Bag

138.Basket, Candle Holder, Ashtray ETC.

139.Gold Plastic Wall Art Pieces, Sconces, ETC. In Box

140.Statues in Box All World Styles

141.Red Decorative Box With Two Bags Of Buttons

142.Nine West Handbag

143.Mirror, Wicker Shelf, Etc. IN Box

144.Christmas Ornaments And Misc. Items In Flat

145.Five Porcelain Santa Figures In Flat 5" T

146.Five Porcelain Santa Figures In Flat 5" T

147.Five Porcelain Santa Figures In Flat 5" T

148.Five Porcelain Santa Figures In Flat 5" T

149.Five Porcelain Santa Figures In Flat 5" T

150.Five Porcelain Santa Figures In Flat 5" T

151.Five Porcelain Santa Figures In Flat 5" T

152.Insulated Bag Cooler

153.Plush Toys In Box

154.Wheel Chair Accessories In Small Box

155.Didi Perry CD's IN Small Box

156.Household Decorations And Stoneware IN Small Box

157.Didi Perry CD's IN Small Box

158.Ninja Turtle Ad IGA Van In Flat

159.Board Game, Books, Misc. Household

160.Crystal Candle Holder, Misc. Household Items In Box

161.Didi Perry CD's IN Small Box

162.Didi Perry CD's IN Small Box

163.Bullseye And Jessie Figures IN Flat

164.Didi Perry CD's IN Small Box

165.Didi Perry CD's IN Small Box

166.REX From Toy Story Figure

167.Toys IN Box

168.Coffee Warmer, Food Saver, Electric Skillet

169.Plastic Hangers In Box

170.Puzzles And Books In Small Box

171.Box Of Books

172.Metal Candle Holders IN Small Box

173.CD's IN Flat

174.CD's IN Flat

175.Large Box Of Kids Toys

176.Throw Pillow, Handbags, ETC. IN Box

177.Glass Figures And Egg Plate IN Flat

178.Figures And Misc. Glassware IN Flat

179.Kitchen Knives IN Flat

180.Fenton Ribbon Edge Basket 10" T

181.Skeet Shooting Game In Box

182.Step Stool And Shelf

183.Turtle Lamp

184.Rotary Phone Beige

185.Hull Planter 6" T x 8" A

186.Collection of Misc. Wall Art

187.Collection Of Misc. Wall Art

188.Corelle Dinner Plates

189.China Dishes IN Box

190.China Dishes IN Box

191.China Dishes IN Box

192.Queen Ann Bone China Black And Pink Rose Tea Cup And Saucer Set

193.Box Of Assorted Glassware

194.World Books IN Two Boxes

195.Dishes, Sleeping Bag, Misc. Household Items In Large Box

196.Assorted Wall Art Pieces

197.Echo PB-200 Gas Powered Blower "Runs"

198.Industrial Metal Table Base 39" x 43" x 28" T

199.Live Edge Black Gum Slab 126" L x 18" W x 2 1/4" Thick

200.Live Edge Black Gum Slab 126" L x 17" W x 2 1/4" Thick

201.Climbing Spikes

202.Live Edge Black Gum Slab 126" L x 17" W x 2 1/4" Thick

203.John Deere Fundamentals Of Service Manuals In Flat

204.Eaton Truck Axels Binder Of Booklets

205.Two Stroke Oil IN Flat

206.Stihl Two Cycle Oil IN Flat

207.Black Hawk BW-1172 Wrench

208.Proto 1 3/8" Wrench

209.Proto 5885 3/4" Breaker Bar

210.Log Chain 5 1/2'

211.Bailey No 5 Fluted Bed Planer Tool

212.Chopping Axe

213.Bailey No 4 1/2 Fluted Bed Planer Tool

214.Web Lifting Sling 2" x 6' New

215.MAC 5/8" Spark Plug Socket

216.Flat Snap On Screw Driver

217.Live Edge Crotch Board 78" L x 22" x 2"

