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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1252)Collectibles, Sports Collectibles, Gold Jewelry, Craft Supplies, Household, Furniture, Guns, Box Lots and more. - Sunday January 6th 8:00p.m EST

Item Description
1.Signed And Numbered 351 of 406 Ted Williams Baseball On Plaque With Cert

2.Johnny Lee Bench Induction Day 1989 Cooperstown, New York Signed Plaque 10 1/2" L x 13" W

3.Gold 14K Rope Chain 17" L

4.Lenox Porcelain Bird Figures IN Flat

5.Singer Sewing Machine Model 6862 Untested With Cords And Pedal (Accessories At Number 193)

6.Savage Model 110E Bolt Action Rifle Chambered In 30-06 Serial Number E391719 With Bushnell Scope FFL Paperwork Will Need Filled Out

7.Remington 12GA Barrel Chambered In 2 3/4

8.Barnett Crossbow Red dot Optic

9.Fireproof Door With Window 34 3/4" W x 79" T With Window

10.Fireproof Door With Window 34 3/4" W x 79" T With Window

11.Remington Camouflage Rifle Stock

12.Royal Sealy Cup And Saucer Set ON Display Rack

13.Large Print "Plate 11" Dash For Timber 41" x 26"

14.Gold 14K Flag Charm

15.Large Quilt 78" x 84" With Shamrock And Harp

16.Beautiful Cardinal And Holly Berry Quilt 8' x 77"

17.1980's Franklin Porcelain Best Loved Fairy Tales Plate Collection 3 1/2" With Some Story Cards 37 In Flat

18.Vintage Signed Pedro Borbon Reds Hat And Baseball

19.Euro=Pro X Sewing Machine IN Box

20.Esante ESe2 Digital Sewing Machine Untested Please Preview Nice Shape

21.Nu Gen Pressure Cooker And Mixer Both Untested

22.Cincinnati Reds World Series 1990 Champions Bat Pen In Bag

23.Louisville Slugger Black Bat With Indians And Coke Cola

24.Candy Card Cane With Baseball Cards Unopened IN Packs Inside

25.Cincinnati Reds 1994 Official Yearbook

26.Reds Pennant 17" L x 8" W

27.1990 Wheaties Box With Reds Score Card And Reds Shirt

28.Signed Ted Williams Letter Of Satisfaction 1991 IN Plastic Please Preview

29.Coke Cola Works Ornaments In Flat

30.Coors Silver Bullet Cardboard Advertising Display Piece 23 1/2" L x 16" W

31.Cincinnati Reds 1990 Official Program And World Series Book

32.Wheaties Pete Rose Box With Newspapers And Reds Magazines

33.1990 Michael Jordan Beckett Magazine

34.Antique Small Pipe With Cover in Bag

35.Bag Of World Coins

36.Collectible Chocolate Tin With Some World Coins Inside

37.Flat of Various Card Inserts

38.Coors Silver Bullet Cardboard Advertising Display Piece 23 1/2" L x 16" W

39.Coke Cola And Wild Cherry Crush Cans In Flat

40.Frank Adkins 45 Reds Record

41.Box Of Misc. Patterns And Crafting Supplies

42.Pot Holders For Crochet

43.Wide Men Dolls In Small Box With Carolers

44.Yarn Skeins In Flat

45.Yarn Skeins In Flat

46.Yarn Skeins In Flat

47.Yarn Skeins In Flat

48.Large Quilt 76" x 87"

49.Metal Box Of Patches And Misc. Smalls 8" x 4"

50.Three Small Quilts

51.Large Quilt 80" x80

52.Cuff Links And Men's Accessories

53.Swank Vintage Tie Pin, Cuff Link And Ring Initial "M"

54.Flatware In Box Appears New

55.Flatware In Box Appears New Mostly Seafood Utensils

56.Three Long Roll Pillows And Outdoor Cover

57.Large Quilt 6' x 7'

58.Desk Fountain, Lamps And Drum, ETC.

59.Nolan Miller Rhinestone Sterling Necklace

60.Ryka Size 7.5 Workout Shoe

61.Flat of Bells

62.Figures, Misc. Glassware, Tall Vase, Basket, ET.

