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Don Gleim Auctions LLC
(#1398)Nice Wringer Washers, Collectibles, Vintage Toys, Furniture, Tools, Household and more - Tuesday December 3rd 8:00p.m

Item Description
1.Antique Easy Washing Machine By Syracuse Copper Drum Does Power ON And Works 52" T

2.1928 Jari Sickle Bar Mower Brigg & Stratton Engine Untested

3.May 15. 1915 Dated Washing Machine Works Great

4.Champion Washing CO. Standard Hand Crank Early Washing Machine June 9, 1896 Pat Date

5.It�s a Beauty Antique Washing Machine Needs Some Repairs But Does Power Up

6.Brighton No 110 Lovell MFG. Co. Wringer With Stand

7.Easy Washing Machine Co. Syracuse 5F Antique Washing Machine Mint Color Works Great

8.Large Dinner Plate, Small Plates, Soup Bowls, Small Bowls, Cups, Saucer, Platters All Pfaltzgraff All Nice Shape

9.Set of Four Oak Spindle Back Cane Bottom Chairs 34" T Nice Shape

10.Antique Walnut Office Desk 66" x 3' D x 30" T

11.Blue Point BOER 32 Ratchet Wrench

12.Stack On Tool Chest 39" T x 26" W x 18" D Six Drawers

13.Stack ON Red Tool Box 26" L x 14" x 12"

14.Snap ON 10mm-20mm 1/2" Drive Sockets

15.Small Early Die Cast For Tractor 6"

16.Silk Toys 1948 Oliver 77Farm Tractor Toy 8 1/2" L

17.Antique Automatic Green Washing Machine 48" T

18.Antique Easy Washing Machine By Syracuse Copper Drum Does Power ON And Works 52" T

19.Wyandotte Toy Antique Hauler With Wood Sides On Trailer 24" L

20.Antique Miniature Air Compressor IN Flat Untested

21.Vintage Lucky Strike Cigarette Tin

22.Lightning Rod 45" L

23.Model Of 180HP Engine 7" L

24.Porcelain Childs Tea Set New In Box

25.Planet Jr. No 2 Edger Tool

26.Antique Washing Machine Muffler

27.Vintage Toaster Untested

28.Miniature Oil Cans In Flat And One Funnel

29.Hand Crank Early Washing Machine June 9, 1896 Pat Date

30.Antique Economy Popcorn Popper No Cord

31.Ford 4600 Die Cast Tractor Toy Slight Damage 10"

32.Ford 4600 Die Cast Tractor Toy Slight Damage 12"

33.Bottle Capper Tool

34.Plastic Early Case Tractor Toy 8"

35.Galvanized Spurs Early Kids Pair In Flat

36.John Deere Die Cast Tractor 7"

37.Hubley Kiddy 476 Die Cast Dump Truck 10"

38.Antique Tin Bread Truck Made In Japan 4"

39.BernZ Torch

40.Tonka Turbo-Diesel 19" XMB-975 Toy

41.McCormick Farmall Tractor 7"

42.Tonka Metal Dump Truck 18"

43.Ertl red Tractor And Trailer

44.Tin Toy Bell Phone 5"

45.Two Oil Cans In Flat

46.Bonanza Lunch Box

47.Two Oil Cans In Flat

48.Three Miniature Oil Cans In Flat

49.Two Oil Cans In Flat

50.Holly Hobbie Lunchbox

51.Power Master 760 BB Gun

52.Antique Toaster Untested

53.Bronze Remembrance Plaque 8" x 12"

54.Two Oil Cans In Flat

55.Elite MFG. Co No 3 Jack

56.ALPS Japan Toy Dish Washer Toy IN Original Box

57.Hand Sifter And Matchstick Holder

58.Ford Antique Car Jack

59.Antique Miniature Kids Metal Washing Machine 15" T

60.Primitive Agitator

61.Model A Coils IN Flat

62.Buckeye Jack Co Early Jack

63.Three Miniature Oil Cans In Flat

64.Tonka Grader Toy 20" L

65.Filled Miniature Candy Dispenser

66.Filled Miniature Candy Dispenser

67.Two Oil Cans In Flat

68.Collectible 3" Black Memorabilia Folk Art Piece

69.Donald Duck Tin Toy MARX

70.Two Oil Cans In Flat

71.Two Oil Cans In Flat

72.Two Oil Cans In Flat

73.SUNCO Gas Thermometer 8" x 10"