218.Live Edge Walnut Slab 100" L x 13" W x 2" D

219.Live Edge Walnut Slab 97" x 13" x 2"

220.Live Edge Crotch Board 17" x 98" x 2"

221.Tools, Stand, Misc. Items In Box

222.Live Edge Crotch Board 20" x 78" x 2"

223.Live Edge Crotch Board 80" x 18" x 2"

224.Walnut Post 4" x 5" x 90"

225.Live Edge Walnut Slab 16" x 98" x 2"

226.MAC 3/8" Ratchet

227.Ford Emblem 7" x 2 3/4"

228.Nightstick Yellow Flashlight

229.Pair Of Bridgestone Duravis LT265/70R17 Tires Used

230.Pair Of Lancaster LB100 255/70R19.5 Tires Used

231.Dogs, Bits, And Hardware In Flat

232.Carhartt Seat Cover IN Flat

233.Carhartt Seat Cover IN Flat

234.Proto 1192-A Wrench In Flat

235.Chainsaw Safety Chaps

236.Antique Molding Piece 30" L

237.Hay Wagon Shock Hitch For Pick Up

238.Rigid BC410 Pipe Vice

239.Curt trailer Pintle Hitch

240.Weather Armour In Roll Appears New

241.Klein Tool Bag/Bucket

242.Ford Expedition Power Running Board

243.Three Size xl Denim Shirts One Marked CSX

244.Seven Walnut Boards 7 1/2" W x 92" L x 1" Thick

245.Live Edge Walnut Slab 77" L x 11" W x 2" Thick

246.Live edge Walnut Slab 75" L x 11" W x 1 3/4" Thick

247.Live Edge Walnut Slab 74" L x 9 1/2" x 2"

248.Four Men's XL Flannel Shirts

249.John Deere Tractor Part Please Preview

250.Four Walnut Boards 6" x 80" x 1"

251.Four Walnut Boards 6" x 80" x 1"

252.Retro Men's Lee railroaders Denim Coat Size XL Made In USA

253.Short Round Post Hole Shovel

254.Stihl Chainsaw Guards

255.Sledge Hammer 30" L

256.Water Shut Off Key

257.Bundle Of 2"x 2" Lumber

258.Tongue And Groove Shiplap In Bundle

259.Bucket Of Bolts And Hardware

260.Hole Saw Bits In Flat

261.Fenix Caution Light Works

262.Steins Rain Fishing Coat Size XL

263.Three Wood Post 8' L x 4 3/4" x 3"

264.Nylon Rope Section In Flat

265.Three Boards 8' x 2" x 10"

266.Columbia Rain Coat IN Flat Size XL

267.Three Plaid Wrangler Shirts IN Flat All XL

268.Two Wood Board Painted 80" x 16"

269.Men's XL Work Coat

270.Snake/Bruch Size 32 Chaps

271.Ford F150 Crew Cab Chrome Running Boards For 2015 Appear New In Box

272.Four Plaid Long Sleeve Button Up Shirts

273.Bauer 3' Ladder

274.Misc. Short Sleeve Button Up Shirts Size XL

275.DeWalt 4 1/2" Angle Grinder Works

276.Actron Timing Analyzer In Flat

277.DeWalt Swivel Head Shear Works

278.Maddox Disc Brake Pad And Caliper Tool Kit

279.Mikita Hammer Drill Model HP2010N

280.Mikita Sander Works

281.Skil Jig Saw Works

282.Black & Decker Electric Drill

283.Mikita Circular Saw Works

284.DeWalt Reciprocating Saw Works

285.Drill Bits In Case

286.Entertainment Stand 5' x 16" D x 38" T Missing Some Hardware And Shelves

287.Pyrex Baking Dish And Small Enamel Tea Pot

288.Mug Rack, Serving tray, Vase, ECT.

