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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1274)Collectibles, Kobalt Tool Chests, Industrial Carts, Hardware, Household, Box Lots and more - Tuesday February 19th 8:00pm EST

Item Description
1.Kobalt Chest Style Tool Box 26" X 12" X 17 1/2" Two Keys

2.Task Force Work Cabinet 33 1/2" x 19 1/2" x 33" T One Key

3.Kobalt Chest Style Tool Box 26" x 16" x 20" One Key

4.Antique Counter Piece With Top 14' 6.5" L x 30 3/4" T x 14 1/4" D

5.Metal Locker 69" x 12" x 5'

6.Harvest Table 30 1/2" W x 6' L x 28" T

7.Rolling Industrial Cart 70" W x 67" T x 23" D Open Front

8.Wood Pepsi Cola Crate 16" x 12" x 12"

9.Rolling Industrial Cart 65" x 66" x 25" D Open Front

10.Rolling Industrial Cart 65" x 65" x 23" D Open Front

11.Humphry Radiant Fire Andiron

12.2008 Ready Sub pump New Never Used

13.1933 Ohio License Tags In Flat

14.Oversized Butterfly Wind Chime IN Box

15.Thomas Kinkade Starting Tower Watercolor Art

16.Howard Miller Hobart Oak Cabinet Hanging Time And Strike With Pendulum And Key 23" L x 12" W

17.Signed Rusty Wallace 8" x 11" Glossy

18.Franklin Field Master Pitching Machine

19.Homer Laughlin Golf Trim Dish Set IN Large Box Some Pieces Have Damage

20.Four Green Arrow Graphic Novels IN Flat All Great Shape

21.Mid-Century Style Ice Bucket With Tongs

22.Sentury Yellow Fire Extinguisher

23.Hot Wheels Cars In Flat

24.Hot Wheels Cars In Flat

25.Marvel Wolverine Origins Hardback Graphic Novel New IN Wrap

26.Batman Figure in Flat

27.Duck Pin 14" T

28.Various Collectible Figures in Flat

29.Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Hardback Novel

30.Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Hardback Novel

31.Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Hardback Novel

32.Bag of 84 Wheat Pennies

33.Two Preacher Graphic Novels IN Flat Both Appear New

34.Judge Dread And Shadow Man Graphic Novels In Flat Both Appear New

35.Brown Glass Blenko Vase 25" T

36.The Goon in Heaps Of Ruination & X-O Man0war Graphic Novels In Flat

37.The Flash & Empire Of The Dead Graphic Novels In Flat

38.DC Batman Streets Of Gotham Levitation Hardback Graphic Novel

39.DC Batman Streets Of Gotham Arkham Hardback Graphic Novel

40.Super Crooks Hardback Novel The Heist

41.CD's IN Small Box Mostly Classical

42.CD's IN Small Box Mostly Classical

43.Armor Tech ATV Parts & Accessories UP-07041-1

44.Armor Tech ATV Parts & Accessories AT-05836

45.Armor Tech ATV Parts & Accessories AT-07013-1

46.Armor Tech ATV Parts & Accessories AT-03507

47.Three School Books In Flat

48.ATV Parts in Flat

49.ATV Parts in Flat

50.Throttle Cables In Flat Appear New

51.Small Collectible Toys, Soldiers, Dinos, Figures, ETC.

52.ATV Parts in Flat

53.Hot Wheels Cars In Flat

54.1950's and 1960's Sports Illustrated Magazines

55.1950's and 1960's Sports Illustrated Magazines

56.ATV Parts in Flat

57.Collectible Sports Figures, Helmets, ETC.

58.Collectible Figures Assorted Shows

59.ATV Parts in Flat

60.Several 45 Records IN Flat

61.Several 45 Records IN Flat

62.Toaster and iron Shaker Sets

63.Various Shaker Sets IN Flat

64.Lobsters & Fish Shakers In Flat

65.Juice Glasses, Hangers, Plate, Ashtray, Baking Dish

66.Dog Yard Art Pieces IN Flat

67.TECA TD5 Electromyography Machine Untested

68.Misc. Antique Books IN Flat

69.Haywood Mayfield Mid-Century Coffee Table 16" T x 17" D x 36" L

70.Dora The Explorer Nintendo DS Game

71.Star Wars Figure In Flat

72.Star Wars Figure In Flat

73.Star Wars Figure In Flat

74.Night Light, Dog Bowls, Cow Art, ETC.