74.Two Framed Thermometers In Flat Both early

75.Early Kids Snow Shovel

76.Holly Hobbie Early Oven Toy 15" T

77.Tonka 18" Hauler Missing Tailgate

78.Antique Vaporizer in Flat

79.Metal Pulley Wheel 5"

80.Little Simplicity Sewing Machine For Kids

81.Antique Robot Tin Toy Made IN Japan 5 1/2"

82.AMI Vintage Washing Machine

83.DUBL Handi Wash Board 18" x 8 1/2"

84.Little Queen Wash Board 18" x 8 1/2"

85.Art Deco Ronson Table Lighter

86.Art Deco Ronson Diana Table Lighter

87.Funnel, Iron, Sifter In Flat

88.Wood Pig And Mini Rolling Pin

89.Wood Blocks With Wagon IN Flat

90.Cast Iron Sauce Pan 2QT

91.Three early Irons In Flat

92.Early Pine box Race Car 8"

93.Porcelain Enamelware Dishes In Box

94.Vintage Ducky watering Can 5" T

95.Early Ford Back Hoe Metal Toy

96.Manual Porcelain Enamel Washing Machine

97.Otis Oil Can

98.Manual Porcelain Enamel Washing Machine

99.Two Early Irons In Flat

100.Tonka Turbo-Diesel 19" XMB-975 Toy

101.Pfaltzgraff Votive Holders

102.Basket And Drying Rack

103.Porcelain Enamelware Coffee Pot With Cups And Bowls

104.Antique Electric Toy Oven And Stove

105.Wolverine Potato Chips Tin Can

106.AMSCO Tin High Chair Toy 28" T

107.Lovell No 32 Antique Wringer Tool

108.Metal Pfaltzgraff Holders IN Flat

109.Collectible Tins In Flat

110.Small Collectible Tins And Rat Trap In Flat

111.Velveeta Cameras In Flat

112.Ohio Art Co Big Boss Tin Toy Shovel

113.Collection Of Small Advertising Pieces In Flat

114.Collection Of Small Advertising Pieces In Flat

115.Collectible Tins In Flat

116.Utensils In Flat

117.Ironing Board, And Collectibles In Flat

118.Glassware, Wind chime, Jacks, ETC.

119.Manual Washing Machine

120.Tea Canister Pfaltzgraff

121.Sugar Canister Pfaltzgraff

122.Coffee Canister Pfaltzgraff

123.Flour Canister Pfaltzgraff

124.Tea Kettle Pfaltzgraff

125.Coffee Pot 15" T Pfaltzgraff

126.Pfaltzgraff Pitcher 15"

127.Pfaltzgraff Pitcher 10"

128.Coffee Pot 15" T Pfaltzgraff

129.Pfaltzgraff Salt Crock

130.Baby Pfaltzgraff Bowl and Mug

131.Candle Stick Holders In Flat

132.Kids Toaster By Pfaltzgraff

133.Clear Glass Pfaltzgraff Cookie Jar With Chip

134.Pfaltzgraff Recipe Holder

135.Pfaltzgraff Cake Stand 11" x 4 1/2"

136.Pfaltzgraff Plate Clock 10 1/2"

137.Two Covered Pfaltzgraff Snack Trays

138.Clear Pfaltzgraff Cookie Jar 12" Does Have Small Chip

139.Pfaltzgraff Bean pot With Lid

140.Pfaltzgraff Soup Tureen With Ladle

141.Pfaltzgraff Covered Serving Dish 3 T

142.Three Pfaltzgraff Baking Dishes 2 13" x 9" x one 9" x 9"

143.Pfaltzgraff Utensil Holder 6 1/2"

144.Two Shakers, Small Pitcher, And Butter Dish, All Pfaltzgraff

145.Large Pfalt6zgraff Bowl with Small Dessert Bowls Inside (4 Small Bowls)

146.Three Pfaltzgraff Loaf Pans 10" " x 5"

147.Pfaltzgraff Measuring Cups

148.Serving Tray, Platter, Trivet, Small Cup All Pfaltzgraff

149.Pasta Plates, And Rectangle Trays All Pfaltzgraff

150.Apple Dish, Shaker, Bell, All Pfaltzgraff

151.Heart Bowl And Mix Heart Shaped Pfaltzgraff

152.Miniature Loaf Pan And Jug Bank Both Pfaltzgraff

153.Pfaltzgraff Lamp, And Votive Lamp With Candle

154.Pfaltzgraff Honey Pot, Coffee, Cream, Sugar, ETC.