289.Craftsman Stackable Tool Chest 26 1/2" x 53" x 14" D

290.Chest Of Drawers 38" x 18" x 52" T

291.Wardrobe Piece 39" W x 69" T x 16" D

292.Roll Top Desk 5' L x 42" T x 18" D

293.Entertainment Center 22" x 6' x 39" W

294.Five Bags of Scrap Pieces Of Oracal Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Vinyl

295.Five Bags of Scrap Pieces Of Oracal Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Vinyl

296.Five Bags of Scrap Pieces Of Oracal Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Vinyl

297.Four Bags of Scrap Pieces Of Oracal Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Vinyl

298.Five Bags of Scrap Pieces Of Oracal Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Vinyl

299.Scrap Pieces Of Oracal Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Vinyl

300.Scrap Pieces Of Oracal Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Vinyl

301.Scrap Pieces Of Oracal Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Vinyl

302.Scrap Pieces Of Oracal Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Vinyl

303.Wood Microwave Cart 3' x 5' x 20"

304.Pair Of Mid-Century Lamps 44" T

305.Antique Wood Shaft Golf Club

306.Wilson Antique Wood Shaft Golf Club

307.Wilson Frank Madden Wood Shaft Golf Club

308.1927 Pro Flite Wood Shaft Sweet Spot Club

309.Metal Rack 34" x 38"

310.Mid-Century Storage Bench 41" x 29" x 16"

311.Coffee Table And End Table One Needs repaired

312.Mid-Century Server Cabinet 38" x 57" T x 18" D

313.Three Lamps In Box

314.Small Dresser 28" W x 35" T x 14" D

315.Two Cubbies And Small Metal Stand 24" x 30"

316.Floor Lamp 4 1/2'

317.Shelf 5' L x 3' T With White Shelves

318.Chest Of Drawers 42" x 13" x 33"

319.Wood 6' Ladder

320.Wood 6' Ladder

321.Wood 2' Ladder

322.Eden Pure Heater Untested

323.Paper Shredder Untested


325.Golf Bag With Content One Cobra Driver

326.Rolling Golf Bag With Content

327.Three Golf Bags

328.Long Pruner Tool

329.Saw Horses

330.Metal Stand 12" A x 30" T

331.Shower Chair

332.Two Blue Plastic Tarps

333.Two Snow Shovels And Rake

334.Two Metal Leaf Rakes

335.Iron Rake

336.Edger Tool

337.Short Round Shovel

338.Hand Saw And Chopping Axe

339.Hand tools In Flat

340.Hand tools In Flat

341.Bucket Seat With Bucket Skirt And Inserts

342.Ping Anser 4 Club

343.Six Golf RH Putters

344.Box Of Wall Art

345.VHS Tapes in Holders With Mitsubishi VHS Player NO Remote Untested

346.Master Piece Porcelain Swan

347.Tray Valet IN Box Needs Assembly

348.Indoor Electric Grill

349.VHS Tapes And Misc. Items

350.Knife Block With Content

351.Box Of Books

352.Box Of Hanger

353.Touch Lamp With Extra Globe 24" T

354.Igloo Lunch Cooler

355.Box Of Books

356.Six New In Package 33 Records Assorted Artist Street Talk, Cate Bros. Etc.

357.Six New IN Package 33 records Empire, Detective ETC.

358.Six New In Package 33 Records BIM, Sunshine. ETC

359.Six New In Package 33 Records Dictators, Jon Stewart

360.Six New IN Package 33 Records Organized Con funk Shun, Trooper, ETC.

361.Six New In Package 33 Records Mandre, Diamond Nights, ETC

362.Six New IN Package 33 Records Hilly Michaels, Slave, ETC.

363.Six New IN Package 33 Records Rose Royce, Lauren Wood, ETC.

