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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1506)Collectibles, Longaberger Baskets, Ammo, Furniture, Tools, Coins, Household and much more - Tuesday September 15th 8:00p.m

Item Description
1.2000 Hologram Silver Eagle with Certificate of Authenticity 1oz Fine Silver

2.Shark Rotator Vacuum With Stand And Accessories Appears Very Lightly Used

3.Large Handmade Three Treble Lure 8" L By Local Artist Jack Compton

4.Pandora Bracelet With Sterling And Disney Beads

5.Vintage Flower Garden Handstitch Quilt 77" x 85"

6.AI Freedom Drone Appears New IN Box

7.Conical Corn Grinder

8.Hornady Lever Evolution 444 Marlin 265gr FTX Box Of 20

9.1925 Peace One Dollar

10.1924 Peace One Dollar

11.1923 Peace One Dollar

12.Bud Lite Clydesdale beer Light 10" x 10"

13.1963 Balfar "The Charger" Bronze Type Statue 9" T x 11" W

14.Winchester Varmint HE 22LR Box of 50

15.Troy Bilt Gas Pressure Washer 2500PSI 6.75 Briggs & Stratton Engine Works

16.Bolens 21" Push Mower With Briggs & Stratton Engine Works

17.1996 Kenner Toys History Of Batman Collection 27587

18.Genie SP99 1/4 HP Garage Door Opener Untested Appears To be new In Box

19.Pepsi Cola Glass Bottle IN Metal Carrier

20.Longaberger Pottery American Theme Rare Baking Dish 9" A x 3 1/2"

21.Four Coke Cola Libbey Collector Glasses In Box

22.Blatz Draft Beer Pitcher

23.Trunk Organizer And Cooler In Box

24.Milbank Electric Box 11" A x 15" T

25.1997 Longaberger Holiday Christmas Collection Snowflake Basket 9" A x 6 1/2" With Liner And Protector

26.New 10" Black & Decker Saw Blade

27.New 7 1/4" Blade And 7" Grinding Wheel

28.Craftsman Adjustable Dado

29.Sears Craftsman 64 Tooth 10" Saw Blade New

30.Sears Craftsman 64 Tooth 10" Saw Blade New

31.Sears Craftsman 64 Tooth 10" Saw Blade New

32.1993 Longaberger Shades Of Autumn Basket With Liner And Protector 9" x 5"

33.1988 Longaberger Christmas Collection Poinsettia Basket 6 1/2" T

34.2003 Longaberger Little Market 8" x 4 1/2" Basket With Liner And Protector

35.1996 Longaberger Christmas Collection Holly Cheer Basket With Liner And Protector 11" x 8"

36.1995 Longaberger Bread Basket With Liner And Protector 15" L x 8" A

37.1998 Christmas Collection Longaberger Basket Glad Tidings 10" T

38.2000 Longaberger tree Trimming Basket With Lid, Book And Tie On Let It Snow 4" x 6"

39.2000 Century Celebration Cheer Basket With Tie On, Liner And Protector 8" A

40.2000 Mothers Day Early Blossom Longaberger Basket 11" x 7"

41.2007 Woven Memories Longaberger Basket 10" A

42.1992 Bittersweet Shades Of Autumn Longaberger Basket

43.1999 Bee Basket Building Tomorrow Together 8" A x 4" With Liner And Protector

44.2001 Christmas Collection Shining Star Basket 11" A x 4" T

45.1997 Petunia Longaberger basket 9" A x 5" T With Liner And Protector

46.1998 Longaberger Glad Tidings Basket With Liner And Protector 11" T

47.Four Collectible Beer Glasses In Original Box

48.Glass Bead Necklace Possibly Sterling

49.Four Piece Porcelain Salad Bowl Set

50.Two Pieces Of Misc. Stoneware With lids In Box

51.Razor Full Face Helmet New

52.Old Christmas Cards From C & O Railroad

53.Four White Adjustable Jim Beam hats New In Bag

54.Four White Adjustable Jim Beam hats New In Bag

55.Four White Adjustable Jim Beam hats New In Bag

56.Batman Batcave Command Center In Original Box

57.Batman Mr. Freeze Action Figure And Vehicle Not Playset Pictured On Box

58.Beckett Yu-GI-Oh

59.Book Of Game shark Codes

60.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Evil Space Aliens Sword Slashing Knasty Action Figure

61.Kenner Toys Batman V The Joker 27966/27965 IN Pack

62.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Evil Space Aliens Peck Attack Peckster Action Figure

