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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1258)Collectibles, Ammo, Wood Burner, Pocket Knives, Furniture, Yearbooks, Fishing, Household, Blinds (New), Box Lots and more - Sunday January 20th 8:00pm EST

Item Description
1.Case Of .22LR Remington Kleanbore 50 IN box 10 Boxes In Case

2.Smith & Wesson Hunting Knife 3283 6" Blade Original Box And Sheath Included

3.Antique Case xx Two Blade Pocket Knife In Bag

4.Case Three Blade Pocket Knife In Bag

5.Boy Scout Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

6.All American Aluminum Ladder 28' Total 25' Working

7.Stevens Model 62 .22Cal LR With Simmons 3-9x32 Scope Serial Number L299409 FFL paperwork Will Need Filled Out

8.Remington Arms CO 870 Express Magnum .20GA With Slug Barrel And Ventilated Rib Barrel Slug Barrel Has been Painted Serial Number C097468U FFL paperwork Will Need Filled Out

9.Suburban Automatic Coal/Wood Stove With Pipe And Fireboard And Blower

10.Antique Drop Side Tea Service Cart 25" L x 17" W x Drop Sides Are Out 3' 28 1/2" T

11.Three Piece Nesting Temptations Cookware And Holder

12.Long Hall Table 5' L x 18" D x 30" T

13.1993 Longaberger Basket With Tie ON 19" x 13" x 6"

14.2008 Mothers Day Longaberger Basket With Liner, Lid. Handles, Protector 15" L x 10" W x 6" T

15.Stoneware Crock 11" t x 6"

16.Vintage Ceramic Apple Cookie Jar With Lid 11"

17.Jim Shore "Spirit OF Easter" Basket With Eggs IN Box

18.Antique Wire Patio Table 41" A With Glass Top And Four Chairs 32"

19.Wrought Iron Fence Pieces

20.Wrought Iron fence Section 58" L x 35" T

21.Wrought Iron Fence Section 3' L x 35" T

22.Wrought Iron fence Section 58" L x 35" T

23.Cedar Wardrobe 40" W x 70" T x 22"

24.Antique Chest Of Drawers With Top Boxes 34" x 55" T x 16" D

25.Peppermint Patty Machine 15" x 11" NO Key

26.Peppermint Patty Machine 15" x 11" NO Key

27.Plastic Folding Table

28.Reese 5000LB Ball Hitch

29.Large Wall Art Piece 39" A x 50" Greek Classic

30.George Foreman Grill In Box

31.Motorola Talkabout Walkie Talkie Set In Flat With Book

32.Midland 78-202 Radio IN Flat

33.Collection of Cookbooks

34.Sportsman's Utility Case 20" L x 11" D x 10" T

35.LED 48" Illuminated Deer

36.Plastic Folding Table

37.Plastic Folding Table

38.Metal Bacon Press

39.Yamaha Alto Recorder In Case

40.Four Comic Strip Books In Flat

41.Pink Tote Full Of Books

42.Black Metal Stand 38" W x 36" T x 14" D

43.Rocky Bootie Liner

44.Horton Crossbow Mult-A-Range 3 Dot Red Dot Sight NIP

45.Books In Flat And Bibles

46.Chicago Electric Tool Kit

47.Roadmaster MT. Fury 15 Speed Bike

48.Roadmaster MT. Fury 15 Speed Bike

49.Weaver K2.5-1

50.Quik-Fletch, Hand Warmers, Lift Cord, Holder, ETC.

51.Roadmaster MT. Fury 15 Speed Bike

52.Set Of Saloon Doors 34" x 42"

53.Gander Mountain Folding Outdoorsman's Saw

54.Official Boy Scouts Of America Knife In Sheath 4 1/2" Blade

55.Schrade USA 1470T Old Timer Filet Knife

56.Government 40 Year pin Marked 10K Diamond Test Positive

57.Two Brass Horn Mouth Pieces

58.Ensign 7x35 Binoculars In Case

59.Bass Pro Shops Filet Knife in Plastic Sheath

60.Baseball Caps And School Hats In Flat

61.Calls, Gloves, Field Dress Bags

62.Small Collectibles Sporting Goods, Tools, ETC. IN Blue Tub

63.Bathroom Sink And Cabinet 37" W x 34" T x 22" D

64.Small Boy Scouts Pocket Knife Two Blade

65.Gun Cleaning Supplies Sharpening Stones, ETC.