75.Try-Bilt Weed trimmer Untested

76.Ladder back Chairs 40" At Back

77.Ladder back Chairs 40" At Back One With Damage

78.Ladder back Chairs With Arm Rest 40" T At Back

79.Fish Bowls

80.Large GE Roaster Graniteware Roaster And Tupperware

81.Totally Today Poinsettia Dishes IN Box

82.Box Of Early Disney Books And Wonderful World Of Knowledge

83.Three train Cars IN Flat

84.Portable CD Player And Converter Cords In Bag

85.Tinker toy Construction Set in Cardboard Tube

86.Lamps, Tote Bags, necklace Hanger, ETC.

87.Leaf Dishes, Chair Pads And Plate Rack With Turkey Cookie Jar

88.Remote Control Cars And Riding Toy, Cords, ETC.

89.Wire Glass Top Table 4' x 30" x 30" And Four Chairs

90.Pair Of Metal Matching Chairs 35" T

91.Yard Machines Push Mower Has No Compression

92.Collection of Antique Piano Rolls In Clear Tub

93.Anheuser Busch 1/4 Keg

94.Werner 8' Fiberglass Ladder Leg has Crack

95.Cast Iron Skillet 8"

96.Racing Collectibles In Flat

97.Racing Collectibles In Flat

98.Chrome Lady Emblems In Flat

99.Metal Vintage Native American Wall Art

100.Racing Collectibles In Flat

101.Pressure Cooker

102.Racing Collectibles In Flat

103.Thomas Kinkade Qualifying Watercolor Art

104.Racing Collectibles In Flat

105.Racing Collectibles In Flat

106.Tub Of Misc. Hardware

107.Large Box Of Racing Collectibles

108.Racing Collectibles In Flat

109.Weighted Sterling Shaker Set

110.Tin Of Costume Jewelry

111.Ohio State Valance

112.Nike Black Catchers Gear In Box

113.Squeezo Parts In Flat

114.Antique Mirrors All Good Shape

115.Smith Corona Electra 120 In

116.Schumacher Battery Charger

117.Meter Tester

118.The Diapason Magazine In Large Box

119.Propane Tank

120.Service And Repair Manuals

121.C.C.C. & St. L. RY Lantern 10" T

122.Box Of Sheet Music And Magazines

123.Royal Crest 2 Piece Non-Stick Cutlery Set

124.Pepsi And Mt Dew Glasses

125.Giovanni Pizza Glasses

126.Coors Light Mini Keg

127.Craftsman Tool Box With Some Content

128.Baby Clothes And Shaw, ETC. IN Box

129.Burlap Feed Sacks in Flat

130.Box Of Books

131.Boxes Of Train Cars Most Have Damage Please Preview

132.Large box Of Cassette Tapes, Handbag, Doilies, ETC.

133.Brickwede Breakfront 70" T x 33" W x 18" D

134.Round Fold Out Table 6' x 28"

135.Blue And White Glassware In Flat Some Pieces Have Damage

136.Frames, Afghan, Misc. Household Items In Box

137.Step Up Lace Up Boot Size 11 Appear New

138.Vintage Puzzles And Games IN Large Box With Some Frames

139.Metal And Wood paper Rack 22" L

140.PlayStation Memory Card Holder

141.Misc. Glassware And Household Items, Napkin Holder, Bowls, ETC.

142.Chopper, Salad Tongs, Flashlight, Shakers

143.Collection of Misc. Organ Magazines

144.Wood And Metal Bowl Recipe Cards And Books In Box

145.Box Of Books

146.Box Of Books And Posters

147.Large White Ribbon Edge Bowl With Plates

148.Glass Bottle, Cups, Candle Stick, ETC.

149.Two Duffle Canvas Bags

150.Henshaw Toilet Has Crack In Tank

151.Assorted Light Fixtures In Large Box

152.Vintage Blow Torch Tool

153.Molding Pieces In Small Box

154.Flat of Hardware

155.Antique Baby Rocker 3' L x 15" T

156.Antique Wood Clock Parts And Wood Pieces In Clear Tub With Shoe Last And Stand

157.Wood Knobs In Flat

158.Resin Bust 18" T Marked Paris Please Preview

159.Antique Hanging Light Fixture Untested In Box With Misc. Vintage Lamp

160.Three Framed Wood Doors 5' x 14" W

161.Flat of Hardware

162.Roots Bee Smoker

163.Bossa Wood Box With Soft Collars

164.Pool Que Stick IN Case

165.Pair Of Post Lamps One With Damage

166.Antique Post Cards In Flat

167.Gray Tub Of Hardware

168.Finials, Leg Parts And Wood Working Items

169.Collection of Old Furniture Castor Wheels

170.Dresser Glove Box 14" x 14" x 4"

171.Finials, Leg Parts And Wood Working Items

172.Gray Tub Of Hardware

173.Chalk line And Chalk In Gray Tub

174.Selection Of Weights

175.Gray Tub Of Hardware

176.Gray Tub Of Hardware

177.KY Travel Host Sign 26" x 21"