63.Pocahontas Collector Glasses In Small Box

64.Pokļæ½mon Gold Card IN Ball

65.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

66.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

67.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

68.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

69.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

70.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

71.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

72.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

73.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

74.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

75.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

76.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

77.Four New Longaberger Tie On's In Box

78.1994 Kenner Legends Of Batman Die Cast 62622 In Bag

79.1997 Kenner The Penguin Die Cast 28967

80.1997 Kenner Batmobile Die Cast Car In Bag

81.1997 Kenner Batwing Die Cast

82.1994 Kenner Catwoman Die Cast In Bag

83.1997 Kenner Boatboat Die Cast In Bag

84.1994 Kenner Legends Of Batman Die Cast 62622 In Bag

85.1997 Kenner Batman Die Cast In Bag

86.1997 Kenner Robin Die Cast IN Bag

87.1997 Kenner Batgirl ON Batcycle Die Cast In Bag

88.Power Rangers Zeo Red battle Zorg Figure

89.Ultraman Figure in Bag

90.Joker Figure in Bag

91.1997 Marvel Spiderman Figure In Bag

92.1997 Blue Power Ranger In Bag

93.1994 Toy Biz Hobgoblin Figure In Bag

94.1994 Lord Zedd Figure In Bag

95.Blue Power Ranger In Bag

96.1993 Batman Joker Mobile

97.1996 DC Comics Aircraft 22"

98.1995 Tonka Batman Nerf Style Gun

99.1996 Gyrosphere Bat plane Toy

100.Two Batman Toys in Flat

101.Batman Bat bike

102.Power Rangers Megesaur Figure In Bag

103.100th Edition Batman Figure On Stand 1996

104.Power Ranger Hatchet Toy Gun

105.Three Power Ranger Toys IN Flat

106.Eye Guy Figure In Bag

107.Dark Knight Scarecrow Figure In Bag

108.Bruce Wayne Figure IN Bag

109.Power Ranger Red Megesaur In Bag

110.Ninja Turtle Foot Soldier In Bag

111.XMEN Water Wars Sentinel Robot Figure In Bag

112.Power Ranger Robo Goat Figure In bag

113.1995 DC Comics Superman Figure In Bag

114.1995 Banna Megasaur Power Ranger Figure In Bag

115.1997 Spiderman Web trap Scorpion Figure In Bag

116.1996 Revolving Arm Robot Figure In Bag

117.1995 Sword Slashing Red Ninja Power Ranger Figure in Bag

118.1995 Bandi White Power Ranger On Motor Cycle Figure In Bag

119.1997 Red Power Ranger Figure In Bag

120.1994 Dramole Alien Evil Monster Shark Figure In Bag

121.1996 GI Joe Ballistic Extreme Figure IN Bag

122.1994 Super Human Samiru Cyber-Squad Figure In Bag

123.1996 Super Zeo Megazord Figure In Bag

124.1995 Projecting Ironman Figure In Bag

125.1997 Bandi Power Ranger Figure

126.1995 Bandi Power Ranger Figure In Bag

127.1997 Bandi Power Ranger Figure

128.1996 Black Power Ranger Figure IN Bag

129.1995 Marvel Spiderman Goblin Action Toy In Bag

130.1996 Black Power Ranger Figure IN Bag

131.1995 Bandi Power Ranger Figure In Bag

132.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Figure In Bag

133.1995 Wire Possible White Power Ranger Ninja

134.1996 Bandi Power Ranger IN Bag

135.1995 Bandi Power Ranger Figure In Bag

136.1997 Marvel Toy IN Bag

137.Two Batman Mobile Toys In Bag

138.Miniature Batman Figures, Mobiles In Bag

139.1996 Bat Bike IN Bag

140.1997 Bat Bike IN Bag

141.1994 Spiderman Amazing Scorpion Slayer Vehicle

142.1995 Superman Car With Superman/Clark Kent Figures In Bag

143.1995 DC Comics Robins Motorcycle Figure In Bag

144.1996 DC Comics Figure In Bag

145.Power Ranger Toys IN Bag

146.Ray Dunn Four Piece Planter Set

147.Hoover Power Dash Shampooer Works

148.New Box Of Flex 13Gallon Trash Bags 80CT

149.Green Costume Bracelet Box

150.Cast Iron Bunny Door Stop

151.Bunny Yard Art Piece 12" L

152.Hanging Light Fixture Three Light 20"