66.Handmade Box 12" x 6" x 4"

67.Scent Bag And Scent NIP

68.Hall Tree With Lamp

69.Tupperware Canister, Mini Crock Pot, Household Items, ETC.

70.Soft Case For French Horn

71.Card Table And Two Chairs

72.Collectible Burning Design Box 12" x 4" x 2"

73.Card Table And Small Shelf

74.KJ Mora Knife In Sheath 4" Blade

75.Horton 4x32 Crossbow Scope

76.Ruger M77 Walnut Rifle Stock

77.Vintage Storage Trunk 17" x 31" x 13"

78.VIC Firth Drum Sticks

79.Fishing Lures In Flat

80.Fishing Lures In Flat

81.Fishing Lures In Flat

82.Fishing Lures In Flat

83.Playboys From Late 1970's IN Flat Must Be 18 To Purchase

84.Cabela's Bootie And Rain suit, ETC.

85.Step Stool

86.Plano Tackle box With Content

87.Bengals Fishing Lure In Small Box

88.Fishing Lures In Flat

89.Two Chairs With Clip-on Umbrellas

90.Fishing Lures In Flat

91.Pine Ridge Pocket Knife In Small Bag

92.Flat of Assorted Hunting Supplies

93.Clarinet Pieces in Flat

94.Smalls In Box All Collectibles

95.ORVIN 17 JEWELL Pocket Watch IN Bag

96.Pumpkin Lantern, Baskets, Household Decorations

97.Fishing Lures In Flat

98.Two Bag Chairs

99.Bolt Bin 12" x 9 1/2" x 5"

100.Fishing Lures In Flat

101.Schrade Hunting Knife

102.Two Gander Mountain Folding Chairs

103.Miami University 1/10 10K Gold Pendant Marching Band IN Bag

104.Miami University Sterling Silver Pendant Marching Band IN Bag

105.Sterling 1969 Ohio State Fair Charm And Other Sterling Charms Please Preview

106.Sterling Charm Bracelet

107.Two Bag Chairs

108.Stainless Bracelet And Medals In Tin

109.Loading Supplies In Flat

110.American Harvest Snackmaster Dehydrator

111.Music Note wind chime

112.Tackle Box Some Content

113.Coleman Sportcat Personal Heater

114.Plastic Containers, Stemware, Tote IN Box

115.Sterling Charm Bracelet

116.1977 Eagle yearbook

117.1981 Eagle yearbook

118.1986 Eagle Yearbook

119.1969 Trojans Yearbook

120.1979 Eagle Yearbook

121.1978 Eagle Yearbook

122.1988 Eagle yearbook

123.1985 Eagle yearbook

124.1974 Tiger Yearbook

125.1964 Trojan Yearbook

126.Antique Walkboard 98" L x 12" W

127.Antique Walkboard 88" L x 11" W

128.Panther 1982 Yearbook

129.Outdoor Gas Cooker

130.Shining Bait In Flat

131.Schrade USA 141OT Old Timer Knife In Sheath 5" Blade

132.J. Martini Filet Knife With Leather Sheath

133.1975 Tiger Yearbook

134.The Owl 1969 Yearbook

135.Smith & Wesson Homeland Security CK2BS Knife In Box

136.1968 The Owl Yearbook

137.1970's Highlander Yearbooks In Flat

138.Sheaffer Ink Pen

139.Fiskars Lil Joe Filet Knife

140.Beatles SGT. Peppers 33 Album Good Shape

141.National Lead Co Lead weight 4"

142.Two Old Wood Derby Cards

143.Stereoscope Slide Cards In Bundle

144.Small Beaded Clutch Bag

145.Barlow Two Blade Pocket Knife IN Bag

146.J. Martini Filet Knife With Leather Sheath

147.Paperweight, Stereoscope Cards In Flat

148.Keyring, Ashtray, Pins, ETC.

