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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1241)2018 Boy Scouts Holiday Auction - Wednesday December 12th 8:00pm EST

Item Description
0.On behalf of all the Scouts and Scouters we would like to thank our community sponsors. This is Sponsor Board Please Check out each Sponsor. If you like to make a donation to the Scouts please click buy it now button and make a donation, We will send a invoice for you to pay.

1.Wagner Rental And Supply $25 Gift Certificate

2.Dairy Cr�me- Portsmouth, Ohio $20 Gift Certificate

3.Portsmouth Brewing Company $40 Gift Card

4.Fork & Finger- Portsmouth, Ohio Dinner For 2 Gift Certificate

5.Mad River Mountain Two Any Session Lift Tickets (2)

6.Union Mills Confectionary $25 Gift Certificate

7.Buckeye Dairy Bar Pizza, Milkshake & Mini Golf For 4 Party Package

8.Morgan Brothers, Jewelers $50 Gift Certificate

9.The Scioto Ribber $25 Gift Certificate

10.Union Mills Confectionary $25 Gift Certificate

11.Brutus Buckeye Framed Wall Art Piece 27 1/2" x 23 1/2"

12.Gattis Buy One Get One Free Buffet Gift Card

13.Large Conference Table 4'x 8'

14.Star Wars Disney's Ezra Bridger Figure in Box

15.The Rock Figure IN Box Donated By Castle Comics

16.Crest White Strips Professional Supreme NIP

17.Pok�mon Caddy Two Player Starter Kit With Crochet Pok�mon Balls Donated by Tyler's CCG's

18.Rhinestone Necklace And Earrings Donated By The Ritz Portsmouth, Ohio

19.Port City $40 Gift Card

20.Patsy's Diner $20 Gift Certificate

21.Greenup County Size Small Hooded Sweatshirt

22.Oster Minute Meals Indoor Grill NIP

24.Gattis Buy One Get One Free Buffet Gift Card

25.Gattis Buy One Get One Free Buffet Gift Card

26.Wood Metal Desk 4' x 30" T With Wood Chair

27.Pixel Pal "The Flash" Figures Donated By Castle Comics

28.Three Metal Framed Chairs With Plastic Back And Seat 31 1/2" T

29.Two Oak Chair 33"

30.Two Oak Chair 33"

31.Two Oak Chair 33"

32.Two Oak Chair 33"

33.Spinning Comics Rack 5 1/2' T

34.Bag Chair IN Bag

35.Candle Holder, Wire Easel 14" T Two Small Picture Frames

36.Hammock Piece 4' W

37.Nightstars LED Light NIP

38.Jet's Popcorn Two Bags Carmel 9oz Each

39.Chesson Blanchard, Guynes, Reynolds

40.Box Of Assorted Books, Joy Of Cooking, Theater In America, ETC.

41.DOC Spartan Sample Bag Three Piece

42.Flameless Red Lantern Decoration 12" T

43.Heavy Chandelier Piece 24" W x 26" T

44.Clear Glass Chandelier 20" A

45.Heavy Duty Chandelier Piece With Five Top Lights And One Bottom Light Untested

46.Heavy Duty Chandelier Piece With Five Top Lights And One Bottom Light Untested

47.Hanging Brass Chandelier

48.Austin Clock Co Wall Clock With Pendulum 24" L

49.Stack Of Metal Chairs With Soft Seats

50.Schwinn Trunk Rack 2 NIP

51.Medium Wingback Chair Slip Cover

52.Piped Twill Loveseat Cover

53.Two Piece Loveseat Slip Cover

54.Two Piece Blue Sofa Slipcover

55.Two Piece Blue Sofa Slipcover

56.Two Piece Green Sofa Cover

57.Two Piece Blue Sofa Slipcover

58.JCP Studio Home Hanging Light Fixture Shade Has Slight Damage But Appears To be New IN Box

59.JCP Studio Home Hanging Light Fixture Shade Has Slight Damage But Appears To be New IN Box