153.Wood Frame Mirror 2' x 3'

154.Lazy Boy Duel Reclining Love Seat Good Shape needs Some Spot Cleaning

155.Harper Dolly

156.Corona Pole Saw

157.Floral Wall Art 35" x 41"

158.Wood Table Top 35" x 35"

159.Framed Wall Art 31" x 24"

160.No 2 USA Stoneware Crock 9" x 9 1/2"

161.Large red Counter Jar With lid 9 1/2"

162.Mirror Coat Rack 31" x 27"

163.Plate Rack 2' x 4'

164.Door Casing Set New

165.Wood Plate Shelf 2' x 3'

166.Blue Plastic Tarp 8'x 10' (2)

167.Brass Plant Stand 17" W x 14" T

168.Three Table Lamps

169.Four Table Lamps

170.Porcelain Mantle Clock, Utensil Holder, Clock, ETC.

171.Resin Female Bust Piece 15" T

172.Plastic Baskets, Tubs And Cubbies Various Size

173.Garden Flag Stand And Flags, With Carpet Cleaner And Plastic Baskets

174.Seven Black Nesting Cubbies 17" x 7" x 12"

175.Metal Tea Kettle Lamp 12" T

176.Galvanized Bloom Bucket

177.Vintage Wall Mount Lamp 8"

178.Box of Misc. Glass Jars

179.Framed Print On Canvas Floral 13" x 15" Wall Art Framed IN Boneyfiddle Portsmouth, Ohio

180.Three Pieces Of Glenda Turley Framed Wall Art Largest Piece 13" x 30

181.Wood Drop Table Top 42" A With Misc. Glass Pieces And Mirror

182.Two Pieces Of Framed Wall Art Framed In Oakridge TN, Friendship Framed Largest Piece 29" x 11 1/2"

183.Two Small Framed Art Pieces Large One Marked The Piddler Olive Springs, TN Large Piece 7 1/2" x 10"

184.Large 16" x 20" Black Frame And Two Smaller Pieces Of Wall Art

185.Two Small Tin Signs

186.Two Framed Mirrors Long Mirror is 11" x 20"

187.Jadeite Bowl 4 1/2" A x 3 1/2" T

188.Serving Basket, Wall Art, Lap tray, Pillowcase

189.Crystal Candelabra 11" T x 13" W

190.Misc. Bird Figures, Planter, Stemware, ETC

191.Racks, Coat Hager, Curtin Rod, Dessert Spoons

192.Large Black Plastic Tote 40 Gallon

193.Barbie Fiat, VW Bug And Vespa Scooter Toys

194.Purple Cubby With Barbie Ponies

195.Tall Chest Of Drawers 39" W x 62" T x 21" D

196.Interior Doors And Window On Pallet

197.Wood Rocker 41" T

198.Oak Finish Six Drawer Cabinet Made With Two Doors But One Is Missing But Otherwise Like New Piece 52" x 55" x 17" D