149.Winchester Super X 12GA 2 3/4 3 1/4 7 1/2 Shot 25 Shells In Box

150.Shotgun Shells And Brass Casings In Flat

151.Whistle In Bag

152.Pocket Knife Made In China

153.Solingen Three Blade Pocket Knife In Bag

154.Bohning Black Copperhead Three Arrows IN Box

155.Arnex 201 17 Jewell Pocket Knife In Box

156.Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer In Flat

157.THS 1989 20 Years Later Booklets

158.Lohman Duel Clamp Sight Vise Gun mount

159.Federal Hi=Power 12GA 6 Shot 25 Shot shells In Box

160.Copperhead BB's And BB Gun IN Flat

161.New Allen Faucet Single Bathroom Faucet In Box

162.Wall Art, Glassware, Totes, ETC.

163.Remington 12 GA 7 1/2" Shot 25 Shells In Box

164.Arrow Points IN Flat

165.Antique Dept. Of Agriculture Daily Memoranda

166.Wine Rack, Tins, Baking Pans, ETC.

167.Boy Scouts Of America Rings In Bag

168.Vintage Tierra And Long Gloves In Box

169.Remington 20GA 7 1/2 Shot Mixed Shells 15+ IN Box

170.Cabela's Full Body Harness In box

171.Wood Weaved Bottom Stool 18" W x 15" T

172.Three Pieces Spiral Tree Set IN Box

173.Glass Negatives IN Cigar Box

174.Bag Of Boy Scouts Collectibles

175.Air Mattress In bag Storage Totes And Luggage Pieces

176.Gander Mountain M-XL Camo Hunting Bibs

177.Tie Pins Marked Gold

178.Marshall Padded Bleacher Seat

179.Marshall Padded Bleacher Seat

180.Serving Trays. Crockpot Bag. Basket, Hangers, ETC.

181.Hooks, Wiskers, Camo Sleeve

182.Crutches, Umbrella, Stand

183.Bundle Of CD's

184.Bundle Of CD's

185.Sandbag Gun Holders

186.Gander Mountain M-L Rain Coat

187.Cookware, Tank, Fountain, ETC.

188.Deer Calls, String, ETC

189.Shinmano FX200 Rod And Reel

190.Johnson 5 1/2' Spincast Rod

191.Berkley Cherrywood Rod And Daiwa Bait Castor reel

192.Hometics Foot Bath/Massager

193.Tag Safari Clothing Fleece Camo Coat XL

194.Stack Of Records

195.Chicago Volumes 1-4 Carnegie Hall 33 records

196.Pair Of Antique Water Color Prints 14" x 18"

197.Collection Of Frames And Wall Art

198.Cool Place Cooler With Wine Bag And Cork Screw

199.VHS Tape Holders

200.Lighted 48" Deer

201.Cord Reel With Rope

202.Two Fish Baskets

203.Two Buffer Polishers In Box

204.Carhartt Canvas Hunting Vest

205.Strut Turkey Call

206.Rattle Rack

207.Machete Knife

208.Animal Calls, Shells, Field Dress Turkey Bag

209.Tall Fryer Pot

210.Golf Balls In Flat

211.Golf Tees And Glove In Box

212.Quilted Music Note Throw 3' x 4'

213.Precise Starter Pistol

214.Fishing Planer, Call, Dipsy Diver, ETC. IN Small Box

215.Golf bag And Golf Bag Carrier

216.Cleaning Supplies, Bolts, Fishing Plane, ETC.

217.Remington Hunting Vest

218.Several Ball Hats IN Small Box

219.Saf-T-Back Canvas Vest

220.Various Hunting Vest IN Small Box

221.Green Wool 40x33 Pant

222.Orange Sears Tackle Box

223.Johnson 5' Rod And Reel

224.Zebco Reel And 5' Rod

225.Shimano Rod And Reel 5'

226.Johnson 5' Rod And Reel

227.White Igloo Cooler

228.Eagle Claw 6' Rod

229.Eagle Claw 6' Rod And Reel

230.Camo Fold Out Stool

231.Camo Boots, Seat, Rack, ETC

232.Wax Seal Stampers And Photo booth Photo With Thimbles

233.Wall Paper Table 83"

234.Three 9' x 10' Tarps In Bag

235.Canvas Bag, Candles, Decorative Crock, ETC.