155.Spoon Rest, Candy Jar, Soup Bowls With Handles, All Pfaltzgraff

156.Hershey's, Small Kids Cup And Saucer And Collector Mug All Pfaltzgraff

157.Pfaltzgraff Napkin Rings And Small Plastic Spoons

158.Cup Tree, Place Mats, Coasters, Napkins, All Pfaltzgraff

159.Toothpick Holder, Corn Cob Holders, Cup, Lotion Dispenser, ETC. All Pfaltzgraff

160.Platter, Bowls Butter Dish, ETC. Pfaltzgraff

161.Pfaltzgraff Hot Mugs With Copper Style Holders Five IN Flat Missing One Mug

162.Small Cups, Tin, Bowl, Platter All Pfaltzgraff

163.Pie Plate, Bowl And Bucket All Pfaltzgraff

164.Chocolate Mugs All Pfaltzgraff 10 In Box

165.Bowls, Condiment Holder, Mug, Holder, All Pfaltzgraff All With Damage

166.Antique Wood Ironing Board

167.Antique Wood Ironing Board

168.Antique Wood Ironing Board

169.Antique Drying Racks

170.Antique Satin Bird Couch 80" L

171.An Sona One And & Eight Day Weight And Spring Mantle Clock OGG Style Weights, Pendulum, And Key Included Recently Cleaned 15" x 26" T x 4" D

172.Stella Antique Acoustic Guitar For Parts And Repair

173.Wicker Hamper 15" T x 24" W x

174.International Silver Co Flatware IN Flat

175.Box Of Utensils

176.Antique Photos In Flat

177.Red Hard Hat

178.Napcoware Japan Raggedy Dog Planter 6 1/2" T

179.Iron Day Bed Frame Very Heavy And Nice Shape

180.Sitting Chair Cookie Jar 10" T

181.Alabaster Frog 3 1/2"

182.Clear Stemware Inbox

183.Long Dresser 83" L x 21" D x 33"

184.Copper Table Lamp 26" T

185.Small Antique Round Table 23 1/2" A x 25" T

186.Long Dresser with Two Mirrors 74" L x 19" D x 83" T

187.Antique Architectural Corbel Pieces 27" L x 5 1/2" D

188.Antique Architectural Corbel Pieces 27" L x 5 1/2" D

189.Antique Architectural Corbel Pieces 27" L x 5 1/2" D

190.Antique Architectural Corbel Pieces 27" L x 5 1/2" D

191.Antique Architectural Corbel Pieces 27" L x 5 1/2" D

192.White Chest Of Drawers 50" T x 30" W

193.Weights And Dumbbell With Bench All Needs Cleaned Up

194.Drop Side Coffee Table 40" L x 30" D x 17" T

195.Base For Wardrobe 42" x 20" x 15"

196.Small Table 29" x 29" x 17"

197.Small Trunk 4'L x 24" D x 17" T

198.Antique Doors Pine Wood 18" x 61"

199.Box Of Books

200.Long Antique Table 45" x 30"

201.Cream Wall Mirror 29" x 43"

202.Weaved Back Sitting Chair 29"

203.Antique Table 24" x 24" x 22"

204.Box Of Books

205.Vintage Vanity Stool

206.Faux Fur Wrap Vintage

207.Black Lazarus 3/4 Fur Coat Size M

208.Box Of Books

209.10X Sport Ware Vintage Rifle Competition Coat

210.Flat of Match Books

211.The History Of The Crusades Book Set

212.Three Greek Myths Volume 1 & 2

213.Maya Angelou Book

214.Box Of Books

215.Soleil Radiator heater

216.Books And Fishing Mug With Eyeglasses

217.Acoustic Guitar Strings

218.Jewelry Box, Pager, Misc. Items In Box

219.Glass Fish Bowl

220.Cigar Boxes And Estate Pipe heads With Ashtray In Flat

221.Glassware, Books, Tobacco Jar, ETC.