63.Large Quilt 75" x 82"

64.Fredrick Remington "An Indian Trapper" 23 1/2" x 19 1/2"

65.Charles Russell " The Medicine Man" 23 1/2" x 19 1/2"

66.Fredrick Remington "The Smoke Signal" 23 1/2" x 19 /2"

67.Print Of "Powder Face 1903" 26" x 20"

68.Fenton Silver Crest Purple Floral Hand painted Ribbon Edge Bowl 4" T x 5" A

69.Westmorland Covered Hand painted Dish 5" T x 5"

70.Dresser box, Candle Holders, Figures, ETC.

71.Beads And Various Jewelry Making Supplies

72.Material IN Flat

73.Large Round Table Cover And Cotton Table Cover

74.Material IN Flat

75.Material IN Flat

76.Material IN Flat

77.Material IN Flat

78.Canvases Assorted Sized

79.Birthday Wishes From Ohio Senate And House

80.Hometics Bathroom Scale Appears New

81.Canvases, Workout Gear, Tub , ETC.

82.Beads And Various Jewelry Making Supplies

83.Sewing Box With Slight Content

84.Material IN Flat

85.Material IN Flat

86.Material IN Flat

87.Material IN Flat

88.Material IN Flat

89.Material IN Flat

90.Material IN Flat

91.Material IN Flat

92.Material IN Flat

93.Material IN Flat

94.Material IN Flat

95.Wheaties Boxes Assorted Images

96.Christmas Porcelain Egg With 14K Gold Cross Charm

97.Costume Jewelry IN Flat

98.Nativity Figures In Box

99.Material IN Flat

100.Material IN Flat

101.Brown Material IN Flat

102.Material IN Flat

103.Vintage Electronics And Misc. Household Items In Box

104.Material IN Flat

105.Sewing Box With Slight Content

106.Irish Cross 14K IN Box

107.1880 Morgan Dollar

108.1849 Large Cent

109.1838 Large Cent

110.1840 Large Cent

111.VHS Tape Collection, Ceramic Church, And Various Household Items IN Box

112.Rug, Fabric And Seasonal Items In Box

113.Fold Out Sewing Box With Supplies

114.Sewing Box With Slight Content

115.Sewing Box With Slight Content

116.Sewing Box With Slight Content

117.Grill Cover, Pencil Box Of Crafting Supplies, Books, Binders, ETC.

118.Baskets And Misc. Material In Box

119.Material IN Flat

120.Presto 2QT Pressure Cooker

121.Vintage Singer Sewing Machine For Parts

122.Hometics Massage Mat New IN Box

123.Singer Sewing Supplies In Flat

124.Electric Sewing Sheers

125.Madeira Thread Kit

126.Euro-Pro 6 Piece Serger Foot accessory

127.Large Selection of Crafting Supplies And Material

128.Green Metal Box With Sewing Supplies And Two Tins

129.Large Collection of Material In Flat

130.White Tub Of Assorted Christmas Decorations

131.Material IN Flat

132.Material IN Flat

133.Material IN Flat

134.Material IN Flat

135.Material IN Flat

136.Material IN Flat

137.Material IN Flat

138.Sequin Nutcracker Ornaments IN Flat

139.Tea Pots And Assorted Glassware

140.Large Selection Of Glasses In Box

141.Vintage Afghans And Throw Blankets

142.Four Caroler Figures in Shoe Box

143.Nativity Figures In Box

144.Afghans IN Box

145.Material IN Flat

146."The Cowboy" Print IN Frame 26" x 47"

147.Chest Of Drawers 48" T x 18" D x 30" W

148.Wood Case Of Flatware

149.Oil ON Canvas 3' x 4'

150.Sewing Box With Slight Content

151.Container of Silver-plated Flatware

152.Large Collection Of Material And Sewing Supplies And Magazines

153.Crystal Carousel Horse And Bakelite Birds

154.Costume Jewelry IN Flat

155.Fold Out Hide A Bed

156.Wood Bar Stool With Back

157.Small Table 24"x 30" x 26"

158.Small Rotary Mat 18" x 24"

159.Two Lamps And Wall Art Pieces

160.Two Wood Chairs One Is Rocker

161.Ironing Board And Euro-Pro Cordless Vac No Charger

162.Afghans IN Box

163.Small Table 24"x 30" x 26"