236.Fritz & Floyd Snack Therapy Tray IN Box

237.Stakes, Hammer, Doe Estrus, Golf Balls

238.Green Bottle And Arrow head In Small Case

239.Pair Of Wet boots

240.Two Minnow traps And Fish Net

241.Chair And Clothes Rack

242.Berkley Spirit Fishing Rod Shimano Reel


244.Weight, Gloves, Canvas Bag, Camo Items

245.Camo Wader

246.Gift boxes And Bags In Small Box

247.River Voices DVD Local Portsmouth, Ohio

248.DVD's In Bundle

249.Laminate Flooring 40+ Square Feet

250.Christmas Throw 48" x 60"

251.Suitcases And Luggage bags

252.Pair Of Foam Knee Pads

253.Sinkers And Spoon Line In Flat

254.Rain Suit 2 Pieces In Bag

255.Wader Suit

256.Hand Saw

257.Seat, Camo Bags, Hats, Turkey Decoys

258.Buffer/Polisher 10"

259.Cabela's Full Body Harness In box

260.Artificial Fiber optic Tree IN Box 4'

261.Pair Of Folding Chairs

262.Clear Large Bulb Light Sets

263.Wall Paper Brush

264.Lights, Cords, Reels, ETC.

265.Driver And Three Wood Golf Clubs Sumo SQ Driver John Daily Three Wood

266.Shimano FX-2620A 6' Rod

267.Eagle Claw Sun Rod

268.Sony DVD Player No Remote

269.Bald Eagle Wind chime

270.Recorder And Booklet Kit In Box

271.Soil, Gloves, Plant food, Planters IN Box

272.RJ Sport Golf Club Bag

273.Duct Tape, Cards, Battery Lantern, Misc. Household Items

274.Charcoal Type Targets 2" IN Box

275.140 Color Multi Color Light Set

276.Homemade Deer Stand

277.Disney Band Leader Ornaments In Box

278.Plastic Stool And Wood Stool

279.Pair Of Cat In The hat Ornaments

280.Chair Pads, Ornaments And Tote

281.Large Wood Red Outdoor Sled

282.Retro Joseph Culotta 1971 Wall Art Pieces

283.Large Selection of Seasonal Decorations

284.Miniature Nativity Pieces IN Flat

285.Net, Rope, Tape, Cords In Box

286.Metal Boat Prop 10"

287.Books And Old paperwork In Tub

288.Portsmouth Postcard History Book

289.Shaped Picnic Table 75" A

290.Nutcracker Bowl And Crackers

291.Buckets, Baskets, Tote, Brush, ETC.

292.Sheet Music Book The Best Fake Book Ever

293.Garland and Red Velvet Ribbon IN Gray Tub

294.Sheet Music Stand And Magazine Rack

295.Tins, Seasonal Decorations And Household Items In Box

296.Large Lighted 24" Wreath

297.Rug, Wrapping Paper, Seasonal Decorations

298.Hat Dryer, Massager, Tins, ETC.

299.Fifty State Quarter Collector Map

300.Flat of Buttons

301.Selection of Assorted Christmas Decorations

302.Fishing Line And Some Tackle IN Cool Whip Container

303.Small Ceramic Tree 11" T

304.Camo Netting 60" x 12

305.Fold Out Table 40" L x 30"

306.Li Bien Ornament in Purple velvet Case

307.Large Selection of Seasonal Decorations

308.Precious Moments 10 Piece Nativity

309.Charming Tails Figures

310.Push Broom, Chimney Sweep, Shovel, Scraper

311.Wreath With Hanger 24" IN Box

312.Three Wall art Pieces And Large thermometer

313.Framed Den Mother Pennies 18" x 22"

314.Baskets Plates Picnic basket

315.Green Tub With Mugs And Assorted Glassware

316.Hand vac, Shamwow, Tape Rolls

317.Box Of Shotgun Casings And Boxes

318.Bucket, Throw Rugs, Trash Bin, ETC. In Large Box

319.Ratchet Straps In Flat

320.Tub Of Photo Albums

321.Box Of Folios And Binders

322.Two Shepard's Hooks One Is 84" Other 48"

323.Large Collection Of Snowmen Plush And Figures

324.Books, Bulbs, Small Green Metal Box, Sponges,

325.Olympus D560 Digital Camera IN Soft Case

326.Selection Of Sheet Music

327.Oster Bread Maker, Throw Pillows, Photo frames, Rugs, ETC.