222.Colt Barrel Has Damage

223.Stainless Steel Retriever Mug 4 1/2" T

224.Antique Mirror 32" x 14"

225.Box Of Books

226.The Blue Coffee Table Book

227.Box Of Books

228.Pottery Jordanaire And Base 27" T

229.Books And Umbrella With Household Items IN Large Box

230.1978 Merlin Hand Held Electronic Game

231.Hats And Some Misc. Clothing In Small box

232.Cast Iron Bacon Press

233.Household Candle Holder, Silver Plates Items

234.Pearl Drum 18" T x 16"

235.Pearl Drums And Drum Parts IN Bundle

236.Adjustable Guitar Stand

237.Ludwig Rubber Vacuum Drum Pads

238.Cookware, Baking Sheets, ETC.

239.Adjustable Guitar Stand

240.Adjustable Guitar Stand (2)

241.Bass Drum Case 27" A x 19" T

242.Drum Case 18" A x 15" T

243.Drum Case 22" W x 19"T

244.Box Of Books

245.Mid-Century Poodle Planter

246.Box Of Books

247.Antique Powder Flask Cover 6"

248.Wood Crate 16" x 27" x 12"

249.Enterprise Tinned Meat Chopper On Board

250.Box Of Books

251.Printer Paper And Folders In Small Box

252.Coffee Mug, Plates, Small Bowls, ETC.

253.Straw Broom, Flag Holder, Tack IN Box

254.Baking Dishes And Utensils IN Box

255.Flag Pole Holder Belt

256.Book end, Dresser Box, Cords, Misc. Items IN Box

257.Curtin, Blankets, And Misc. Items

258.Rolling Pins And Knife Block In Box

259.Square Molding Pieces

260.Green Wool Holloway 1034 Blanket

261.Wool Blanket, Electronics, Cords In Box

262.Plaid Blanket Wool In Box

263.Tray, Platter, Pitcher, Misc. Kitchen Items In Box

264.Glassware, Dish Towels, Misc. Items In box

265.Corks, Trophy, Glassware In box

266.Browns Stadium Figure 5" x 3"

267.Box Of Books

268.Collection Of Glassware IN Box

269.Cast Iron Pan 17" x 9"

270.Box Of Books

271.The Ohio Yearbooks Athena 64' & 67'

272.Books And Kitchen Items In Box

273.Gall's Street Thunder Bull Horn

274.Polaroid Camera Vintage In Case Untested

275.Racket, And Frames In Box

276.Appalachia encyclopedia

277.Box Of Books

278.Box Of Books

279.Red Satin Oriental Outfit

280.Irene Castle Vintage 1920's Silk Dress In Box

281.Box Of Books

282.Vintage Clothing In Box

283.The Sporting News Browns Book

284.Box Of Books

285.Glassware And Misc. Household Items In Box

286.Box Of Books

287.Box Of Books

288.Collection Of 33 records

289.Box Of Books

290.Collection Of 33 records

291.Box Of Books

292.Vintage Clothing In Box

293.Signed Box Car Willie 33 Album Sleeve No Record Included

294.Collection Of 33 records

295.Blank Canvases And Misc. Sketchbooks Some Have Sketching

296.Gold Shaw And Clutch In Box

297.Blanket, Placemats, Hard Hat, Bear, ETC.

298.Lamp And Misc. Household, Thermos

299.Box Of Books

300.Two Lamps, Duke Of Hazzard Track And Misc. Household Items IN Box

301.Trash Bin, Misc. Household Decorations, Frames, Etc. in Two Boxes

302.Measuring Cups. Kitchen Ware, Etc.

303.Craftsman K4V 44807 Ratchet

304.Craftsman VL-44807 Ratchet

305.Proto 5249 Ratchet

306.Snap ON FHO 148 Wrench

307.MAC 7/16 Wrench

308.MAC 5/8 Wrench

309.Snap On TMXK-60 Extension

310.Tool Bag No Content

311.Eight Extensions In Flat

312.Ratchet Extensions IN Basket

313.Kobalt 33708 Ratchet

314.Craftsman VL44811 Ratchet

315.Sears 10" Files

316.Files IN Flat Assorted Sizes

317.Three Socket Extensions IN Flat

318.Two Ratchet Extension

319.Various Pliers In Flat

320.Snap On SIM280 Socket

321.Rigid 24" Aluminum Pipe Wrench

322.Kobalt Small Bolt Cutter

323.Extension 3/4"

324.Five Small Ratchets In Flat

325.Six Ratchets IN Flat

326.Snap ON 3/8" - 1/16" Socket Missing 9/16"

327.21 Piece 3/4" Drive Socket Wrench Set In Case

328.Assorted Sockets In Flat

329.Assorted Sockets In Flat

330.Bolt Cutters 14"

331.Socket 1/4' Drive

332.Pin Hammer

333.Chipping Hammer

334.Assorted Swivel Head And Misc. Socket

335.Chipping Hammer

336.Marshall Town Chipping Hammer

337.Two Hammers IN Flat

338.Plumb Hammer 22 oz.