178.Printer Blocks In Flat All Metal

179.Printer Blocks In Flat All Metal

180.Printer Blocks In Flat All Metal

181.Printer Blocks In Flat All Metal

182.Wood Molding Pieces in Small Gray Tub

183.EAPG Pitcher With Daisy

184.Finials, Leg Parts And Wood Working Items

185.Finials, Leg Parts And Wood Working Items

186.Vintage Copter Style Sprinkler

187.Two Locks In Flat

188.Four Locks IN Flat

189.Gray Tub Of Hardware

190.Gray Tub Of Hardware

191.Gray Tub Of Hardware

192.Gray Tub Of Hardware

193.Gray Tub Of Hardware

194.Gray Tub Of Hardware

195.Gray Tub Of Hardware

196.Gray Tub Of Hardware

197.Antique Pulls in Flat

198.Chrome Pulls in Flat

199.Antique Pulls in Flat

200.Drawer Pulls In Flat

201.Gray Tub Of Hardware

202.Chrome Knobs IN Flat

203.Gray Tub Of Hardware

204.Gray Tub Of Hardware

205.Hooks And Hardware In Box

206.Antique Table For Repair 26" At Top x 27" T

207.Five Castor Wheels IN Flat

208.Small Collectibles And Figures Tub

209.Jointer Knives In Flat

210.The Sap'l Horehow CO. Portsmouth, Ohio Collector Plate

211.Hooks And Hardware In Box

212.Hardware in Flat

213.Box Of Lids Some Are Glass

214.Various Keys In Flat

215.Various Keys In Flat

216.Saw Blade 27"

217.Saw Blade 22"

218.Saw Blade 27"

219.Saw Blade 29"

220.Small TY beanies And Plush

221.Galvanized Watering Can

222.Galvanized Box 23" L x 9"

223.Antique Regulator Clock For Repair And Oil Can

224.Hanging Light, Floor Lamp And Door

225.Hardware in Flat

226.The Ordinance Of 1787 Booklet

227.Chicago 1934 Postcard Book

228.Knobs IN Flat

229.Gray Tub Of Hardware

230.Newspaper And Lockbox In Large Box

231.Hardware in Flat

232.Gray Tub Of Hardware

233.Gray Tub Of Hardware

234.Antique Brass Sprayer Pump

235.Power Wheels Yamaha Trike With Helmet

236.Holographic Ohio State Sign 24" x 16"

237.Kitchen Knives in Flat

238.Grippos Potato Chip Can 3lb Can

239.Maid Of Honor Pressure Cooker

240.Dietz Di-Lite Lantern NO.2 13" T

241.1959 WV Tag

242.1960 OH Tag

243.Antique License Tag

244.1969 Florida Tag

245.1977 Nevada Tag

246.1968 Missouri Tag

247.1959 Georgia Tag

248.1964 Ohio Tag

249.1968 Florida Tag

250.1974 Ohio Tag

251.Maine And Ohio Vintage tags

252.1969 Florida Tag

253.1973 Ohio Tag

254.1968 Michigan Tags IN Flat

255.Early Ohio Truck Tag

256.Early Ohio Truck Tag

257.1968 Florida Tag

258.1980 Ohio Tags In Flat

259.Ohio 1980 Truck Tag

260.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles In Flat

261.1995 1/25 Scale Pit Stop Showcase NO.3 Mike Skinner

262.1962 Ohio Tag

263.1976 Michigan Tag

264.1961 Ohio Tag

265.1973 Ohio Tag

266.Phillips Stereo System With Speakers

267.Blue Hawk Air Compressor Does Run Does Not Hold Pressure 125 PSI 2 Gallon

268.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles In Flat

269.Coleman Lantern Model 220F

270.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles In Flat

271.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles In Flat

272.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles In Flat

273.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles In Flat

274.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles In Flat

275.Box Of Nails Approx. 10 LBS.

276.White Dresser 40" L x 30" T x 18" D

277.Tree Stand

278.Fold Up ATV Ramps Lightweight

279.Show box Style Coffee Table 4' L x 18" T x 22"

280.Blue Glass Canister Set

281.Four Cans Of Car Polish

282.Collectible Cans And Boxes In Flat

283.Ratchet Binder

284.Dale Earnhardt Collectibles In Flat

285.Small White Wood Desk 26" W x 20" D x 17" T

286.Aquarium ON Base 4' T x 3' W x 18" D

287.Die Cast 1/24 Scale Cars In Flat

288.Skate, Shoe Last, IN Wood Tool Caddy 20" L

289.Seven Time Champion Dale Earnhardt Figure Box Deluxe Set

290.Outdoor Dog Igloo 3' L x 30" T

291.Pioneer DEH-12A Car Stereo Untested

292.Coleman Lantern Model 220F

293.Heavy Duty Fire Hose Has Been Cup Only ON Connector End

294.Pack And Play Circus Theme

295.Kids Minnie Mouse Desk Piece

296.Newspapers About Death Of Dale Earnhardt

297.Frame, Manuals, Vintage Mirror

298.Angry Birds Game And Playdoh

299.Ammo Crate 15" x 10" x 9"