60.Two Piece Tan Chair Slipcover

61.Medium Chair Slipcover

62.Piped Twill Slip Cover For Loveseat

63.Two Piece Blue Sofa Slipcover

64.Medium Chair Slipcover

65.Brown Two Piece Sofa

66.Blue Chair Slipcover

67.Two Piece Loveseat Slip Cover

68.Tan Waffle Medium Slip Cover For Loveseat

69.Red Chair Slipcover

70.Two Piece Loveseat Slip Cover

71.Medium Wingback Chair Slip Cover

72.Two Piece Suede Sofa Slip Cover

73.Medium Wingback Chair Slip Cover

74.Stack Of Metal Chairs With Soft Seats

75.Two Piece Chair Slipcover

76.Red Chair Slipcover

77.Two Piece Sofa Slipcover

78.Treadmill Untested And Table Piece For Repair

79.Small Aquarium With Gravel And Accessories

80.Baby Changing Table 37" T x 54" W

81.Leather Size XL Vest

82.Leather Large Vest

83.Large Leather Vest

84.Red Leather Vest In Medium

85.Black Leather Pants

86.Leather 3/4 Black Jacket

87.Quilted Handbag And Leather Handbags

88.Forty Two Years Of Rare Ancient Firearms Book

89.Two Piece Sofa Slipcover

90.Beaded Curtin 3' W

91.Leather Whip

92.Leather Whip

93.Leather Whip

94.Leather Whip

95.Baby Changing Table 39" T x 57" W

96.Tupperware, Serving tray, Pitcher, ETC. IN Clear Tote

97.Beaded Curtin 3' W

98.Design Classic Studio Loft Bed IN box

99.Design Classic Studio Loft Bed IN box

100.Teen Trends Primary Twin Size Bed Frame Box Marked 2 of 2 (Do Not Have Box 1 Of 2)

101.Changing Table 40" T x 30" W x 18" T

102.Three Wood Office Chairs

103.Metal Table Composite Top 3' x 20" x 14"

104.Green Varsity Jacket With Black Sleeves XXL

105.Twin Bed Frame

106.Purple Pant 2x With T Shirt 2x

107.Mary's Spirit Shop T Shirt9

108.Window Cover 38" W x 6" D

109.Nursey Furniture Piece 4' T x 40" W

110.White Woven Wood Roman Shade 23" x 72"

111.White Woven Wood Roman Shade 23" x 72"

112.White Woven Wood Roman Shade 23" x 72"

113.Plastic Fold Out Table 6'

114.Australian Coins IN Sheet (12)

115.Great Britain Pennies In Sheet (8)

116.Proof Nickels, Dimes, Quarters And Dollars ($4.15)

117.1973 Bicentennial Commemorative Medal

118.1974 Bicentennial Commemorative Medal

119.1974 Bicentennial Commemorative Medal

120.1958 Mickey Mantle Card

121.1958 Stan Musial Baseball Card

122.1973 Bicentennial Commemorative Medal

123.American Revolution Bicentennial Commemorative Medal

124.American Revolution Bicentennial Commemorative Medal

125.Chillicothe Commandery Belt Buckle 3"

126.Envelope Of M & M's Baseball Cards

127.Bag of Six Wood Nickels

128.Bag of Wood Nickels

129.The Way West Buffalo Nickel Set IN Envelope

130.US Bicentennial Silver UC Set

131.Two 2014 Kennedy Half Dollars

132.Bag of World Coins

133.1953 Commemorative Ohio Medal

134.Type Collection of US Coins IN Book ($6.23)

135.1883 AU-UNC V Nickel

136.2010 Boy Scouts Of America Centennial Proof Silver Dollar

137.2010 Boy Scouts Of America Centennial UC Silver Dollar

138.Obsolete Coins Of Yesteryear ($1.41 Face Value)

139.2017 1/10 OZ. American Eagle

140.Two Bags Of Golf Clubs