199.Simmons ProHunter 3-9x40 Rifle Scope with Rings

200.BSA Sweet17 4x32 Rifle Scope with Yardage Adjuster

201.SightMark Red Dot Sight

203.Royal Buck 12GA 2 3/4" 00Buck Box of 5

204.Royal Buck 12GA 2 3/4" 00Buck Box of 5

205.50 Round Box of Assorted 45 ACP Rounds

206.Herter's 380 ACP 95gr FMJ Box of 50

207.Wolf Military Classic 7.62x39 124gr Hollow Points box of 20

208.Wolf Military Classic 7.62x39 124gr Hollow Points box of 20

209.WPA Polyformance 7.62x39 123gr Hollow Points box of 20

210.TulAmmo 223 Rem 62gr Hollow Points box of 20

211.TulAmmo 223 Rem 62gr Hollow Points box of 20

212.TulAmmo 223 Rem 62gr Hollow Points box of 20

213.Remington 30-06 150gr Metal Case box of 20

214.Winchester SuperX 7mm Rem Mag 150gr Power Point box of 20

215.Sterling Ring Size 6

216.Sterling Star Necklace

217.Watch Fob Necklace

218.Sterling Size 8 Ring

219.Sterling Necklace With Diamond Pendant

220.Sterling Band Size 6

221.Sterling Size 8.5 Ring

222.Sterling Size 8 Angel Ring

223.Sterling Size 6 Ring

224.Sterling Size 7 Ring

225.Bag of Costume jewelry

226.Hornady ZombieMax 12GA 2 3/4" 00Buck Box of 10

227.Remington 30-30 170gr Core Lokt Box of 20

228.Herter's Select Grade 9mm 115gr FMJ Box of 50

229.Remington Golden Bullet 22LR box of 100

230.Remington Golden Bullet 22LR box of 100

231.PMC Bronze 223 Rem 55gr FMJ Box of 20

232.PMC Bronze 223 Rem 55gr FMJ Box of 20

233.PMC Bronze 223 Rem 55gr FMJ Box of 20

234.TulAmmo 9mm 115gr FMJ Box of 50

235.CCI Blazer Brass 9mm 115gr FMJ Box of 50

236.Winchester 40S&W 180gr FMJ Box of 50

237.CCI Standard Velocity 22LR Box of 50

238.CCI Standard Velocity 22LR Box of 50

239.CCI Standard Velocity 22LR Box of 50

240.CCI Standard Velocity 22LR Box of 50

241.Mason's Vista England Pitcher 6 1/2" T

242.Bronzed baby Shoe Pen Holder

243.Wood Triplane Decoration 12" A x 6" T

244.Jar Of Marbles

245.Vintage Chein Toys Tin Top Made in USA

246.Budweiser Paperweight 6" x 4 1/2"

247.Ideal Milk Co QT Milk Bottle

248.Windale Farm Glena, Ohio QT Milk Bottle

249.Three Piece Carving Set

250.Werk's Soap Crate 13 1/2" x 15" x 9"

251.Hobart 1987 Lion Cast Bank 4"

252.Made In China Oriental Style Cookie jar

253.Vintage Oil Can

254.Display Case 8" x 14 1/2"

255.Display Case 8" x 14 1/2"

256.Display Case 12" x 16 1/2"

257.Divided Display Case 12" x 16 1/2"

258.Divided Display Case 12" x 16 1/2"

259.Divided Display Case 12" x 16 1/2"

260.Divided Display Case 12" x 16 1/2"

261.Sessions Made IN USA Mantle Clock 21 1/2" L

262.Two Large Brass Framed Wall Art Piece 22" x 28"

263.Smirnoff Ice Mirror 21 1/2" x 26 1/2"

264.Limited Edition January 1, 2000 First Edition Newspapers In Case With Certificate

265.Bluegrass Routes trivia Game Appears new In box

266.Solo Cord trainer In box

267.Cast Sad Iron no. 8

268.Franciscan Apple Tea Pot

269.Camp Bushnell Sign 18 3/4" x 32 1/2"

270.Royal Crown Bottling Co. Portsmouth, Ohio Crate 18" x 12" x 4"

271.Two Wood Handles 3'

272.Metallica VHS Tape Set

273.Double Metal Pulley With Hook

274.Porcelain Nishiki Hand painted Pitcher 12" T

275.Miniature Tiffany Style Votive Holder With Budvase

276.1957 Star Note $1

277.1957 Star Note $1

278.1957 Star Note $1

279.1928B $2 Note Red Seal

280.1938C $2 Note Red Seal

281.1928D $2 Note Red Seal

282.1953 $2 Note red Seal

283.1953A $2 Note Red Seal

284.1953B $ Red Seal Note

285.1963 Red Seal $5 Note

286.1963 Red Seal $5 Note

287.March 1963 Colt Advertisement

288.Stack Of Misc. World Currency

289.Gold Tone $100 Trump Note

290.Spotters Scope 40x60

291.Gold Tone $1000 Trump Note

292.Gold Tone Trump 2020 $1000000 Note

293.1959 Stamp Price Guide With Some Postmarked Stamps In Plastic Holder

294.United Cutlery Japan Work Horse Pocket Knife UC769 In Bag

295.Bausch & Lomb Science Award In Bag

296.Vintage Windup Tin Toy Greyhound Made In Japan 2 3/4"

297.Stack Of Misc. World Currency

298.Six Pewter Toy Figures In Bag

299.Star Hawk Bill 3325 Pocket Knife IN Bag

300.Three Vintage Ammo Boxes In Flat

301.Louisiana Belt Buckle

302.Geo Schrade Pocket Knife, Bottle opener

303.Confederate Blanket Holder

304.Three Collectible Pins in Bag

305.Bryco .380 Clip

306.Two Collectible Lighters in Bag

307.Doral Pocket Knife In Leather Sheath

308.Wood Rings, Charms And Pins In Bag

309.1950 Central Ohio Rifle League Medal

310.National Defense Medal With WW2 Pins In Bag

311.Pair Of Collectible Pins One Marked Occupied Japan

312.Full Gun Choke And Sight

313.Saw Blades, Blue Bottle, Misc. Collectibles In Flat

314.Dagger, Fan, Meat Fork, ETC.