364.Humidifier, Ice Cream Maker, Food Processor in Flat All Untested

365.Box Of Misc. 33 Records

366.Box Of Misc. 33 Records

367.Box Of Books

368.Box Of Books

369.Box Of Books

370.Books, Misc. Small Household Items In Box

371.Box Of Books

372.Encyclopedia Of Gardening Books In Box

373.Antique Lamp Shade

374.Wood Plantstand 4' x 4'

375.Box Of Picture Frames

376.Box Of Books

377.Two Book Shelves 30"W x 4' T

378.Large Selection Of Misc. Wall Art

379.Books, 8 Tracks, Misc. Office Supplies In Box

380.Tin, Beads, Misc. Items In Crate, ETC.

381.Wood Statue 12" T

382.Lamp, Platter, Glassware, Misc. Items In Box

383.Lot of Misc. Cookware

384.Tins, Bottles, Misc. Glassware AN Avon IN Box

385.Capa De Monte Candle Holders

386.Handyman Accessories

387.Wood Hall Tree 6'

388.Pitchers, Tea Maker, Sandwich Maker, ETC.

389.Misc. Bowls And Assorted Glassware

390.Metal Fold Out Stool And Plastic Step Stool

391.Metal Milk Can 24" T

392.Hat Tree And Wood Chair 33" T

393.Ladies Short Sewing Rocker 38" T

394.FS Elite Classic Cruiser For Assembly Appears New But Missing Seat

395.Itasca 10 1/2" Side Zip 3/4 Boot New IN Box Need Cleaned

396.Puzzles And Misc. Items In Box

397.Box Of Misc. Bowls And Glassware

398.Two Bike Seats In Flat

399.Strap Wrench, VHS, Inflator, ETC. In Box

400.Gold Wheat And White Dishes IN Small Box

401.Anniversary Clock, Curtin Hangers, Basket, Coffee Tin, ETC.

402.Books Adding Machines, ETC.

403.1995 New Holland Tractor Bell

404.Hardware, Cords, Misc. items Basket

405.Antique Ford Emblem 5 1/2" A

406.Assorted Glassware In Large Box

407.NASCAR Vintage Jelly Jars

408.Brown Derby Steakery Draft And Wine Glasses In Flat

409.Advertising Glassware In Flat

410.Art Glass Whale 3" L

411.Box Of Glassware

412.Porcelain Wall Pockets Made In Japan 6" L

413.Wooden Fishing Decorations IN Small Box

414.Large Canvas Wall Art Piece 44" x 24"

415.Two Canvas Wall Art Pieces 24" x 36"

416.Tins, Paper Towel Holder Misc. Glassware And Oriental Tea Service In Box

417.Small Vintage Sewing Box 15" T x 9" D

418.Shelf, Gun Rack, Serving Trays, ETC.

419.Tote of Coolers & Bags

420.Miniature Little Tykes Toy Car 6" x 6"

421.Precious Moments Wedding frame

422.Corner Shelf 18 1/2" W x 23" T

423.White Duck Cookie Jar

424.Mugs And Misc. Glassware In Large Box

425.Wood Ends Table 21" x 28"

426.Rusty Gas Can

427.Toy Playset, Life Jacket, ETC.

428.Collection Of Household Items

429.Wood Cut Board 15 1/2" SQ

430.Light Fixture, Misc. Electronics In Flat

431.Flat of Costume Jewelry

432.Smart Mug 2 New In Pack

433.Sharp UX-510A Fax Machine

434.Tub Of Kitchen And Dish Towels

435.Grater, Toys, Misc. Household items

436.Lantern, Lamp, Music box, ETC.

437.Box Of Mugs

438.Handbags And Tote In Box

439.Large Selection Of Items, Household, Luggage, Decorations, Electronics, Appliances On Pallet