328.Fire Extinguisher 240 HD

329.Fan, Wall Art Puzzle, Plastic Tub, ETC.

330.Quilted Music Throw 43" x 40"

331.VTECH Cordless Landline Phones Appear NEW

332.Cabela's Pole Rod Holder 6'

333.Golf ball Pick Up Pole

334.Wreaths, Towels, Shower Rods

335.ANCO Wiper Blades, Rain X Wiper Blades Two Pair All 22"

336.Rival Digital Crock POT

337.Matchbox Cars In Five Pack

338.Matchbox Cars In Five Pack

339.Matchbox Cars In Five Pack

340.Matchbox Cars In Five Pack

341.Matchbox Cars In Five Pack

342.Matchbox Cars In Five Pack

343.Hallmark Ornaments In Flat

344.Football Toss Game in Box

345.Hallmark Ornaments In Flat

346.Hallmark Ornaments In Flat

347.Hallmark Ornaments In Flat

348.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

349.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

350.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

351.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

352.Electric Candle In Flat

353.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

354.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

355.Two Hockey Binders With Cards

356.Wire Wall Sconces, Assorted Small Wall Art Pieces

357.Prevail Perfit Comfort Size Medium 20 Pack Undergarment

358.Depends Underwear Fit-Flex Packs IN Flat

359.Depends Underwear Fit-Flex Packs IN Flat

360.Needlepoint Items In Small Tub

361.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

362.Snowman Cookie Jar 14" T

363.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

364.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

365.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

366.Oriental Figures, Metal And Porcelain

367.Porcelain Doll IN Box 16" T

368.Bag Of Yarn And Crafting Supplies

369.Rival Small Crockpot

370.Rubbermaid Bolt Bin 10" x 14" W

371.Three Piece Pouring Mixing Bowls Nesting Style

372.Nesco Mini Roaster

373.Two Pieces Primitive Style Wall Art

374.Luggage Pieces All Clean And Good Shape

375.Holiday Lane Collection Porcelain Doll In Box 16"

376.Leather Belts In Flat

377.Depends Underwear Fit-Flex Packs IN Flat

378.Depends Underwear Fit-Flex Packs IN Flat

379.Jim Beam Train Car Decanter On Track (Dining Car)

380.Jim Beam Train Car Decanter On Track (Observation Car)

381.Jim Beam Train Car Decanter On Track (C.R.R. 197 OF N.J Car)

382.1993 Longaberger Basket With Protector And Two Leather Handles 13" L x 5" W x 2 1/2" T

383.2001 Longaberger Basket With Liner 10" x 4"

384.1988 Longaberger Basket 8" x 5"

385.1989 Liner With Protector And Leather handles 7" x 3"

386.Wii Sports Accessories

387.Amish Made Yoder Basket With Lid 13" Square x 6"

388.2000 Longaberger Basket With Liner And Protector 8" W x 5" T

389.1997 Christmas Longaberger Basket 9" W x 7" T

390.Gaming Rocker

391.Tin "Gone With The Wind Sign 12" x 17"

392.Two Pieces Primitive Style Wall Art

393.Two Pieces Primitive Style Wall Art

394.Topp's 1987 Baseball Cards In Box

395.Two Mixing Bowls By Pottery barn

396.Collectible Estate Pipe With Rubber Hose

397.Rooster Wall Art With Tray

398.Maggie And Lisa Simpson Figures In Box

399.Green Longaberger basket Liners

400.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

401.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

402.1999 St. Louis Cardinals #25 Mark McGwire Beanie Bear

403.BammBeano Beanie Bears In Flat

404.Two TY Beanie Babies In Flat

405.Material In Flat

406.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

407.Material In Flat

408.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

409.Coke Cola Beanie's In Flat

410.Coke Cola Beanie's In Flat

411.Sponge ware Bathroom Set

412.Aluminum Canister Set

413.Cross stitch Fabric, Ribbon, Large Basket

414.Tin Sign 10" x 16"