315.Four Hot wheels IN Flat

316.Early Cutter Tool

317.Gun Shaped Pocket Knife

318.Double Blade Pocket Knife In Bag

319.Small Pocket Knives In Bag

320.Three Pocket Knives In Bag

321.Smith & Wesson Pocket Knife In Bag

322.Vintage Railroad passes In Holder

323.Wood Bottle Cap Token And paper Collectibles In Bag

324.Local Ohio Paper Collectibles In Flat

325.Wrist Watches IN Flat

326.Red Dot Scope In Bag

327.Costume Jewelry In Bag

328.Costume Jewelry In Bag

329.Costume Jewelry In Bag

330.Costume Jewelry In Bag

331.Costume Jewelry In Bag

332.Uniform Pins Believed To Be World War 2

333.Earrings, And Belt Buckle In Bag

334.Three Pair Sterling Earrings In Bag

335.Sterling Chain And Pendant With Blue Stone

336.Sterling Pendant With Chain

337.Sterling Hoop Earrings With Clear Stones

338.Sterling .925 Earrings In Bag

339.Sterling Hoop Earrings With Clear Stones

340.Sterling Bracelet 7"

341.Five Eisenhower One Dollar Coins In Bag

342.Lenox Jewelry Ring 6 3/4 And Necklace 20"

343.1935A Silver Cert. $1 Dollar

344.1935C $1 Silver Cert.

345.1935D $1 Silver Cert.

346.1935S $1 Silver Cert.

347.1935F $1 Silver Cert.

348.1935G $1 Silver Cert.

349.1935H $1 Silver Cert.

350.Six Indian Head Cents

351.Seven Indian Head Cents

352.Eight V Nickels IN Bag

353.Tokens In Bag

354.Sales Tax Tokens In Bag

355.Trump 2020 Token

356.Costume Jewelry In Bag

357.11th Signal Brigade Token

358.Military Buttons In bag

359.Military Buttons In bag

360.Sterling Silver Childs Bracelet

361.Vintage Dunhill Lighter in Bag

362.Old Lyman Piece Of Gun Sight

363.Guns And Roses Pin In Bag

364.Sterling Necklace 17"

365.Sterling Ring Size 6 3/4

366.Sterling Ring Size 6

367.Sterling Size 6 1/2" Ring

368.Sterling Pendant Clear Stone

369.Sterling Ring Size 5 1/2

370.Small Sterling Hoop earrings

371.Sterling Ring 4 3/4

372.Sterling 16"-18" Necklace

373.Sterling Rings Size 7 1/4

374.Sterling Ring Size 5 3/4

375.Sterling Ring Size 5 3/4

376.Sterling Chain 18" Glass Heart Pendant

377.Sterling Drop Earring

378.Sterling Ring 3 1/2

379.Sterling Hoop Earrings in bag

380.Sterling Mercury Dime Adjustable Ring

381.Sterling Earrings Blue Stone

382.Sterling Pendant

383.Sterling Ring Size 8 1/2"

384.Sterling Ring 8 3/4

385.Sterling Key Necklace

386.Sterling Ring Size 4 3/4

387.Sterling Ring Size 7 1/2

388.Sterling Ring Size 5 1/2

389.Sterling Ring Size 6 1/2

390.Sterling Heart Pendant

391.Sterling Hoop Earrings With Clear Stones

392.Sterling Bracelet With K and heart 7"

393.Sterling Ring Opal Style Stone 6 1/2

394.Sterling Ring Turquoise Style Stone 6 1/2

395.Sterling Bracelet 7 1/2

396.Sterling Pendant In Bag

397.Sterling Drop Earring

398.Sterling Silver Mix Lot

399.Early 1960-70 Car Magazines

400.Samsung Subwoofer Speaker Untested

401.Large Bowie Knife

402.Leather Top Wood Stool 30" T

403.Westcraft Mountable grinder

404.Electric Drill, Spot lamp And Square

405.Cigar box, Dresser Box, ETC.

406.Smallville DVD Collection In Flat

407.Nancy & Clancy Record Player

408.Two Boyd's Bears And American Savings Barrel bank In box

409.Lamp, Bottles, Safety Glasses, Organizer, ETC.