164.Collection of Figures And Glassware

165.Necchi Sewing Machine In Cabinet Model 565 Untested Missing Foot Pedal

166.Trees And Misc. Christmas Items In Cart But Cart Not Included

167.Hull 6 1/2" Vase

168.Box Of Various Dishes

169.Glass Vases Multicolor

170.Resin Candy Train IN Foam Holder

171.Massager IN Box Appears

172.Fiber optic Angel Figure IN Box

173.Flatware And Misc. Kitchen Items In Box

174.Wusthof Kitchen Knife

175.Brown Glass Cookware In Box

176.Sitting Chair 36" T

177.Vintage Lamp 39" T

178.Velvet Wine Champaign Sealer In Plastic NEW

179.Mid-Century Bed Set

180.Lucky Bone China IN Box

181.Brown And Ritchie Oriental Garden Plates In Box

182.Walk Slim DVD's IN box

183.Olfa Rotary Cutter 45mm

184.DVD's IN Box

185.Crafting Paint In Flat

186.Box Of Sewing Supplies

187.Misc. Household And Sandpaper

188.Four Chairs And Card Table

189.Wood Microwave Stand And Metal Fold Out Stands No Tops

190.Vintage Plastic tree Decorations

191.Wood Quilt Rack 3'

192.Pete Rose, Johnny Bench Poster And Two Baseball Magazines

193.Singer Sewing Accessories In Flat (Singer Machine At Number 5)

194.Suitcase Of Assorted Glassware

195.Lenox Woodpecker Figure

196.Large Collection Of Sewing And Household Items

197.Guiding Light Votive Holder

198.Collection of Old Photographs In box

199.Material IN Flat

200.Small Cut mat 12" x 17"

201.Material IN Flat

202.Material IN Flat

203.Material IN Flat

204.New York And Hollywood Material Pieces Featuring Twin Towers

205.Three Suitcases All Need Cleaned

206.Porcelain Doll On Stand 24" T

207.Three Afghans IN Box

208.Box Of Misc. Material

209.Material IN Flat

210.Material IN Flat

211.Suitcase Of Assorted Glassware

212.Parker Pens And Bell Tree In Flat

213.Assorted VHS Tapes IN BOX

214.Box Of 8oz Jars

215.Christmas Decorations In bag

216.Three Plastic Drawers With Content

217.Sewing Table No Machine

218.Wonders Of The World Limited Edition Ingot Silver Collection

219.Large Selection Of Misc. Items Figures, Pillows, Crafting Supplies And Seasonal Decorations

220.Lenox Birds IN Flat

221.Wood Duck Lenox Figure

222.Two Packs Prevail Pad 16 IN Each Pack

223.Tin Gun Sign 17" x 12"

224.Two Packs Prevail Pad 16 IN Each Pack

225.Two Packs Prevail Pad 16 IN Each Pack

226.Two Packs Prevail Pad 16 IN Each Pack

227.Two Packs Prevail Pad 16 IN Each Pack

228.Two Packs Prevail Pad 16 IN Each Pack

229.Two Packs Prevail Pad 16 IN Each Pack

230.Two Packs Prevail Pad 16 IN Each Pack

231.Two Packs Prevail Pad 16 IN Each Pack

232.Gander MTN Washer Toss Yard Game

233.Welcome Sign With Flower Jar 22" L (2)

234.Welcome Sign With Flower Jar 28" L (3)

235.Wood Wagon Display 30" L x 12" T

236.Electronic Scorpion Toy

237.Wood Potato 27" T

238.Bushel Baskets And Various Baskets

239.Long Vintage Saw 48" L

240.Flat of Misc. Books Some James Patterson

241.Vintage Sled For Repair And Small Chair/Plantstand

242.Selection of Shoes And Handbags, Bottles, ETC.

243.Vanderbilt Youth XK Nike Jersey

244.United Milk Co. Half Gallon Wire Crate 14" x 12"

245.Large 4' Outdoor Wreath

246.Saw, Rafts, Misc. Household Items, ETC.

247.Two Glass Half Gallon Bottles With Portsmouth Brewery Growler

248.Antique baby doll With Damage 20" L

249.Tiger Plush, Camera, Coat, ETC.