415.Tall Long Table 2' x 4' x 29" T

416.Cross stitch Fabric, Ribbon, Large Basket

417.Mint AROD Beanie Bear

418.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

419.TY Beanie Babies In Flat

420.Material In Flat

421.Four Piece Nesting Temptations Cookware And Holder

422.Rooster Cookie Jar

423.Three Piece Nesting Temptations Cookware And Holder

424.Sponge ware Kitchen Set

425.Porcelain Cup And Saucer

426.Cup And Saucer Sets In Box

427.Decorative Bird Figure 21" T

428.Covered Temptations Dish With Holder 1.5 QT

429.Two Metal Square Cubbies 12" x12" Square Other Nest

430.Metal Table 23" T x 16" A

431.Longaberger Pot With Glass beads, Moo Figures IN Boxes

432.Material In Flat

433.Shower Stool

434.Sea Gaul Figure 15" T

435.Various Wreaths And Christmas Decorations

436.Canvas Tarps IN Box

437.Plastic Tarps IN Box

438.John Deere Grass Catcher

439.Selfie Booth Home Fun Kit

440.Razor Scooter

441.Emerson VCR DVD Player No Remote Untested

442.Wood Shelf, Lighted Letters 12", ETC.

443.Wire Stand With Cross 3'

444.Black & Decker Jump Starter Works Great

445.White Hanging Chandelier

446.Antique Hunting Wall Art 22 1/2" x 17 1/2"

447.Ping Sand Wedge

448.The Rover Boys Books In Flat

449.The Boys Allies, The Honeywell Boys' Tom Swift Books In Flat

450.Antique School Books IN Flat

451.Popcorn Campfire Shaker

452.Vintage Books In Flat

453.Antique School Books IN Flat

454.Antique School Books IN Flat

455.Vintage Clutch, Mirrors, Perfume bottle, ETC.

456.Small Carved Wood Boxes in Flat

457.Two Oil Lamps In Flat

458.Pitcher No Lid, Glass Basket, And Small Dishes With Oriental Spoons In Flat

459.Soft Cases IN Flat

460.Antique books In Flat

461.Adjustable Desk Lamp 21"

462.Pair Of Glass Milk caps

463.Three Avon Bottles In Boxes In Flat

464.Two Glass Store Jars One Is Applesauce

465.Frontier Times Magazine IN Flat

466.Wireless Door Bells In Flat

467.American Magazine IN Bag

468.Motor Trend And Magazine In Flat

469.Glass Shakers in Cigar Box

470.Needle Point Items In Flat

471.Flat of Vintage Magazines

472.Flat of Vintage Magazines

473.Small Bag Of papers And Photos

474.Pitcher In Flat

475.Bag Of paperwork

476.Post Cards in Bag Mostly Vintage

477.Post Cards in Bag Mostly Vintage

478.Vintage Military WW2 Medal In Box

479.Antique Flamex Lighter IN Original Box

480.EAPG Inverted thistle Tray 10" And Flower Frogs In Flat

481.Atomizer And Two Pieces Od Monax Depression Glass, ETC.

482.Eight Fountain Pens In Bag

483.Vintage Photographs In Flat

484.The Heat Solution Heat Pack In Box

485.The Racing Porches Book

486.Engraved "Mother" Powder Case

487.Stamps, Liberace Ticket Stub, ETC In Small Bag

488.Art Pottery Vase 8" T

489.Oriental Vase Marked Japan 8 1/2" T

490.Oriental Figure 10 1/2" T

491.Two Pepsi Cola Watches In Flat

492.Early Paperwork And Booklets In Flag

493.Disney Wall Art Pieces Three In Flat

494.Vintage Niagara Falls Scrapbook

495.Brass Candlesticks And Oval Frame 14" L

496.Music Go Round Raggedy Ann & Andy Music Box Plays Love Story

497.Bobble Head Campbell Soup

498.Federal 20GA 7 1/2 Shot 7/8oz 25 Shells

499.Remington 22 Thunderbolt 50 Cartridges

500.Federal 20GA 7 1/2 Shot 7/8oz 25 Shells

501.101 Dalmatians Figures In Flat

502.Collectible troll Dolls in Flat

503.Ben Cooper Vintage Costume & Mask Set "Lady Lovely Locks"