440.Large Christmas Lights And Bulbs Box

441.Household Decorations In Small Box

442.Canvas Wall Art Pieces In Box

443.Crystal Glassware And Misc. Household Decorations In Flat

444.Box Of Kids Toys

445.Small trinket Boxes In Flat

446.Small Costume Pieces In Flat

447.Dress Size Med And Body Jewelry In Flat

448.Key Rings In Flat

449.Costume Jewelry In Flat

450.Purse Holders In Flat

451.Costume Jewelry In Flat

452.Box Of Kids Toys

453.Costume Jewelry In Flat

454.Beige New With Tags Handbag Beautiful Piece

455.Toy Cars In Flat

456.Floral Leather Pink Handbag With Matching Glasses

457.Lime And Blue Quilted Vera Bradley

458.Kids Toys IN Box

459.Vera Bradley Navy And Coral Quilted Backpack

460.Black And Floral Quilted Vera Bradley Backpack

461.Flat of Barbie's And Brats

462.Misc. Wall Art Three Pieces

463.Terra Cotta Litton Simmer Pot

464.Antique Tin Toy Car In Flat

465.Books And Glassware In Box

466.Cloth Dolls In Bag

467.Tiara and Sterling Earrings IN Flat

468.Light Switch Covers In Flat

469.Kids Toys IN Box

470.Kids Toys IN Box

471.Box Of Cologne

472.Box Of Books

473.Glass Pitchers In Small Box

474.Box Of Books

475.Large Box Of Kids Toys

476.TY beanie Babies In Flat

477.Gift Boxes, Napkins, Pie Plate, ETC In Box

478.The Croc Hunter Toy Jeep 14" L

479.Tall Ruby Vase 22" T

480.Medium Dresses NIP And Gold Trim Mid Century Glassware In Box

481.Vera Bradley Mint Tote 12" A

482.Vintage Toys In Flat

483.Jim Kelly Figure And One small Jim Kelly IN Flat

484.Vintage Toys In Flat

485.Ladies Size 8 Jeans In Flat

486.Jars And Tomato Holders, ETC.

487.Bunnies, Boots, Sheets, Misc. Items In Box

488.Toys In Box

489.Toys In Box

490.Pill Dividers In Flat

491.Box Of Books

492.Wire Basket Holder And Table Lanterns

493.Handbags And Shoes In Flat

494.Brentano Patchwork Bag

495.Teal Black Leather Handbag

496.Box Of Books

497.Glass Bowls, Wall Mirrors, Curtin Holders, ETC.

498.Two Wall Art Pieces 34" x 24"