339.Eswing Hammer 22 oz.

340.Three Ball Penn Hammers IN Flat

341.True Temper 116 Hammer

342.Four Hammers In Flat

343.Two Staple Guns IN Flat

344.Two Hammers IN Flat

345.Screwdrivers In Flat

346.Wire Strippers In Flat

347.Leather Punch Tool


349.Small Wire Cutters In Tub

350.Various Pliers

351.Screwdrivers In Flat

352.Structural Wrenches IN Flat

353.Nail Strips And Nails IN Box

354.Screwdrivers In Flat

355.Snap Ring Plyers

356.Channel Locks And Tape Measure In Flat

357.Pipe Cutters, Levels And Tools IN Flat

358.Tape Measure, Sink Wrench, Scrapers, ETC.

359.Tape Measure, Level,

360.Nut Drivers IN Flat

361.Hammer, Pry, Chipping Hammer

362.Two Retro Reels

363.Three Vintage Johnson Fishing Reels

364.Two Hammers IN Flat

365.Two Hammers IN Flat

366.Three Hammers In Flat

367.Two Stanley Hammers In Flat

368.Red Crate Full Of Masonry Tools

369.Can Of Roofing Nails

370.Crescent Wrenches In Tub

371.Galvanized Nails In Tub

372.Regulator Wall Clock Oak Cabinet 23" L

373.Small Table Umbrella

374.Bear Archery Compound Box PC-9599 42" L

375.Metal Key Lock Box 12" x 8" x 2 1/2"

376.Glass Jar Of Washers

377.Fire Storm 3 Piece Tool Set With Drill, Hedge Trimmer, And Weed Eater With Batteries

378.Irwin Tap And Die Set IN Case Missing Some Pieces

379.Metal Hardware Box 18" x 12" x 3"

380.Cruel Girl Display Shelf 28" D x 77" T x 31" W

381.Portable Work Stand

382.Portable Work Stand

383.Large Bolts And Nuts


385.Two Hammers IN Flat

386.Sockets In Flat

387.Three Small Black Crate 8" x 9' x 9"

388.Sockets In Flat

389.Sockets In Flat

390.Hack Saws IN Tub

391.Masonry Bits IN Bag

392.Sling Staple Guns In Flat

393.Meter Box 8" x 15"

394.Stainless Pan And Rasp With Bit, ETC.

395.Castor Wheels In Tub

396.Drivers In Flat

397.Drivers In Flat

398.Masonry Tools In Flat

399.Guardian Beamer 2000 Fall Protection

400.Jars Of Hardware

401.Metal Hardware Box 18" x 12" x 3"

402.Pittsburgh 15" Pipe Wrenches

403.Pittsburgh 12" Pipe Wrenches

404.Box Wrenches In Flat

405.Box Wrenches In Flat

406.Box Wrenches In Flat

407.Box Wrenches In Flat

408.Professional 17mm And MFD Wrench In Bag

409.Jar Of Hardware

410.Jar Of Hardware

411.Three Jars Of Hardware

412.Chipping And Misc. Hammer In Flat

413.Pipe Wrench 14"

414.Saw And Multi Socket Tool IN Flat

415.Rigid 14" Pipe Wrench

416.Mega Block Wagon With Blocks

417.Black Vera Bradley Handbag 10" L Used

418.Burgundy Vera Bradley Handbag

419.Towing Straps In Flat

420.Towing Straps In Flat

421.Porter Cable Drill With Batteries

422.Makita DC18 Charger

423.Pittsburgh Front Wheel Drive Axel Lock Nut Set

424.Hilti Battery And Charger

425.Home Repair Tool Kit

426.Large Scale 6pt Socket Set

427.Husky Tool Bag With Slight Content

428.Husky Box Wrenches In Can

429.Tote With Drills Batteries And Chargers

430.Digital Tachometer

431.Towing Straps In Flat

432.Z Grip Mechanical Pencils 12 IN Box

433.Index Card Holder

434.Metal Shelf 16" x 32" x 4"