504.Two Chalk Blocks 10" Cubes

505.Plastic Sheets Of baseball Cards

506.Small Toys IN Flat

507.Small Tub Of Plastic Toys

508.Small Tub Of Plastic Toys

509.Plastic Sheets Of baseball Cards

510.American Girl Doll Books

511.Plastic Sheets Of baseball Cards

512.Neutralizer Boots New IN Box Size 7

513.Selection Of Storage Tubs

514.Bag Of Plush Toys

515.Grill, Legos, Small Toys

516.Lighted Reindeer Untested

517.Pair Of Crystal Lamps 30"

518.Flat of Small Toys

519.Wall Art and Toys

520.Lunchbox And Ball Machine

521.Lego Duplo Cars Blocks In Box

522.Lunchboxes And Canister IN Box

523.Jenson Turntable NIP Untested Please Preview

524.Bone Collector Gun Case 4'

525.Reese Towing Hitch/Ball

526.Reese Towing Hitch/Ball

527.Reese hitch receiver

528.True Temper pick Maddock

529.Pair Of Skateboards

530.CCI 22LR 100 Rounds

531.Brass Tree 27"

532.Ball Hitch And Metal Pipe

533.Fisher Price Mini Bike

534.Various Accessories In Flat Watches, ETC.

535.Two Fishing Rod One With Damage Other Had Handle Damage

536.Pool Filters, Burner Covers, Electric Pump, ETC.

537.Eyeglasses, Minnie Mouse Alarm, Lunchbox

538.Vintage Open/Close Signs

539.Dog Bed And Patio Chair Cushion

540.Princess Pole Lights Up

541.TV Table And Plastic baby gate

542.Camouflage Waders TRKR-X

543.Box Of Plush Dolls

544.Bulova 14KGF Watch Face And Crystal

545.Craftsman Bag Chair

546.Diamond Pro 25lb Ball

547.Honda Floor Mats

548.Wall Art, Sporting Goods, Misc. Household Products, In Large Box

549.Extreme Max Kayak Hoist

550.Morse Sewing Machine

551.Concrete Yard Art basket 3'

552.Bird figures and Assorted Wreaths In Box

553.Board Games, DVD, Baskets, ETC.

554.Plastic Birdfeeder

555.Bushel Basket Of Nails For Nail Gun

556.Mr. & Mrs. Claus Dolls, Stationary paper, IN Box, ETC.

557.Two Fans In Boxes

558.Dry Rack And Microwave Tray With Grinder

559.Tub Of Books

560.Pool Stick Holder

561.Tub Of Books

562.Organic Kids Clothing In Flat

563.White Wire Shelving

564.Fibered aluminum Silver Seal Roof

565.Garden Tiber Kit

566.Throw Pillow And Small Stool 20"

567.Plastic Fountain Piece 30"

568.Area Rug 4' x 6'

569.Home Decorators 36"-72" Drapery Rod NIP

570.Home Decorators 36"-72" Drapery Rod NIP

571.Cordless Cut To Width 26 1/2" x 48" Roman Shade

572.Home Decorators White 2" Faux Wood Blind 32.5" x 54

573.Home decorators White Faux Wood 2" Blind 35" x 72"

574.Home decorators White Faux Wood 2" Blind 35" x 72"

575.Espresso 34" x 64" Faux Wood Blind NIP

576.Perfect Lift Window Treatment Ivory/White Blackout Cellular Shade 37" x 72"

577.Twilight 28"-48" Umbra Rod

578.Room Darkening 1" Vinyl 30" x 72" Blind

579.Room Darkening 1" Vinyl 30" x 72" Blind

580.Faux Wood 2" White Wood Blind 24" x 48"

581.Chicology 37" x 72" Dove Zebra Roller Shade

582.Hampton Bay 1" 30" x 72" Blind

583.Top Down Bottom Up Shade 31" x 64"