250.Wilsons Leather Chase Jeff Gordon XXL

251.Pair Of Hand painted Gothic Style Dolls 16"

252.Shelf, Virtual Reality Goggles, Bubbles, Small Toys, ETC.

253.Childs Wicker Bench 33" W x 24" T

254.Ceramic Doll Heads And Parts With Yarn, ETC.

255.Shoe Rack, Pink Walker, Small Blue Big Wheel

256.Household Items And Decorative Seasonal Items, ETC.

257.Wood Shelf, Household Figures, Glassware ETC. IN Large Box

258.Throw Rug 3' x 5'

259.Large Purple Duffle Bag Very Clean With "Annie" Sewn IN

260.Wreaths And Misc. Greenery IN Box

261.Large Selection Of VHS Tapes

262.The Goonies On VHS Good Shape

263.Three Large Mirrors 24" x 30" Largest

264.Two Crock Pots Both Untested

265.Wood Painted Room Signs, 12" - 15"

266.Painted Jars, Signs, Lunchboxes, Wood Shelf, In Large Box

267.Crafting Supplies, Wood Ladder, Plastic Apples, ETC.

268.Flat of Costume Jewelry

269.Flat of Costume Jewelry

270.Flat of Costume Jewelry

271.Stemware, Candle Holders, Misc. Items Some Hand painted

272.Tool Caddy 24" L And Metal Plantstand

273.Large Selection Of Items, Shoes, Decorations, Wiper Blades, Outdoor, Toys, ETC.

274.Halloween Ribbon, Table Covers, Decorative Items, ETC.

275.Purple Amethyst Ring Size 5 Marked .925

276.Large Hunting Knife

277.Turkey Call

278.TACFire 4x32 Scope

279.Box Of .40 Smith And Wesson Approx. 50

280.Shotgun Saddle Mount

281.Safariland PN 567BL-1-2-150-175 holster

282.Early Hunting Knife In Box With Sheath

283.Lawnmower Tire Chains

284.Drills, Saws, All Untested

285.Propane And Oxygen Tanks In Flat With Hoses

286.Air Hose 50' 1/2"

287.Pair Of Tail Lights Ford

288.Hanging Utility Lights In Strand

289.Heavy Duty Power Cord

290.Light Strips Three 20" All Untested

291.Headlights, And Utility Light

292.Vintage Blowtorch

293.Bug Guard 70"

294.Oil Can And Can With

295.Xtreme Weed Eater String

296.Xtreme Weed Eater String

297.Xtreme Weed Eater String

298.Xtreme Weed Eater String

299.Xtreme Weed Eater String

300.Xtreme Weed Eater String

301.Xtreme Weed Eater String

302.Xtreme Weed Eater String

303.Mountable Light, Fan And Battery Jump Start, ETC

304.Black And Decker Table Saw

305.Shop Vac And Weed trimmer

306.Light Fixtures Appear New Or Lightly Used 3'

307.Sink Basin 31" Lx 22" D x 5" T At Back

308.Exit Sign And Shower Hose

309.Porcelain Pedestal Sink

310.Coleman Model 228 Lantern

311.Longbow In Soft Bag Case

312.Electric Dog Bowl

313.Three Lanterns In Flat

314.Rubber And Plastic Rafts

315.Camouflage Helmet

316.Royal Sealy Cup And Saucer Set ON Display Rack

317.Napco C-6247 Cup And Saucer Set On Display Rack

318.Royal Halsey Cup And Saucer Set On Display Rack

319.Decorative Cup And Saucer Set ON Display Rack

320.Fan Crest Japan 2647 Cup And Saucer On Display Rack

321.Diamond China Cup And Saucer Set On Display Rack

322.Two Cups And Saucer Sets With One Cup IN Flat

323.Chinese Balls And Darts

324.Light Blue Cup And Saucer

325.Brown Cup And Saucer On Display Rack

326.Fan Crest Japan 2647 Cup And Saucer On Display Rack

327.Portaflame Tools

328.Measuring Stick, Buckle, Paint Jar,

329.Box Of Large Bulbs

330.Collection Of Records In Large Box

331.Elvis G.I. Blues Record 33

332.Rocker Tumbler, House flags, ETC,

333.Pair Of Bug Lights

334.Large Selection Of Items, Decorations, Glassware And Misc. Tools, ETC.

335.Ronson Vintage Lighter