410.Digital Scale, And Earphones

411.Michael Jordan Card, Token, Door Hardware, ETC.

412.Three Pieces McCoy Mixing Bowls

413.CCI 22LR Shot shell Box Of 20

414.Collection Of Misc. House And Garden Flags In Small Box

415.Hot Pink Yoga Mat

416.Walt Disney World Musical Snow globe 7 1/2" T

417.Albert Zollener Portsmouth, Ohio Vintage Manicure Kit In Decorative Case

418.Wheeling Steel Corp. Portsmouth, Ohio Antique Booklet in Sleeve

419.Stack Of Misc. Receipts

420.Albert Zollener Portsmouth, Ohio Vintage Leather Wallet In Decorative Case

421.Local Portsmouth, Ohio Photos And papers In Flat

422.Assortment Of Vintage Newspapers

423.Local Portsmouth, Ohio Photos And papers In Flat

424.Local Portsmouth, Ohio Photos And papers In Flat

425.Vintage Trunk With Tray Insert 32" L x 16" D x 11" T

426.Norman Rockwell Character Doll In box

427.Norman Rockwell Character Doll In box

428.Norman Rockwell Character Doll In box

429.Norman Rockwell Character Doll In box

430.Doral Zippo Lighter in Bag

431.Harley Davidson Zippo Lighter in Tin

432.Vintage Portsmouth, Ohio Eyeglasses in Case Marked GF

433.Portsmouth, Ohio Amber Portsmouth BRG & ICE CO. Bottle

434.Arrowhead in Bag

435.Arrowhead in Bag

436.Arrowhead in Bag

437.Meat Thermometer New In Pack

438.April 1945 Portsmouth, Ohio Newspaper

439.October 1945 Portsmouth Daily Times Newspaper

440.January 1937 Flood Paper Portsmouth Daily Times

441.January 1944 Portsmouth Times Newspaper

442.August 1945 Portsmouth Times Newspaper

443.May 1945 The Portsmouth Times Newspaper

444.May 1945 The Portsmouth Times Newspaper

445.November 1963 Portsmouth Times Newspaper

446.December 1941 Welch Daily Newspaper

447.Portsmouth Times For The 40's, 50's & 60's

448.Portsmouth Times For The 40's, 50's & 60's

449.1937 February Portsmouth Times

450.Portsmouth Times For The 40's, 50's & 60's

451.June 1965 The Portsmouth Times Sesquicentennial

452.Portsmouth Times For The 40's, 50's & 60's

453.Portsmouth Times For The 40's, 50's & 60's

454.May 1936 The Portsmouth Times Newspaper

455.Portsmouth Times For The 40's, 50's & 60's

456.Portsmouth Times For The 40's, 50's & 60's

457.Vintage Eyeglasses IN Cases Marked Portsmouth, Ohio in Bag

458.Flat of Vintage Eyeglasses IN Cases Marked Portsmouth, Ohio

459.Collectibles, Post Cards, Canadian Coins In Flat

460.Feuchtenberger Bakeries Ashland, KY Wood Crate 26" x 5 1/2" x 17"

461.Two Nintendo Game Cube Games

462.Square Tool Marked In CM

463.Water Spigot With Quail

464.Porcelain Doll On Stand 16" T

465.Vintage Plastic Doll With Speaker 24" T

466.Unmarked Composite Baby Doll With Tin Eyes 20"

467.Poulan Pro 42cc PP4218A 18" Chainsaw In Case

468.Homelite Ranger 40cc 16" Chainsaw

469.Wood Bench 76" L x 20" T

470.Collectible papers And Clippings Some receipts In Box

471.Vintage Rayban Sunglass Clip ons In Original Case

472.Collectible papers IN Flat

473.Newel Post Piece 33"

474.Hardware IN Coffee Cans In Flat

475.Hardware IN Coffee Cans In Flat

476.Glass Cookie Jar

477.Enamel Table Top 40" x 25"

478.Vintage Full Size Iron Bedframe

479.Vintage Full Size Iron Bedframe

480.Pandora Bracelet With Sterling And Glass Beads

481.Two Poinsettia And Baking Pans

482.Waste King 2600 Legend Series Garbage Disposal

483.Weber Patio Grill

484.Cast Iron Porcelain Enamel Sink With Faucets And Throw Rugs

485.Sink Counter/Basin With Faucet 36 1/2" W x 26 1/2" D

486.Misc. Lighthouse Framed Wall Art Large Piece 18" x 22"

487.Six Camouflage Arrows 30"