584.Hampton Bay 40" x 48" Blind

586.Hampton Bay 40" x 48" Blind

587.Hampton Bay 40" x 48" Blind

588.Faux Wood 2" White Wood Blind 54.5" x 72"

589.Sheer White/ Mojave 9/16" Cordless Day Night Cellular Shade 30" x 72" Blind

590.Home Decorators 2" x 17.5" x 36" Wood Blind

591.Set of Two 52" x 96" L Drape Panels

592.Set of Two 52" x 96" L Drape Panels

593.Set of Two 52" x 96" L Drape Panels

594.Set of Two 52" x 96" L Drape Panels

595.Hampton Bay White Cordless 1in. Room Darkening Vinyl Blind Actual Size 29.5in. W x 72in. L

596.Home Decorators Collection White 2in. Faux Wood Blind Actual Size 45.5in. W x 36in. L

597.Chicology 37in. W x 72in. L Striped Dove Zebra Horizontal Roller Shade

598.Umbra Twilight Double 3/4in. Dia. Rod 48in.-88in. In Auburn Bronze

599.Umbra Twilight Double 3/4in. Dia. Rod 88in.-144in. In Auburn Bronze

600.Perfect Lift Window Treatment White 2in. Textured Faux Wood Blind Actual Size 36in. W x 72in. L

601.Hampton Bay White Cordless 1in. Room Darkening Vinyl Blind Actual size 40in. W x 48in. L

602.Hampton Bay White Cordless 1in. Room Darkening Vinyl Blind Actual size 40in. W x 48in. L

603.Hampton Bay White Cordless 1in. Room Darkening Vinyl Blind Actual size 40in. W x 48in. L

604.Hampton Bay White Cordless 1in. Room Darkening Vinyl Blind Actual size 40in. W x 48in. L

605.Umbra Twilight Double 3/4in. Dia. Rod 48in.-88in. In Auburn Bronze

606.Chicology 37in. W x 72in. L Striped Dove Zebra Horizontal Roller Shade

607.Home Decorators Collection Gray Cordless 2-1/2in. Premium Faux Wood Blind Actual Size 17.5in. W x 48in. L

608.Home Decorators Collection White 2in. Faux Wood Blind Actual size 31in. W x 36in. L

609.Chicology 37in. W x 72in. L Striped Dove Zebra Horizontal Roller Shade

610.Umbra Twilight Double 3/4in. Dia. Rod 88in.-144in. In Auburn Bronze

611.Home Decorators Collection White 2in. Faux Wood Blind Actual size 69in. W x 54in. L

612.Coolaroo Walnut Cordless Exterior Roller Shade 72in. W x 96in. L

613.Coolaroo Walnut Cordless Exterior Roller Shade 72in. W x 96in. L

614.Coolaroo Walnut Cordless Exterior Roller Shade 72in. W x 96in. L

615.iFit Cut-to-Width White Cordless Light Filtering Acrylic Coated Polyester Fabric Roller Shade 70.5in. W x 73in. L

616.Coolaroo Walnut Cordless Exterior Roller Shade 72in. W x 96in. L

617.Hampton Bay White Cordless 1in. Room Darkening Vinyl Blind Actual Size 29.5in. W x 72in. L

618.Hampton Bay White Cordless 1in. Room Darkening Vinyl Blind Actual Size 29.5in. W x 72in. L

619.Hampton Bay White Cordless 1in. Room Darkening Vinyl Blind Actual Size 29.5in. W x 72in. L

620.Hampton Bay White Cordless 1in. Room Darkening Vinyl Blind Actual Size 27.5in. W x 48in. L

621.Hampton Bay White Cordless 1in. Room Darkening Vinyl Blind Actual Size 27.5in. W x 48in. L

622.Home Decorators Collection White Cordless 2in. Faux Wood Blind Actual Size 28in. W x 64in. L

623.Home Decorators Collection Parchment 9/16in. Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Shade Actual Size 41.625in. W x 48in. L

624.Home Decorators Collection Chestnut Cordless 2 1/2in. Premium Faux Wood Blind Actual Size 26.5in. W x 64in. L

625.Home Decorators Collection Chestnut Cordless 2 1/2in. Premium Faux Wood Blind Actual Size 26.5in. W x 64in. L