499.Seasonal Decorations And Wall Drawer In Large Box

500.Clear Sandwich Glass Dishes IN Box

501.Mattel Toy Tool Kit And Lego Snowman

502.TY beanie Babies In Flat

503.Baskets, Blue Glass Jars, Apple Peelers

504.Box Of Toys

505.Box Of Vintage Toys

506.Portfolio Six Light Chandelier 26 3/8" x 17 1/2" In Box And Has Been Opened

507.Three Light Portfolio Chandelier 20" x 17 3/8" New IN Box

508.Portfolio Vanity Bar 40" x 8 1/2" Box Has Been Opened

509.Harbor Breeze 44" Easy Breeze Ceiling Fan New In Box

510.Box Of Binders

511.Portfolio Pendant Suspension Colgante New IN Box 261499

512.Box Of Binders

513.Portfolio Sconce 168309 IN Box

514.Portfolio Sconce 168309 IN Box

515.Portfolio Sconce 168309 IN Box

516.Harbor Breeze 52" New Haven Ceiling Fan NEW In Box 228109

517.Portfolio Sconce 168309 IN Box

518.LED Landscape Kit 0284345

519.15' Pool Cover In Box With Pump Covers

520.Portfolio Table Lamp 0192947 IN Box

521.Binders And Small Desk Lamp IN Box

522.Biltmore Homes Table Lamp 264628

523.Portfolio Pendant Lamp 155478

524.Portfolio Semi-Flush Ceiling Light New IN Box

525.Harbor Breeze 44" Weston 2 Ceiling Fan IN Box

526.Harbor Breeze 44" Easy Breeze Ceiling Fan New In Box

527.Harbor Breeze Exeter 134743 56" Ceiling Fan

528.Portfolio Outdoor Wall Lantern 059603 IN Box

529.Portfolio Outdoor Wall Lantern 059603 IN Box

530.Signal Plus Connector Wire ON Spool

531.Portfolio Bath Lighting 121828 IN Box

532.Style Selections 2 Piece Pedestal Table Set 0170694 New IN Box

533.Ceiling Fan Blades And Globes IN Box

534.Portfolio LED Outdoor Landscape Light IN Box

535.Portfolio LED Outdoor Landscape Light IN Box

536.Portfolio LED Outdoor Landscape Light IN Box

537.Portfolio LED Outdoor Landscape Light IN Box

538.Coffee Pot, Misc. Household Items IN Small Box

539.Mickey Mouse Chair , And Baby Toys In Flat

540.Plastic Binders In Box

541.Kids Toys IN Box

542.DC Comics Cards In Flat

543.Star Trek Cards In Flat

544.Spellfire Cards In Flat

545.Superman Cards In Flat

546.Marvel Super Hero Cards In Flat

547.Dungeons And Dragons Misc. Cards In Flat

548.Allen & Roth Curtains IN Flat

549.DVD's IN Box

550.Line Source Loud Speaker In Box Untested Appears new

551.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

552.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

553.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

554.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

555.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

556.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

557.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

558.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

559.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

560.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

561.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

562.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

563.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

564.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

565.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

566.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

567.Ten Transformer Comics IN Flat All Early

568.Six Vintage Comics In Flat Assorted Titles

569.Three Elvira And One Dr. Strange Comics In Flat

570.Misc. Vintage Comics In Flat

571.Tan Round Fiberglass Bath Tub 63" Across

572.Ceiling Fan Motor & Light Fixture for 52" Fan

573.Green Exterior Door 35 1/2" x 79"

574.Wood & Glass Exterior Door Pine 32" x 80"

575.Wood & Glass Exterior Door Pine 32" x 80"

576.Three Boxes of High Gloss Laminate Flooring Approx. 45 Sq. Ft.

577.White Exterior Door w/ Glass 36" x 79"

578.Maroon Exterior Door w/ Glass 36" x 79.5" Metal

579.Green Exterior Door w/ Glass 36" x 79 1/2"

580.Maroon Exterior Door w/ Glass 36" x 79" Metal

581.Maroon Exterior Door Wood Grain W/ Glass Insert 36" x 79"

582.White Exterior Door w/ Glass 36" x 79"

583.Gray Exterior Door w/ Glass Insert 36" x 79"

584.Brown Exterior Door w/ Glass Insert 36" x 79"

585.Red Exterior Door w/ Skylight 36" x 79"

586.Black Exterior w/ Glass Insert 36" x 79"

587.1925 Peace Dollar

588.1924-D Peace Dollar

589.1881 Morgan Dollar

590.1924-S Peace Dollar

591.1922-S Peace Dollar

592.1896 Morgan Dollar

593.1889 Morgan Dollar

594.1917-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar

595.1918-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar

596.1918 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

597.1920 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

598.1963-D Franklin Half Dollar NGC Unc.. Details

599.1963 Franklin Half Dollar NGC Unc.. Details

600.1962-D Franklin Half Dollar

601.1986 Liberty Comm. Clad Half Dollar

602.1/10 oz. Buffalo Silver Round

603.1/10 oz. Buffalo Silver Round

604.Incuse Indian 1/10 oz. Silver Round

605.Incuse Indian 1/10 oz. Silver Round

606.Incuse Indian 1/10 oz. Silver Round

607.1865 Three Cent Nickel

608.1920 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

609.1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

610.1927 Standing Liberty Quarter

611.1927 Standing Liberty Quarter

612.1927-D Standing Liberty Quarter

613.1927 Standing Liberty Quarter

614.1928 Standing Liberty Quarter

615.1926-S Standing Liberty Quarter

616.1930 Standing Liberty Quarter

617.1926 Standing Liberty Quarter

618.1928 Standing Liberty Quarter

619.1925 Standing Liberty Quarter

620.1925 Standing Liberty Quarter

621.1925 Standing Liberty Quarter