488.Three Smaller Pieces Of Wall Art

489.Fuel For Fire Mixed Berry Protein Smoothies 6PK

490.Fuel For Fire Mixed Berry Protein Smoothies 6PK

491.Retro Metal Dining Chair

492.Two Softball Bats

493.Large And Small TY beanie Babies In Flat

494.Large And Small TY beanie Babies In Flat

495.Tub Of Kids Toys

496.Quest Kids Four Piece Luggage Set

497.Duck Dynasty Diaper Bag

498.Tub Of Kids Toys

499.Stick Unicorn And Horse Toys

500.Tub Of Kids Toys

501.Boy Scout Uniforms In Box

502.Tub Of Kids Toys

503.Boy Scouts Books In Box

504.Tub Of Kids Toys

505.Pinewood Derby Cars In Flat

506.Pinewood Derby Cars In Flat

507.Pinewood Derby Cars In Flat

508.Plastic Treasure Chest And Igloo Cooler

509.Tub Of Crafting Supplies

510.Scouts Collectibles In Flat

511.Scouts Collectibles In Flat

512.Fall Decorations In Box

513.Baskets, Crafts, Household items In Large Box

514.Cake Pan, Cookie Cutters in Store Jar

515.Christmas Decorations In Tub

516.Frames, File Box, CD Case, Misc. Household Items

517.Medal In Bag

518.Large Selection of Household items IN Tub

519.Large Selection of Household items IN Tub

520.Mattel 1703 Holiday Barbie

521.Tupperware measuring Cups

522.Large Selection of Household items IN Tub

523.Ghostbusters Hot Wheels Car 2007

524.Tub Of Kids Toys

525.Collection of Handbags IN Green Tote

526.Large Selection of Household items IN Tub

527.1951 Silk Table Scarves

528.White Tiger Pillow And Throw

529.Sterling Ring With Ruby Stone 10.5

530.Sterling Band Size 10

531.Four Retro Comic Books In Bag

532.Flt of Costume Jewelry

533.Costume Jewelry Box With Content

534.Flat of Costume Jewelry

535.Blue Lindy Star Ring Marked Unable To Read Size 5

536.Fiestaware Small Plate And 11" Plate

537.Lapis Blue Cup And Bowl 7" Fiestaware

538.Red Fiestaware Plate 10"

539.Two Cobalt Fiestaware 10" Plates

540.Kenmore 10" x 18" Double Burner Grill

541.Conair 3/4" 1" Curling Iron

542.Bag of Costume jewelry

543.Red And Green Chargers, Ornaments, ETC in Small Wood Crate

544.Large Selection of Household items IN Tub

545.Large Selection of Household items IN Tub

546.Large Selection of Household items IN Tub

547.American Tourister Three Piece Luggage

548.American Tourister Two Piece Luggage

549.Protocol Luggage Pieces

550.Sign Kit, White Bag, Step Stool

551.Homemade Antler Knife With Repurposed Blade 3"

552.Homemade Antler Knife With Repurposed Blade 2"

553.Homemade Antler Knife With Repurposed Blade 3 1/2"

554.Homemade Antler Knife With Repurposed Blade 3"

555.Homemade Antler Knife With Repurposed Blade 3 1/2"

556.Landing Net 3'

557.Mountable Vice 4" Jaw

558.Coleman Battery Lantern

559.Log Roller Tool

560.Box of Coax Cables

561.Part For Daybed

562.Galvanized Wringer Mop Bucket

563.Four Drawer Metal File Cabinets

564.Box Of Afghans

565.Wicker Coffee Table With Glass Top 42" x 21" x 16 1/2"

566.Wood Frame Mirror 20" x 30"

567.Three End Tables Various Size

568.Red Childs Rocker 18 1/2" T

569.Vintage rocking Chair 39" T

570.Four Table Lamps One With Damage

571.Glass Front Cherry Modern Cabinet With Light 30" W x 16" D x 76 1/2" T

572.Antique Cedar Closet With Window 23 1/2" x 24" x 56"T

573.Cherry Finish Modern Bookcase With Light 30" x 16" x 76 1/2"

574.Green Wood Vintage Tool Caddy 32" L

575.Faux House Plant And Suit Stand

576.Retro Coffee Table On Rollers 66" L x 24" x 18 1/2"