435.Metal Shelf 16" x 32" x 4"

436.Metal Shelf 16" x 32" x 4"

437.Dewalt Drills And Misc. Items In Basket

438.Ipevo Point Camera

439.Papermate Red Ink Pens 12 IN box

440.Serving Dishes In Flat With Baskets

441.Hand Drill With Hardware In Flat

442.Blue Line 3/8"- 1 1/8" Box Wrenches IN Tub ( Total )

443.Craftsman V-44705 Box Wrench

444.Craftsman V-44705 Box Wrench

445.Hardware In Flat

446.Large Box Wrenches In Flat

447.Hardware In Flat

448.Hand Crank Drill And Tubs

449.Three Jars Of Hardware

450.Fossil Handbag, Liz Claiborne Bag

451.Three 12 Muffin Pans

452.Small Pet Waterer

453.Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor 110 PSI Max Does Run Not Building Pressure

454.Frames, And Misc. Items IN Crate

455.Games, Puzzles, Iron In Box

456.Trend Net 5 Port GREENnet Switch New IN Box

457.TUL Blue Gel Retractable Pens 12 IN Pack

458.Uniball 12 Pack Gel Blue Pens

459.OGIO Black Laptop Bag

460.Beta Cove, Frames And Misc. Items IN Household Items IN Box

461.Mossy Oak Three Ring Pet Ring Toys IN Flat

462.BIC Yellow Highlighter

463.Water Hammer Arrester, Ink Cartridges, And Razor Sharpener

464.Dart Board Cabinet, And Retro Dishes IN Box

465.Small Hand Vise 1 1/2" Jaw

466.Wireless Headset System CS530 IN Box

467.Tools In Flat

468.Tub With Costume Rings

469.Shoe Holder Misc. Decorations And Lights In Box

470.Glass Light Covers

471.Serving Tray

472.Antique Wood Trunk 29" x 14" x 15"

473.Balloons And Misc. Party Supplies

474.Insulated Ice Bucket

475.Socks And Bag Cooler IN Box

476.Bag Coolers, Misc. Household Items In Large Box

477.Road Baron Boat Wench

478.Box Of Hardware

479.Hardware And Gas Can In Box

480.Palm Sander And Saw Blade With Misc. Items

481.Lamp, USA Sign, Pulleys, ETC.

482.Rigid 8" Pipe Wrench

483.Mirror And Casserole Dish, Two Wood Signs

484.Aquarium Light With Printer

485.Earth Lite Massage Table

486.Wire Store Display New IN Box

487.Car Amp And Wires In Box

488.Figures And Glassware In Box

489.Fountain And Wolf Frame

490.Costume Wedding Band Display Tray With Content

491.Sub And Speakers In Box

492.Electrolux Antique Vacuum Untested

493.Mixer And Glass Vases Misc. Kitchen Items, ETC.

494.HP Printers IN Flat

495.Selso Zoom Microscope Kit

496.Fishing Lure Books IN Flat

497.Speakers And Landscape Designer Kit, Build

498.Fisher MS-108 Speakers 22" x 7 1/2" x 10"

499.SR Record Player/Cassette Untested

500.Six Sets Of Speakers

501.Techniques & Electrophonic Cassette Players Both Untested

502.Phillips CD And GE VCR Both Untested

503.Technita Remote Control Tuner IN Box

504.Lafayette Vintage Stereo

505.Three Cassette Players And VCR All Untested

506.Two Oil Lamps Both Are 11" T

507.Humidifier, Pitcher, Stereo, ETC.

508.Two Pieces Of World Currency

509.Handheld Camcorders Untested In Flat

510.JVC Did Player And Box Untested

511.Large Wall Art Piece 40" x 28"

512.Oval Mirror 34" x 29"

513.Size 9 Frog Toggs Waders

514.Chota Fishing Wader L

515.Chota Fishing Wader XL

516.12 Ton Bottle Jack In Flat

517.Bag Of 100 .243 Brass

518.Small Copper Gas Checks

519.Bucket Of Brass Casing

520.Standard CAP AR Mags

521.Standard CAP AR Mags

522.Standard CAP AR Mags

523.Standard CAP AR Mags

524.Nosler BT Hunting 6.5mm 140 GR 50 In box

525.Nosler BT Hunting 6.5mm 140 GR 50 In box

526.Monarch HV Steel Shot 12GA 3" 1550 1 1/8oz 2 Shot 25 IN Box

527.Monarch HV Steel Shot 12GA 3" 1550 1 1/8oz 2 Shot 25 IN Box

528.Winchester Padded Strap New

529.Holiday Bows And Pillows

530.Tactical Series Uniform Pant 31x35 Navy

531.Santa Hat And Note Pad, Reindeer Towel, ETC.