300.Lawson's Dairy Wheelersburg, Ohio Half Pint Bottle

301.Select Dairy One Quart Milk Bottle Portsmouth, Ohio

302.Pure Milk Portsmouth, Ohio Pint And Lawson's Wheelersburg Half Pint

303.Hitachi Compound Miter Saw "Owner States it Runs"

304.Transmission Fluid And Valvoline Can

305.Wood Storage Trunk 30" L x 16" x 15"

306.License Tag Assortment IN Flat

307.Bag Of Laces

308.License Tag Assortment IN Flat

309.Critter Cage

310.Bobble Heads, Lamp, Easy Bake Oven

311.License Tag Assortment IN Flat

312.Gas Can, Grill, Iron, Hats, Collectibles, Wall Art, ETC.

313.Mizuno Size 13 Cleat And 13D Red Wing Boot Both Used

314.Collection of Bottles

315.Lawson's Dairy Wheelersburg, Ohio Half Pint Bottle

316.Various Dale Earnhardt Wall Art Pieces

317.Hard shell Foam Insert Shotgun Case 52" L

318.Box Of Lantern Parts

319.High top Table And Two Chair 42" Top x 3' T Chairs Are 40" T At Back

320.Wood Painting Easel

321.Books And Tote Bag

322.Porcelain Doll IN Box

323.Easter Eggs, Spanish Moss, Picks, ETC.

324.Glass Front Cabinet Door 19" x 46"

325.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

326.Peavey TKO 80 Amplifier Untested

327.Back To The Future Trilogy ON VHS

328.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

329.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

330.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

331.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

332.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

333.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

334.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

335.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

336.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

337.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

338.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

339.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

340.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

341.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

342.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

343.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

344.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

345.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

346.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

347.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

348.Three Pocket Knife New In Boxes

349.Two Pocket Knives

350.Earnhardt Pocket Knife In box

351.Earnhardt Pocket Knife In box

352.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

353.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

354.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

355.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

356.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

357.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

358.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

359.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

360.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

361.Large Selection of VHS Tapes

362.Very Large Selection Of VHS Tapes

363.Bulova Electric Mantle Clock 18" wide

364.McCoy Clown Cookie Jar 10" Tall Does Have Chip on Inside Rim

365.Flat of Pin-on Buttons

366.Flat of Pin-on Buttons

367.Six Etched Wine Glasses 7 1/2" Tall

368.Large Longaberger Picnic Basket 17" Wide x 11" Tall

369.Federal Glasweld Enamel-on-Steel Bean Pot 9" Tall

370.Six Shepard's Heart Farm Buildings 7 1/2" Wide

371.Six Shepard's Heart Farm Buildings 7 1/2" Wide

372.Four Advertising Glasses

373.Lot of Carved Shells, Fish Vase, Etc.

374.Two Packs of Baseball & Football Cards

375.Can of Junior Tinker toys 9 1/2" Tall

376.Four Glass Paperweights

377.Two Fancy Dress Prints 12" x 14"

378.Collection of Books & Kiss the Cook Sign

379.Trash Can, Pie Divider, Etc.

380.Stein, Figures, Etc.

381.Set of Four Cobalt Tumblers 4 1/2" Tall

382.Viper Golf Bag

383.Anchor Hocking Emerald Green Cups & Saucers

384.Native American Wall Hanging 42" x 26"

385.Collection of Sport Figure, Tool Kit, Etc.

386.Lot of Electricity & Sheet Metal Books

387.Set of Stampin' Up Stamps

388.Lot of Cloth Items

389.Lot of Children's Books

390.Two Boy Scout Books

391.Stanley Home Products Santa Sign 9" Tall

392.Vases, Clocks, Etc.

393.Golf Bag Pin 2 1/2" long

394.Lot of Costume Earrings

395.Lot of Costume Jewelry

396.Lot of Costume Jewelry

397.Sterling Necklace Has Damage

398.Coors Light Helmet Grill 28" tall Unused

399.Santa's Voyage Lenox Christmas Ornament 6" Long

400.Buddy L Logging Trailer 6" Long

401.Vera Bradley Laptop Bag

402.Sterling Heart Shaped Pendant

403.Vera Bradley Draw String Bag

404.Collection of CD'S & VHS Tapes