577.Swivel Top Entertainment Stand 32" W x 19" D x 30" T

578.1936 U.S. Government Proof Set Tribute Copies

579.Trump 2020 Keep America Great Bumper Stickers Pack of 10

580.Trump 2020 Keep America Great Bumper Stickers Pack of 10

581.Trump 2020 Keep America Great Bumper Stickers Pack of 10

582.Mercury & Silver Roosevelt Dime Mint Mark Collection

583.Jefferson & Buffalo Nickel Mint Mark Collection

584.USA Four Most Famous Coins

585.Legend of the Mercury Dime

586.Double Minted Collection

587.Rare Coins of the Last Century

588.2003 Sacagawea Dollar Set

589.1999 and 2000 U.S. Dollar Coins

590.Trump $100 Bill

591.Trump $1000 Bill

592.Trump 2020 $1,000,000 Bill

593.Trump 2020 Keep America Great Hat

594.Trump 2020 Keep America Great Hat

595.A Century of U.S. Dimes

596.A Century of U.S. Nickels

597.1910-1919 Wheat Pennies in Roll

598.Roll of 40 Buffalo Nickels

599.1986 Liberty Half Dollar Proof

600.1992 American Eagle Silver Dollar

601.1935-E $1 Silver Certificate

602.1935-G $1 Silver Certificate

603.1935-D $1 Silver Certificate

604.1957-A $1 Silver Certificate

605.44 V Nickels

606.5 British Large Cents

607.Trump 2020 Collector Coin

608.Trump 2020 Collector Coin

609.Lot of 8 Large Cents

610.Guyana Proof Coins

611.Jamaica Proof Coins

612.Cayman Island Proof Coins

613.Panama Proof Coins

614.Foreign Coin Lot

615.PCGS Coin Box

616.Key Date Indian Head Coins Copies NOT GOLD

617.Morgan Dollar Copies NOT SILVER

618.Lincoln Head Cent Collection 89 in Book

619.Lincoln Head Cent Collection 45 in Book

620.The Last Mintage of San Francisco 1955

621.1976 Jamaica $1 Proof

622.1976 Guyana $1 Proof

623.1958 British Columbia, Canada Silver Dollar

624.2001-S Sacagawea $1 Proof

625.2000-S Sacagawea $1 Proof

626.1976 Jamaica 25 Cent Proof

627.1997 Silver Eagle 1oz .999 Silver

628.2016 Silver Eagle 1oz .999 Silver

629.1997 Silver Eagle 1oz .999 Silver

630.Maria Theresa Thaler

631.1818 Large Cent

632.1836 Large Cent

633.1851 Large Cent

634.1857 Flying Eagle

635.1860 Copper Nickel Indian Head Penny

636.1866 Indian Head Penny

637.1878 Indian Head Penny

638.1880 Indian Head Penny

639.1881 Indian Head Penny

640.1889 Indian Head Penny

641.1891 Indian Head Penny

642.1892 Indian Head Penny

643.1898 Indian Head Penny

644.1900 Indian Head Penny

645.1901 Indian Head Penny

646.1902 Indian Head Penny

647.1904 Indian Head Penny

648.1904 Indian Head Penny

649.1905 Indian Head Penny

650.1908 Indian Head Penny

651.1909-VDB Lincoln Head Cent

652.1902 Barber Dime

653.1907 Barber Dime

654.1907 Barber Dime

655.1908-D Barber Dime

656.1909 Barber Dime

657.1910 Barber Dime

658.1910 Barber Dime

659.1910-D Barber Dime

660.1911 Barber Dime

661.1912 Barber Dime

662.1912 Barber Dime

663.1913 Barber Dime

664.1913 Barber Dime

665.1913 Barber Dime

666.1914 Barber Dime

667.1914 Barber Dime

668.1914 Barber Dime

669.1916 Barber Dime

670.1916-S Barber Dime

671.1916 Mercury Dime

672.1916 Mercury Dime

673.1916-S Mercury Dime

674.1918-S Mercury Dime

675.1920-D Mercury Dime

676.1920-D Mercury Dime

677.1920-S Mercury Dime

678.1925 Mercury Dime

679.1926 Mercury Dime

680.1937 Mercury Dime

681.1938 Mercury Dime

682.1942 Mercury Dime

683.1944 Mercury Dime

684.1944-S Mercury Dime

685.1945 Mercury Dime

686.1916-D Barber Quarter

687.1888 Canada 5 Cent Silver

688.1892 Canada 5 Cent Silver

689.1909 Canada One Cent

690.1943 Austrilia Silver Shilling

691.1896 British Large Cent

692.1947 One Shilling