532.Animal Books IN Box

533.Books Costume Jewelry And Cd In Box

534.Pelican Marine IPhone 7 Case New IN Box

535.Taylor Swift Cd, Costume jewelry And Tote

536.Scrapbook Paper And Wedding Scrapbook

537.Small Throw Blankets

538.Hamper Mattress Cover And Heated Blanket

539.House Flags And Plate In Flat

540.Two Mirrors One Is 15" x 48" Other Is 30" x 42"

541.Comfort Bay Full/Queen Comforter New In Bag

542.Garden Claw Tool

543.Garden Claw Tool

544.Two New 16" x 20" Canvas Wall Art Pieces

545.Two New 16" x 20" Canvas Wall Art Pieces

546.Two New 16" x 20" Canvas Wall Art Pieces

547.Farmer Peanuts Doll 24"

548.Chef Snoopy Doll 24"

549.Farmer Peanuts Doll 24"

550.Harvest Peanuts Doll 24" T

551.Baseball Peanuts Doll 25" T

552.Laser X Fusion Game New IN Box

553.Laser X Fusion Game New IN Box

554.Nerf 12 RD Rival Balls New In Box

555.Nerf Rival Mask

556.Nerf Bullets New IN Box

557.Comfort bay Full/Queen Comforter

558.You Don�t Know Jack Game IN Box

559.Duck Tails Disney Money Bank New In Box

560.Duck Tails Disney Money Bank New In Box

561.Duck Tails Disney Money Bank New In Box

562.Croc And Roll Game

563.Don�t Rock The Boat Game New IN Box

564.Two Balls And Ball Cards In Flat

565.2 Piece Canvas Wall Art 12" x 12"

566.White Canister Set New In Flat

567.Two Galvanized Windmill Pieces 12" New In Box

568.Three Piece Wood Cubby Shelves 9", 7" x & 5"

569.Fur Piece Bali Curtin Set New

570.O'Hara One Panel New Curtin In Pack

571.New Curtin Panel In Flat 3 Packs

572.Small Galvanized Planters 8" T

573.Gray Plastic Trash Bin

574.Gray Plastic Trash Bin

575.Two Wire Baskets 9" Both New

576.Plastic Shoe Containers in Flat

577.Plastic Shoe Containers in Flat

578.Door Mat New 18" x 30"

579.Door Mat New 18" x 30"

580.Door Mat New 18" x 30"

581.Small Plastic Bins 10" x 6"

582.Two Pastel Jars IN Flat

583.Candles And Votives In Flat

584.Two Small Canvas Wall Art Pieces 4" Each

585.Two Small Canvas Wall Art Pieces 4" Each

586.Hope And Dreams Candle Votive Set New In box

587.Black Out Curtains IN Flat New Three Panels BLK

588.Black Out Curtains IN Flat New Two Panels CRM

589.Waffle Cushion New Tub Mat

590.Waffle Cushion New Tub Mat

591.Waffle Cushion New Tub Mat

592.Waffle Cushion New Tub Mat

593.Waffle Cushion New Tub Mat

594.Waffle Cushion New Tub Mat

595.Waffle Cushion New Tub Mat

596.Florex 65 Watt Replacement Bulb

597.Florex 65 Watt Replacement Bulb

598.Two Small Wall Shelves IN Flat

599.Multi Purpose Plastic Bottles in Flat

600.Multi Purpose Plastic Bottles in Flat

601.Three Wood Cubby Shelves 9",7" & 5"

602.Candle, Thankful Wall Art And Coast Sign

603.Collection Of Plastic Totes And Lids

604.Table 42" x 30"

605.Decorative Ladder Hanger 6'

606.Industrial Shackle

607.Deer Figures And Cords IN Crate

608.Antique Victorian Eastlake Chase Lounge

609.Cooking Molds An Kitchen Items IN Box

610.Two Ornament Holders By Sterlilite

611.Several Handbags In Flat

612.Blue Patio Umbrella

613.Books And Porcelain Figures

614.Kids Coat Rack And Small Ladder

615.Wood Deer And Wood Shelf

616.Tub Of Christmas Decorations

617.Lamp, Vase And Glassware In Flat

618.Cooler And Christmas Decorations

619.Cleaning Supplies And Sprays In Basket

620.Box Of Christmas Decorations

621.Tupperware And Candle Holder, Filters, ETC.

622.Clock, Raccoon Figure And Misc. Items IN box

623.Antique Eyeglasses In Flat

624.Antique Eyeglasses In Flat

625.Antique Eyeglasses Marked GF

626.Antique Eyeglasses In Flat

627.Kids Toys And VCR And DVD, ETC.

628.Stainless Steel Bowls And Glassware

629.Torch Tips In Box

630.Harmon Kardon GPS

631.Old Lock Key Possibly Railway

632.Jenny Lind Swedish Night Ale Bottle 4"

633.1991 American Silver Eagle Silver Dollar

634.Rock And Roll Belt Buckle

635.Small Bag Of Word Coins

636.Pre WW2 Late 1800's Coins IN Bag

637.Toy Cars IN Flat

638.Toy Cars IN Flat

639.Barnett Jackal Crossbow Needs New String Has Bolts

640.1968 Ford "Vicky" Redline Hot Wheels In Bag

641.JVC Camcorder In Case

642.Bottle Crate 12" x 18"

643.Lighted 24" L "I"

644.Vent 12" x 8"

645.Vintage Shoe Brush And Copper Molds In Small Box

646.Wall Art And Beer Steins In Flat

647.Small Wagon For Decoration 3' L

648.Car Jack

649.Sink Basin 31" x 22" x 5" T Back Splash

650.Floral Canvas 3' x 3'

651.Green Hat And Cam Coat IN Box

652.Display Rack 55" T x 22 1/2" W x 26"

653.Wood Display rack 5' L x 13" x 30 1/2"

654.Display Rack 74" T

655.Spoon Baits

656.Halls Glass Tea Pot With Insert And Lid

657.Firestorm Tools Work In Box

658.1970's Hand painted Tray 24" x 16"

659.Cooler, Pan Rack And Basket

660.Persians Hand painted Glass Plate Small Chip 9 1/2" A

661.Gift wrap Supplies In Small box

662.Cars Toy Gas Style Watering Cans New IN Box

663.Small Wire Stand 15" x 12" x 17"

664.Games In Small box

665.Domino Games In Flat

666.Games In Small box

667.Easter Baskets And Decorations

668.Tooth Brush Heads And Ballast Replacements Switch Safety Glasses

669.Safety Glasses In Box

670.Sherwin Williams One Gallon Antique White Paint

671.Clear Back Pack And Tote With Nike Lunch Box

672.Peanuts Wall Art 12" x 12"

673.Weaving Loops

674.Light Bright Toy

675.Peanuts Magnets

676.Games And Party Supplies In Box

677.Markers, Nails, Clips, ETC.

678.Christmas Ornament Kits And Note Pad

679.Mugs, Hooks, Binder, Misc. Items IN Box

680.Crayons And Card Box With Paper Gray

681.Flashcards And Misc. In Box

682.Recipe Box, Sword, Misc. Items In Small Box

683.Hand Sanitizer And Cookie Cutters In Box

684.Jar, Pencil Box And Misc. Items IN Box

685.John Cena Wrestling Figure

686.Flocked Primitive Tree 3'

687.Flocked Primitive Tree 3'

688.1970's Reds Cards n Sheet

689.1960's Baseball Cards In Sheet

690.50's & 60's reds Cards In Sheet

691.1968 Baseball Cards In Sheet

692.1960 9 Cards In Sheet

693.1960 9 Cards In Sheet

694.1977 Baseball Cards IN bag (25)

695.Two Pack XL Mossy Oak Blaze Orange 50/50 Hoodie New With Tags

696.1977 Baseball Cards IN bag (25)

697.1977 Baseball Cards IN bag (25)

698.1979 Baseball Cards IN bag (25)

699.1979 Baseball Cards IN bag (25)

700.1979 Baseball Cards IN bag (25)

701.1979 Baseball Cards IN bag (25)

702.1979 Baseball Cards IN bag (25)